Stefan and Tara Đoković are Novak Djokovic’s Adorable Children – Meet Them

Novak Djokovic’s children are Stefan and Tara Đoković who were born by his wife, Jelena Djokovic. Stefan who is the first of the two kids was born on October 22, 2014, and is now 9 years old, while Tara Djokovic was born on September 2, 2017, and is now 6 years old. 

Novak Djokovic’s children have always been in the spotlight since their birth, thanks to the fame of their parents. However, because their parents have tried to shield them from unnecessary publicity and the fact that they are still little kids, there are still many things about them that have been kept away from the public. Here is all to know about the celebrity kids.

Meet Stefan and Tara Đoković, Novak Djokovic’s Kids

Stefan Đoković

  • Date of Birth: October 22, 2014
  • Age: 9 years old
  • Mother: Jelena Djokovic

Stefan Đoković was born on October 22, 2014, and is now 9 years old. His birth was announced by his proud father who took to Twitter to make it known that his beautiful wife had given birth to their baby. At the time they had him, Novak was 27 years old while his wife was 28.

The kid was born in Nice, France, only a few months after his parents got married in July of the same year in Montenegro. His parents dated for a long time before finally deciding to settle down. They met while they were still in high school.

Of French and Serbian nationalities and mixed ethnicity (Serbian and Croatian roots), he is being raised in a happy environment together with his sister. Stefan lives with his parents between Monaco and Serbia and is in elementary school age, but the name of the school he attends has not been made known.

Stefan Đoković Is Interested In Taking After His Father

Novak Đoković started his career at the age of 14, but his son now seems to be gearing up to start much earlier. The younger Đoković who is now 9 years old has athletic abilities that supersede that of many other youngsters his age.

Stefan did not see his dad play live until May 2019 when he was five years old. He had the first experience of seeing Novak live for the first time at Roland Garros as revealed by his mom on Instagram.

The kid fell in love with tennis at an early age, thanks to the influence of his father. According to Novak, while it gives him much joy to see his son also playing the sport, it was something that was not forced on the kid. He made it known that there was never a time when he advised Stefan to choose tennis over anything else.

What is more is the revelation that Stefan Djokovic doesn’t just enjoy playing tennis, but he is also very good at it. He often practices with his dad who is among the greatest tennis players of all time. Interestingly, he picks some things from his father and others, including his forehand from another great, Rafael Nadal.

He Is Very Proud Of His Father

Stefan may only be 9, but he is not too young to recognize the feat achieved by his 22-time Grand Slam champion father. He noted it in a school writing task that was assigned to him to write an ode to his hero. Stefan stated that his father has always inspired him to be persistent and play tennis well.

He began his story by saying that before his father appeared on the scene, there were Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal who were either the first in the ranking or the second. It was around the time, according to his essay, that his father appeared.

Tara Đoković

  • Date of Birth: September 2, 2017
  • Age: 6 years old
  • Mother: Jelena Djokovic

The second and youngest of Novak Djokovic’s children is his daughter, Tara Đoković. Described by her father as his angel, Tara was born on September 2, 2017, and is now 6 years old. While many reports claim that she was born in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, others claim she was born in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

When she was born, it was her father who took to his Instagram to share the good news of her. He made it known that he worked together with his wife in the journey towards the birth of Tara and he admired every woman for having to go through the pains of childbirth. He also announced that they were back from the hospital and Stefan was already in the mood for big brother roles.

In the same manner as her older brother, Tara is in the age of elementary school. However, the name of the school she attends and the current grade she is in are not known.

Tara Has No Interest In Taking After His Father

Tara has no problem cheering her father whenever he plays alongside her older brother and mom, but she doesn’t have any interest in the sport at all. Unlike her older brother, she doesn’t seem to be drawn to tennis but she is still a fan of Andrey Rublev, the Russian tennis star. Novak made it known that his daughter enjoys watching Rublev play because of his intensity and energy.

While making some revelations about Tara, Novak revealed that she has a way of keeping him grounded at all times. With her mom as a businesswoman and internet personality, Tara seems to now find a path for herself in a different niche altogether. She loves dancing and is already into ballet and gymnastics.

Stefan and Tara Đoković Are Very Close To Their Parents

The celebrity kids have a very great relationship with their parents. They have always been featured on the social media accounts of their parents and also on press briefings of their father. Novak revealed that his kids are his angels, adding that his daughter spins him around every single day. He also added that whenever his daughter looks at him, he gets disarmed because she has the most beautiful look he has ever seen.

In spite of the information and updates the tennis player and his wife always provide about their kids, they have done a great job in ensuring that the privacy of their children is well protected. They have done this by not exposing them to much media scrutiny and also by raising them in a friendly environment.

There is an Instagram account that has been opened for the kids, but it is not clear who is currently managing it. The handle provides updates about Stefan and Tara Đoković and it’s speculated that there could be an addition to Novak Djokovic’s children anytime soon.


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