Meet Kane Brown Parents: His Dad and Mom (Tabatha Brown)

Kane Brown’s parents are Tabatha Brown, his mother, and his father, whose name is unknown. The couple reportedly married in the early 1990s and have two children together; Kane Brown and his younger sister Heidi Swafford.

Brown and his sister Heidi were raised singlehandedly by their mother Tabatha Brown because their father has been incarcerated since 1996. Kane Brown is an American country musician who rose to fame with his EP, Closer. His fans have consistently shown interest in knowing more about his personal life, including who his parents are. He had initially kept the identity of his father a secret but eventually shared the details of his father’s situation with his fans.

Who Is Kane Brown’s Father?

The name of Kane Brown’s father is not publicly known, but we do know that he is an African-American man and is also partly Cherokee, one of the largest tribes in the United States. Besides the fame Kane commands due to his burgeoning music career, he has also made headlines following his revelation about his father and how he grew up only with his mom.

Born on the 21st of October 1993, Kane was raised singlehandedly by his mother in rural northwest Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee. His father was not in the picture of his early life. Kane never talked about his father for many years after he made it to the limelight, leaving his fans in the dark about the man’s identity. However, he finally opened up in an interview he granted with Pop Culture in 2019. What he did reveal did not show they had any actual relationship.

Kane’s Father Has Been in Prison Since 1996

Kane revealed that his father was imprisoned in 1996, three years after his birth, and he has remained in jail ever since. So, from what is obvious, Brown has to date never experienced his father’s presence in a home setting. According to him, the absence of his father in his life while growing up affected him for some time before he eventually got used to the situation.

Despite this fact, however, Kane kept on trying his best to find out more about his father and be in contact with him. In the same interview with Pop Culture, the American singer interestingly stated that he is now in touch with his father and has visited him several times in prison.

Speaking further, Kane also revealed that he found out during one of his visits that his father is a drummer. However, it is not known exactly if he had a career as a drummer or what he did for a living before his sentencing. Even imprisoned, however, he has kept a record of Kane’s achievements as a singer and is very proud of him. He also often brags about Kane to his fellow inmates.

Kane Brown is now not only in contact with his father but also shares a very cordial and cool relationship with him as he frequently visits him in prison and hopes that he gets released soon. The singer once said that he would hire his father as a drummer once he comes out of jail. Meanwhile, nothing is known about when Kane’s father’s jail term will finish, as Kane never revealed anything in that regard.

Meet Kane Brown’s Mother

The name of Kane Brown’s mother is Tabatha Brown. Kane has a very close and fond relationship with his mother. They share a very close bond and a great relationship that one cannot be his fan and not know his mother. As earlier mentioned, Kane’s father went to jail in 1996, just three years after his birth, hence, the responsibility of raising him completely rested on his mother Tabatha.

Kane Brwon and his mother, Tabatha Brown
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Tabatha apparently did her best in raising him singlehandedly. So, it is not surprising how close the mother and son are. Having attained a decent height of success in his career, Kane Brown has also taken it as a duty to make life better for his mother. In an interview he had on the Ty, Kelly, and Chuck Show in 2019, the Closer crooner explained that he is always available to provide for and help his mom out in times of need.

He divulged that he bought her a car and a new apartment for her birthday. Not only that, but he also put her on his payroll and paid her insurance for a full year. It is not known what job Tabatha did for a living that sustained herself and her two kids. But, what is currently known is that she now lives off the wealth and fame of her son.

Meanwhile, there is no public information regarding exactly when Kane Brown’s parents met or got married. Although some sources allege that they got married in the early 1990s, there is no verifiable proof of the claim.

Kane Brown Has a Sister, Heidi

Kane and his sister, Heidi
Kane and his sister, Heidi, image source

Kane is not the only child of his parents. He has a younger sister called Heidi Swafford. Although very little is known about her in the media, it appears Heidi and Kane also maintain a close bond. In July 2016, news spread that Heidi was stabbed multiple times during a fight and was badly injured.

She was taken to a local hospital, and the police eventually arrested the attacker. One month later, Kane told People that his sister was quickly recovering from the injuries and was even texting him from her sickbed. Thus, it was apparent that they are close.

Kane Brown Didn’t Get to Know He is Biracial Due to His Father’s Absence 

Kane Brown is a biracial American national; his father is African-American, while his mother is white. However, he revealed that he never knew he was biracial while growing up; he had thought he was fully white because he had not seen his father. This is believable because his father left when he was three, and he didn’t remember what his father looked like. Brown said that he only got to know he is biracial at the age of 8.

He found out around the time when he began to suffer racial prejudice as his fellow kids started calling him the N-word and making fun of his skin color. This came across to him as very offensive, and he got into fights many times. However, as time went on, he got over it and developed a thick skin. He eventually chose to channel all his time and energy into making music which has made him the success he is today.


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