Meet Graham McTavish’s Kids, Hope and Honor McTavish

Graham McTavish’s children are two daughters who are called Honor McTavish and Hope McTavish. Graham, a Scottish actor, and author, is known to be a doting dad who adores his children and has worked very hard to ensure they have all they need to get by.

Honor and Hope, who are five years apart in age, have been raised very well and are reported to have imbibed the value of family bonds handed to them by their father over the years. They are very close to each other and are very fond of their father, who never fails to be available when they need him.

Graham McTavish’s Kids Were Both Born During His Previous Marriage

Graham McTavish was married to Gwen Isaac, an English/New Zealand filmmaker, producer, and director. Their love story began in the early 2000s after their paths first crossed, leading to a deep connection. They later got married, but details about their marriage remain vague.

The bond they forged was strengthened further with the arrival of their two precious daughters, Honor McTavish and Hope McTavish, who added immeasurable joy to their lives. However, life sometimes takes unexpected turns, and Graham and Gwen found themselves facing the difficult decision to end their marriage.

Although the romantic chapter of their lives has concluded, Graham and Gwen continue to stay in touch, fostering an amicable and supportive relationship for the sake of their children.

Honor McTavish is Graham McTavish’s First Daughter

  • Date of birth: November 8, 2006
  • Age: 17 years old
  • Mother: Gwen Isaac

Honor McTavish is the first child of Graham McTavish. She was born on November 8, 2006, and is now 17 years old. According to our findings, Honor was born in the vibrant city of London, United Kingdom. Brought up in the bustling capital, she was exposed to the rich history, diverse culture, and endless opportunities that the city has to offer, especially because of the way she was brought up by her famous father.

Honor is of mixed ethnicity. According to reports, she has a rich tapestry of British, Scottish, and New Zealand roots. She inherited her blend of Scottish and English ancestry from her renowned actor father, Graham McTavish. Additionally, her New Zealand roots are deeply rooted in her lineage through her mother, Gwen Isaac. So, Honor grew up in a household that was exposed to different traditions and lifestyles.

She Was Exposed To The Hollywood Life Very Early

Honor McTavish’s upbringing was filled with excitement and unique experiences. From an early age, she had the opportunity to accompany both her father and mother to various shooting locations, which exposed her to the intricacies of the captivating world of filmmaking. However, her parents were conscious of preserving her privacy and shielding her from the intrusive spotlight that often accompanies fame.

In order to maintain a sense of normalcy during her childhood, Honor’s parents took deliberate steps to protect her from excessive public exposure. Her mother, in particular, utilized her social media accounts solely for professional purposes, while her father judiciously shared only a few select pictures of Honor on social platforms.

Honor followed her parents to some red-carpet events, but her family also made sure to carefully navigate the world of red-carpet events, ensuring that these appearances were limited, allowing Honor to enjoy a childhood that was as close to normal as possible.

As she has grown older, Honor has chosen to carry forward these valuable lessons. To this day, she refrains from having any social media accounts under her known name, valuing her privacy and opting to lead a life that is not overshadowed by public scrutiny.

Graham McTavish
Honor and Hope with their mother, Gwen Isaac.

Honor McTavish Now Lives In New Zealand

In 2012, Honor McTavish’s parents made the decision to leave London and embark on a new chapter of their lives in New Zealand. At the tender age of six, Honor embraced this significant change and gradually acclimatized to her new home. Over the years, she has effortlessly integrated into the local community, forming lasting friendships and immersing herself in the vibrant culture of her adopted country.

Honor’s parents value education very much, so when they got to New Zealand, she was enrolled in the esteemed Waldorf/Steiner Schools, which are part of a global network of schools dedicated to the holistic development of children. At these schools, emphasis is placed on striking a balance between academic pursuits and a range of artistic, movement, and craft activities.

According to our findings, the Waldorf schools are quite pricy and reserved for the rich, but Honor McTavish gets to enjoy this kind of education as well as other perks because of how wealthy her successful parents are. Their support allows her to partake in this enriching educational experience, fostering her overall development and providing her with a well-rounded foundation for the future.

However, not all aspects of Honor’s life have been without challenges. Around 2020, when she was approximately 14 years old, her parents made the difficult decision to end their marriage. This separation undoubtedly brought heartbreak and emotional turmoil into Honor’s life. Yet, she finds solace in the fact that her parents approached the process with an amicable mindset, prioritizing a smooth transition for the sake of their daughter. Through their commitment to cordial co-parenting, Honor’s parents have ensured that she won’t bear the brunt of their separation.

Honor McTavish Has Begun Her Hollywood Journey

After years of following her parents to film locations, Honor McTavish has grown fond of the industry. Her exposure to the world of acting from a young age, thanks to her parents, has ignited a deep passion within her for the arts, leading her to aspire to forge a career in the film industry herself. This revelation came to light when her father candidly shared her ambitions during an interview with the Associated Press in 2018. According to him, Honor has always shown interest in acting and following in his footsteps.

Graham also stated that he actually dreaded his daughter going into the movie industry the way he has done because he understood how difficult the industry can be and how it can change people. So, he was worried for his daughter. He, however, stated that he had no choice but to express his unwavering support for Honor’s dreams so she can be happy.

Demonstrating his support and belief in her talent, Honor’s father had already provided her with a golden opportunity in 2012. At the tender age of six, she took her first steps into the world of acting, securing a minor role in one of her father’s movies. This auspicious occasion unfolded during the production of the inaugural film in the renowned The Hobbit trilogy, titled The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Honor portrayed a cute hobbit character, and her performance was ultimately included in the extended version of the film.

This experience served as her professional debut, marking the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey in the acting realm. It is believed that as she continues to nurture her passion, she might soon become one of the popular faces gracing the screens.

Honor is Quite Close To Her Famous Father.

Graham McTavish shares an incredibly close bond with his first daughter, Honor. Their bonding relationship is evident through their shared love for fitness and adventure. Graham’s dedication to spending quality time with his daughter is seen in the way he frequently takes her to the gym, where they engage in invigorating workout sessions together. These heartwarming moments are often captured on camera and shared with his followers on social media, allowing fans to witness their special father-daughter bond.

But the gym is not the only place he takes Honor to in order to carry out exercises. The father-daughter duo also exercises at home. One of their favorite exercise activities at home is doing pull-ups. Graham enthusiastically includes Honor in his exercise routine by allowing her to climb on his back while he effortlessly performs pull-ups.

Both Graham and Honor appear to enjoy this very much. Graham even affectionately refers to Honor as his “trainer,” a playful term that reflects their shared enthusiasm for maintaining an active lifestyle. Beyond their gym sessions and exercises, Graham also takes Honor on captivating adventures to movie locations. As an accomplished actor, Graham understands the magic and excitement that emanate from these sets, and he is delighted to share these moments with his daughter.

Through their shared love for fitness and exploration, Graham McTavish and his daughter Honor have forged a deep and unbreakable connection.

Hope McTavish is the Second of Graham McTavish’s Children

  • Date of birth: 2011
  • Age: About 13 years old
  • Mother: Gwen Isaac

Hope McTavish is the second daughter of Graham McTavish and Gwen Isaac. While there have been discrepancies surrounding the exact year of her birth, our findings indicate that she entered the world in 2011. Conflicting reports suggesting that Hope was born in 2015 have surfaced, creating some confusion.

However, in a revealing interview with her father in July 2017, he disclosed that Honor was 10 years old at the time, while Hope was 5 years old. This information conclusively establishes that the sisters have a five-year age difference, placing Hope’s birth year as 2011, just as we surmised.

Hope Was Born In London But Moved To New Zealand At Age 1

Reports show that Hope McTavish currently resides in New Zealand alongside her mother and sister, Honor. Born in the bustling city of London in 2011, her family embarked on an exciting journey the following year, when she was just a year old, and relocated to the captivating landscapes of New Zealand. Immersed in the country’s vibrant culture and surrounded by its natural beauty, Hope has embraced her new home with open arms.

According to reports, Hope is currently attending one of the very prestigious schools in the country, although the name of the institution is not clear. What is clear is that by attending one of the prestigious schools in the country, Hope is afforded a quality education that nurtures her intellectual growth and provides a strong foundation for her future endeavors.

Hope and her sister, Honor, are also close. Reports show that the bond between Hope and her older sister, Honor, is quite an unbreakable one, and they are sometimes referred to as ‘Siamese twins’ by people close to them. Whether they are embarking on new adventures, pursuing hobbies, or simply spending time with their family, their close-knit relationship is at the core of their upbringing. This is mainly because their parents have instilled in them the importance of family bonds.

Hope Has Taken an Interest in Acting And Loves Imitating Actors

Just like her older sister, Honor, Hope McTavish has begun to show a burgeoning interest in the world of acting. Her father once affectionately recalled moments when she was a much younger child; she loved standing in front of the television and often got captivated by the on-screen performances of actors. With boundless enthusiasm, she would mimic and imitate the actors by trying to talk like them and gesticulate, allowing her imagination to transport her into the realms of storytelling and make-believe.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that Hope is drawn to the art of acting as well, considering the influence of her parent’s involvement in the vibrant world of Hollywood. Growing up in an environment where creativity and storytelling are integral, she has been constantly exposed to the magic of filmmaking.

Accompanying her parents to various shooting locations, both with her father and mother separately, further nurtured her curiosity and fascination with the industry. Hope has not made a professional move in Hollywood just yet. But, it is expected that she will make her debut very soon as she receives guidance from her parents.

She Is Very Close To Her Father

Hope McTavish and her father, Graham McTavish, share a deep and special bond. Graham’s devotion to his role as a father is evident as he approaches his parenting responsibilities with great care and attentiveness. From the moment of their birth to the present day, he has been a constant presence in the lives of his children. He and Hope have been engaged in various activities together.

One of the cherished activities that Graham and Hope enjoy together is taking bicycle rides. These shared adventures not only provide an opportunity for physical exercise but also serve as a means for them to connect on a deeper level. Graham’s dedication to spending quality time with Hope extends beyond their cycling expeditions. On occasion, he takes her along to film locations, providing her with a firsthand glimpse into the world of movie-making.

In a testament to their close relationship, Graham and his daughter, Hope, also partake in lighthearted physical activities together. According to our findings, Hope McTavish sometimes joins her sister to do pullups with their father.

They playfully engage in pull-ups, with the girls piling up on their father’s back as he effortlessly completes the exercise. Graham affectionately refers to them as his “partners in crime,” showcasing the camaraderie and joy they find in each other’s company. Through these shared experiences and heartfelt interactions, Graham creates a sense of unity and adventure within their family. Apparently, they are very close to each other and have a very strong family bond.

The McTavish kids are also very close to their mother, Gwen Isaac. As a matter of fact, they are reported to live mostly with their mother since their parents got divorced, and only see their father from time to time. So, they have developed an unbreakable bond with their mother while also maintaining a very strong attachment to their father.


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