Meet Joe Montana’s Spouses from the Current to His First Wife

Joe Montana’s current spouse is Jennifer Wallace. They got married in 1985 and have been together ever since. Before Jennifer, the former American football player was married twice. His first wife was Kim Moses (1974 – 1977) while his second wife was Cass Castillo (1981 – 1984).

Joe Montana’s spouse, Jennifer Wallace, is an actress and model who has given birth to four children for him, namely Alexandra (born October 10, 1985), Elizabeth (born December 20, 1986), Nate (born October 3, 1989), and Nick (born April 28, 1992). The couple is currently living in California.

Who are Joe Montana’s First Two Wives?

Joe Montana’s first two wives were Kim Moses (1974 – 1977) and Cass Castillo. His first marriage was to his high school girlfriend Kim Moses, whom he married in 1974 during his second semester at Notre Dame. However, they divorced in 1977, after which Joe started seeing Cass Castillo.

The legendary NFL quarterback married Cass in 1981, but their union lasted for only three years, ending with a divorce finalized in 1984. He had no children in his first two marriages.

Montana’s First Wife was His High School Sweetheart

Joe Montana attended high school in Notre Dame, during which he met his first wife Kim Moses. They became best friends and gradually fell in love. Soon enough, the pair started dating and decided to tie the knot even while pursuing their studies.

The wedding was held in their hometown in California in 1974 with family, friends, and close associates in attendance. The couple got married in their second semester at Notre Dame. However, the marriage only lasted for three years, and they decide to end things in 1977. The reason for their untimely divorce is still a mystery to the public. Moreover, the couple had no children in their brief romance.

Meet Joe Montana’s Spouse from the Current to His First Wife

Joe Sued Kim Moses 30 years After Their Divorce 

They weren’t any reports linking Joe and his ex-wife since the divorce, not until 2008 when the American football quarterback sued Kim Moses for copyright infringement. At the time, Kim sold letters and memorabilia left over from her days with the legendary superstar to Heritage Auction in Dallas, Texas.

Several reports claimed that the sale was an invasion of Joe’s privacy, while Kim saw it as her property which gives her the right to do whatever she pleased. The lawsuit stated that Kim must repay the $75,000 she got from selling her ex-husband’s likeness without his permission. Not only that, but the former quarterback also claimed that the love letters were an invasion of privacy meant for “her eyes only.”

However, the outcome of the lawsuit is undisclosed, but by sending those messages to his ex, Joe showed how much the old mementos meant to him. Kim Moses has remained out of the limelight since the episode, and as such, little is known about her personal life. Similarly, it is not known if she remarried after the divorce or if she’s into another relationship.

Joe Montana Married Cass Castillo Four Years After Divorcing Kim

It didn’t take long enough for Joe Montana to begin a new relationship with Cass Castillo after divorcing Kim Moses. However, details of how Joe met his new wife, Cass, are undisclosed. The pair got married in 1981 after a few months of courtship in a secret wedding.

Similar to his first marriage with Kim Moses, Joe Montana’s marriage to Cass Castillo only lasted for three years, after which they went their separate ways in 1984. However, the cause of their sudden divorce is still unrevealed to the public. Like Kim, Cass Castillo didn’t have any child for Joe Montana.

Cass Castillo’s personal life after divorcing Joe Montana is out of media attention. Hence, we cannot ascertain whether she remarried or remained single. But we can tell for sure that she has maintained a healthy relationship with her ex-husband, Joe Montana, after their separation.

Who is Joe Montana’s Third Wife, Jennifer Wallace?

Joe Montana's Third Wife, Jennifer Wallace

Joe Montana’s third wife is Jennifer Wallace (now called Jennifer Montana). He married the beautiful American model barely a year after divorcing his second wife, Cass Castillo.

Jennifer Sharon Wallace (born 7 July 1958) is a 54 year old American professional actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is a sensational actress famous for starring in Adventures with Kanga Roddy (1998), Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit ’99 (1999), and Home & Family (2012).

Joe Montana Met Jennifer Wallace in a Commercial 

At the time, Jennifer was working as a model. She was built to appear in a commercial with the American quarterback star, Joe Montana. Her agent introduced them, and Jennifer found Joe charming despite his shyness. However, she never revealed her feelings for him.

Notwithstanding, as both stars continued to work together on the project, Joe finally mustered the courage to ask Jennifer out on a date. After their first dinner date, he wrote a question on the dinner check, which read, “What’d you say if I asked you to spend the rest of your life with me?” and handed it over to Jennifer. However, the question came too sudden to Jennifer, and consequently, she didn’t give a response.

Nonetheless, Joe was determined and never intended to give up on marrying Jennifer. He took her out on another dinner date, and this time he hired a plane to carry a message written boldly, “Jen, will you marry me?” Jennifer’s response was clear this time – she said yes.

Joe Montana’s Spouse Has Four Kids with Him

Joe Montana's Spouse Jennifer Wallace has Four Kids with Him
Joe Montana’s kids

Joe Montana’s spouse Jennifer has been with him for over three decades now and has produced four offspring. Their first child, a boy named Nicholas Alexandra Montana, was born on October 10, 1985. The couple had their second child, a girl named Elizabeth Jean Montana, on December 20, 1986, and their third child Nathaniel “Nate” Joseph Montana, on October 3, 1989. Lastly, they had Nick Montana, a boy born on April 28, 1992.

Joe Montana’s Sons Nate and Nick are Also Footballers

Joe Montana’s sons Nick and Nate were the only ones among his four children to have followed in his footsteps by making an in football. The two boys are schooled at De La Salle High School, where they’re actively involved in football. However, they were not able to continue beyond college football.

While Nick had a blistering career with the University of Washington, the college football teams of Tulane University, and Mt San Antonio College, Nate enrolled at Notre Dame, among other schools. Both pursued other careers after college.

Joe Montana Spouse Date of Birth Age Marriage Duration Children Names of Children
Kim Moses N/A N/A 1974 – 1977 Zero N/A
Cass Castillo N/A N/A 1981 – 1984 Zero N/A
Jennifer Montana born 7 July 1958 54 1985 – Present Four Alexandra, Elizabeth, Nate, and Nick


Who is Joe Montana Married To Now?

Joe Montana is currently married to Jennifer Wallace, an American actress and model. The couple got married in 1985 and have been together ever since.

How Many Times Has Joe Montana Been Married?

Joe Montana has been married three times. His first marriage was to Kim Moses while his second marriage was to Cass Castillo.


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