Meet Kimbal Musk’s Children: Luca Musk, Stella, and August Musk

Kimbal Musk’s children are three, and they are Luca Musk, Stella Musk, and August Musk. They were all born during his first marriage to the talented interactive artist and engineer Jen Lewin.

Kimbal, a popular businessman, who is also the brother of billionaire, Elon Musk, is said to be a doting father and a true romantic who adores his wife beyond words. He has expressed his immense joy at being a father, and it is clear that he adores his offspring.

Kimbal Musk Has Been Married Twice In His Lifetime

Kimbal Musk is now married to a woman called Christiana Wyly, an influential environmental advocate who has dedicated over a decade to promoting a more sustainable future for society. Her efforts and accomplishments have garnered recognition in notable publications such as The New York Times, C Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and The Herald Tribune, as stated in her CrunchBase profile.

Musk and his wife, Christiana, are very much a happy couple. However, before he met and married Christiana, Musk used to be married to a woman called Jen Lewin, an accomplished interactive artist and engineer. She specializes in creating captivating, large-scale installations in public spaces that seamlessly integrate elements such as light, sound, and intricate engineering.

During their marriage, Kimbal and Jen also did business together. In fact, they teamed up to establish The Kitchen Restaurant Group, a collection of “community” restaurants located in Colorado and Chicago. Also, one of Jen’s notable works is “The Pool,” an interactive light installation that made its debut in 2008.

All Of His Children Were Born During His First Marriage

According to several reports, all of Kimbal Musk’s three children were born to him during his first marriage to Jen Lewin. The couple were both doting parents and took the responsibility of caring for their kids very seriously. But despite this, eventually, things fell apart for them, and they parted ways. But who are Kimbal Musk’s three children, and how are they being raised? Let’s take a look.

Luca Musk is the First of Kimbal Musk’s Children

  • Date of birth: 2003
  • Age: About 20 years old
  • Mother: Jen Lewin

Luca Musk is the first child of Kimbal Musk. According to reports, he was born in the year 2003. However, specific details about the exact day and month of his birth remain unknown. But, judging from his year of birth, Luca is currently around 20 years old.

Luca was born in the United States and is an American citizen. But the exact city or town of his birth remains vague. Kimbal is reported to have been overly elated by his son’s birth as it marked the beginning of the journey of fatherhood for him. Kimbal has reportedly always wanted to become a father, as this was his lifelong dream. So, when Luca was born, he was undoubtedly elated.

But Kimbal has also managed to keep his children, including Luca, largely out of the public eye. Also, despite his family’s prominence, Kimbal’s son, Luca, has learned to maintain a highly private persona, seldomly making appearances on social media platforms. He appears to prefer a life away from the public eye, and as a result, not much is known about him or his endeavors. Details about the schools he attended and what he studied are also out of public knowledge.

Because of his very private nature, very little has been revealed about Luca, and it appears that things will stay this way for a while. What is certain is that Luca must have enjoyed the best kind of upbringing anyone can ever hope for, considering the kind of home he was born into. His father, who is a multimillionaire businessman, has all it took to have given him the best childhood ever.

As of now, Luca Musk’s aspirations and future endeavors are also unclear, as he chooses to keep his personal affairs off social media. It remains to be seen whether he will venture into the public eye in the future and share more about his interests and ambitions. With time, more information may emerge about Luca Musk and his endeavors, allowing a glimpse into his life and work.

August Musk is Kimbal Musk’s Second Son

  • Date of birth: 2005
  • Age: About 18 years old
  • Mother: Jen Lewin

August Musk is the second son of Kimbal Musk and his ex-wife, Jen Lewin. According to reports, he was born in the year 2005. However, just like his brother Luca, the exact day and month of birth remain unclear. But, judging from his year of birth, August is currently about 18 years old.

August was born in the United States and grew up there with his family. However, the specifics of his upbringing remain undisclosed. Like his brother, Luca, August is very private, and so very little is known about him and what he does. Some reports have hinted that August is a little more boisterous and spontaneous than his brother Luca, but this claim has not been independently verified.

It is believed that August attended some of the best schools in the USA, considering his father’s love for education and wealth. However, the exact details about the schools he attended aren’t available. As a matter of fact, Kimbal is not known to have shared August’s photo on social media before. August himself appears to not be on social media at all.

Also, at the moment, details of what August Musk is aspiring to become remain vague as he keeps his affairs off of social media. Perhaps with time, we will come across more of August and the kind of work he does.

Meet Kimbal Musk’s Daughter, Stella Musk

  • Mother: Jen Lewin

Stella Musk is Kimbal’s daughter and youngest child. Details about her date of birth are not clear. Some reports have claimed that she was born during Kimbal Musk’s marriage to his second wife, Christiana Wyly. However, there is no evidence to prove this. What is more widely reported is that she is the daughter of Kimbal Musk and his first wife, Jen.

Just like her brothers, very little is known about Stella Musk, as her family keeps her off the public front as much as possible. However, she makes occasional appearances on her father’s Instagram page. She has been seen cooking with her father and has also been spotted planting trees with him, showing just how close the father-and-daughter duo is.

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Details about what schools Stella attends remain vague as this information is out of public reach. What is clear is that Stella is still young, from the images being shared of her, and that she is being doted upon by her famous father. It is also certain that she had within her grasp all that she needed as a young girl growing up in the USA, considering her father’s immense wealth.

Some reports have claimed that Stella Musk is Kimbal’s favorite child, and he carries her almost everywhere he goes. Being his last child and the only daughter, this is not surprising. It has been reported that Kimbal is also making sure Stella understands the basics of gardening and the importance of trees to the environment.

But, apart from just Stella, Kimbal Musk is also reported to be very close to all his three children. He himself has often stated that being a father is his biggest achievement and that he will not exchange it for anything in the world. His decision to maintain a certain level of privacy when it comes to his children is a choice he has made for some reason not known to the public. However, it may be because he wants to ensure that his children have the freedom to shape their own identities and pursue their passions outside of the public eye.


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