Lil Durk’s Children: How Many Children Does The Rapper Have?

Lil Durk’s children are seven in number and they are Angelo Banks, Bella Banks, Zayden Banks, Skyler Banks, Du’mier Banks, Willow Banks, and Romeo. Born Durk Derrick Banks in 1992, the American rapper has confirmed that he has fathered 6 children, but there is an allegation from a woman claiming to be the mother of his seventh and secret child, Romeo.

The rapper had his confirmed kids with 5 different women. He had his first child, Angelo Banks, when he was still a teenager and today, Angelo is 12  years old while his youngest is Willow Banks, 5 years old. The rapper has already had 6 to 7 kids, but he has made it known that he is interested in having a total of 10 kids before he can call it quits. In between, here is a look at all his kids.

Meet Lil Durk’s Children

Angelo Banks

  • Date of birth: November 29, 2011
  • Age: 12 years old
  • Mother: Nicole Covone
  • Occupation: Student

The oldest of Lil Durk’s children is Angelo Banks. He was born through his father’s marriage to his  former wife, Nicole Covone. He was born on November 29, 2011, in the United States. Now 12 years old, Angelo has always been in the limelight, thanks to the successes of his father as a rapper and the fame of his mother who is an entrepreneur and social media star.

At the time of Angelo’s birth, there were the claims that his parents had already married but there’s nothing to prove that. It is known that the pair met in 2008 while they were still in high school and dated for some time before it was alleged that they got married in the same year Angelo was born.

Angelo had both parents in his life for the first three years, but sadly, their alleged marriage came to an end in 2013 after Nicole found out that Lil Durk had fathered a child with another woman while they were still together. The claim is that she filed for a divorce and she was granted custody of Angelo. Lil Durk was, however, not denied the right to see his kid.

Although there have been reports that the rapper was drawn into a child support case with one of the women claiming to be his baby mama, such reports did not come up in relation to Angelo.

For his educational pursuits, it is known that Angelo is currently in school, but the name of the institution has not been made known. He has an Instagram account under the name of Lil Lil Durkiooo with more than a thousand followers.

Bella Banks

  • Date of birth: July 19, 2013
  • Age: 10 years old
  • Mother: Nicole Covone
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur

The first daughter of Lil Durk is Bella Banks. She was born to the rapper on July 19 2013 and is now 10 years old. She is her father’s second child with his former wife, Nicole Covone. It was the same year that Bella was born that her parents called it quits on their relationship. This means that she was not fortunate to see her parents together.

Of mixed ethnicity, she was mostly brought up by her mother who gained custody of her and her older brother following her split from Lil Durk. However, she has always had her dad actively in her life and as stated, there has been no drama in relation to the rapper failing to pay child support.

While she may only be 10 years old, Bella has been in the limelight since her birth because of the status of her parents. She has become even more famous today as a social media star with more than a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Bella is also a young entrepreneur who is the CEO of Bella Beauty.

Her company deals on beauty items for ladies and girls. She sells things such as gift items, bags, clothing, and other beauty accessories. Bella Beauty has an Instagram account with more than sixteen thousand followers.

The celebrity child has tapped on the influence of her parents to start her business but she still continues with her education. However, the name of the school she attends has also not been made known to the public.

Zayden Banks

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  • Date of birth: November 5, 2013
  • Age: 10 years old
  • Occupation: Student and Social media star

Only four months after the birth of his second child, Lil Burk welcomed a third child and his second son, Zayden Banks. The kid was born on November 5, 2013. Of American nationality and African American ethnic extraction, Zayden is 10 years old.

The mother of the young celebrity kid is not known, but his birth has been a rather controversial one because before then, Lil Durk was still with Nicole Covone. Hence it is not clear if his parents actually dated or if they just had an affair. Whatever the case, she doesn’t seem to fully feature in Lil Durk’s life and so there has been no drama in relation to child support.

It is worthy of note that while Zayden doesn’t share a mom with his older siblings, the three kids share a very good relationship. Following the same path as his two older siblings, he also has a good social media presence. He has an Instagram account that has more than eight thousand followers. It has not been indicated who may be running the page for him since he is still very young.

The celebrity child is also in the age when he is supposed to be in elementary school and while it is believed that she is in school, the name of his school is not known. He is still too young to decide on the career path that he may likely follow, but looking at his social media presence he is already a social media star.

Skyler Banks

  • Date of birth: July 16, 2014
  • Age: 9 years old
  • Mother: Tameka Kute
  • Occupation: Student

Skyler Banks is the next child of the American rapper. Contrary to various other reports, Skyler was born on July 16, 2014, which means she is now 9 years old. She was born to her father from a relationship he had with a lady whose name is known as Tameka Kute.

Of African American descent and American nationality, Skyler was born at a time when her father was said to be dating her mother (they were never married though). Lil Durk and Tameka Kute were friends for a long time before they started dating. However, the rapper was not faithful to her, so the relationship was not a stable one. That did not stop them from having a beautiful daughter together before the relationship ended for good.

Skyler’s mom is not very popular as she is not a celebrity and doesn’t have a strong social media presence. Because of this, the relationship between Skyler and her mum is not known. She seems to be with her dad together with her other siblings.

Sky, as she is often called, is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, thanks to the fortune her father has amassed through his musical career. While she is believed to still be in elementary school, the name of her school has not been revealed. Unlike some of her other half-siblings who have social media accounts handled by their mothers, Skyler does not have one.

Du’mier Banks

  • Date of birth: July 4, 2017
  • Age: 6 years old
  • Mother: Female King 3
  • Occupation: Education

The fourth child of the rapper is Du’mier Banks. Of African American ethnic extraction, the celebrity kid was born on July 3, 2016, which makes him now 6 years old. Unlike his older siblings, the mother of Du’mier Banks is not very much known. Initially, there were speculations that his mother might just be American rapper, DeJ Loaf.

The reason behind the speculation is that from 2014 when the kid was erroneously reported to be born, until 2016 when he was actually born, Lil Durk was in a relationship with DeJ Loaf whose real name is Deja Monet Trimble. However, it turned out that this was not the case.

Looking at the Instagram account of the celebrity kid where he has more than thirty-one thousand followers, he indicated that the account is handled by his mother, a woman whose real name is not known but goes by the moniker, Female King 3 on Instagram and TikTok.

Also known as Doom Banks, Du’meir is raised with both parents in his life and he enjoys a good relationship with both his father and mother.

Still a little child, the school that Du’mier Banks attends is not known. More so, he is too young to determine the career path he may be interested in, but it may not be surprising if he ends up following the musical path of his father.

Willow Banks

Willow Banks
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  • Date of birth: October 31, 2018
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Mother: India Royale
  • Occupation: Student

The youngest of Lil Burk’s children and his second daughter is Willow Banks. The little one was born in 2018 and she is now 5 years old. The African American child who is also of American nationality was born to the rapper by his former girlfriend, India Royale. Willow’s Parents started dating in 2017 and just a year later, they had their bundle of joy.

The rapper took to his social media to introduce his sixth child to the world with a caption stating that no matter what anyone sees or hears about him, he was still a great dad to his kids. He also made it clear that Willow was his sixth child. For India, on the other hand, Willow was her second child as she had also had a child from a previous relationship before meeting Lil Durk.

Although there have been many times in the past that rumors surfaced that her parents had since ended their relationship, Lil Durk cleared the air in May 2023 when he revealed that while they were like normal couples who would argue and sometimes need space from each other, they were still very much together.

Willow’s dad engaged her mother in December 2021 and although there was a time in 2022 when a rumor began that the rapper canceled the engagement, nothing more came of it and they continued with their relationship.

Since her birth, Willow Banks has been in the limelight because both her parents are very famous. While her rapper father needs no introduction, her mom is a social media influencer who has more than 5 million followers on Instagram. Of all Lil Burk’s children, Willow has enjoyed having her parents together the most as although their relationship has had some hiccups in the past, the two have spent so much time together.

The celebrity child does not have a social media account for now, unlike some of her older siblings. It is believed that she is currently in elementary school, but the name of the school she attends has never been made known.

Lil Durk’s Alleged Seventh Child Of The Rapper Is Not Known

Although the rapper made it known on an Instagram post that he only had 6 kids, a woman named Travonna Craig came after him on Instagram to accuse him of being the father of her 8-year-old son. According to the woman, the kid who is believed to be born in 2014 is the secret child of the rapper who claimed he was going to provide for him but abandoned her and the child named Romeo instead.

Travonna jumped on Lil Durk after he made a joke on Instagram that he was interested in having one more son and then that would be enough for him. The lady went on the attack, revealing that he has not done a thing for their son as he promised and she was tired of him and his family for a long time.

Interestingly, it was not the first time that Travonna had come after the rapper. Back in 2021, she revealed that she had a 7-year-old kid with Lil Durk. She added that she helped the rapper to rise to fame and when he was starting out, she drove him to studios.

In 2022, she revealed that she dragged him to court over child support claims but he refused to show up. This was the first and only time that he was dragged on issues relating to child support. As she continued to insist that the rapper was the father of her son, Craig claimed that Lil Durk’s family was on board, but he has been absent all the while.

Even though the case has continued to drag on for more than two years, Lil Durk has maintained a strong silence. He refused to get drawn to the case even though some of his fans rose to his defense to insist the woman was lying. However, Travonna made it known she had a paternity test done and it was clear that the child who is now 10 belonged to the rapper. This was not enough to force Durk to make any statement.


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