Kimiko Flynn is The Daughter of Rome Flynn and His Ex-girlfriend – Meet Her

Kimiko Flynn is the daughter of Rome Flynn, a famous American actor. She is 9 years old, but despite her young age, she already possesses an undeniable charm and charisma that hints at the potential for a bright future ahead.

Kimiko was born as a result of her father’s relationship with his ex-partner, Molly Noriko Hurley, and has gained a lot of public attention from her father’s fans. Thanks to her father’s fame and their close-knit relationship, Kimiko is living a good life.

Summary of Kimiko Flynn’s Biography

  • Full name: Kimiko Flynn
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: December 12, 2014
  • Kimiko Flynn’s Age: 9 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Kimiko Flynn’s Parents: Rome Flynn and Molly Noriko Hurley
  • Famous for: Being the Daughter of American actor Rome Flynn

How Old Is Kimiko Flynn Now?

Kimiko Flynn is 9 years old and was born on the 12th of December 2014 in the United States of America. Not much is known about her exact place of birth or in what state she was born, however, she is of American nationality, with mixed ethnicity of African-Cuban and Irish on her dad’s side and a Japanese on her mom’s side.

Kimiko is the daughter of Rome Flynn, a multi-talented Illinois native who enjoys acting, music, modeling, and filmmaking. The set of The Bold and the Beautiful was where the Daytime Emmy Award winner got his big start. He has since recorded other noteworthy projects which include The Thinning: New World Order, NCIS: New Orleans, and How to Get Away with Murder amongst others.

Kimiko’s birth brought immense joy to Rome Flynn and his then-girlfriend, Molly Noriko Hurley. Information about Kimiko’s mother remains undisclosed, however, her father has been a devoted and loving father to her. Despite her birth circumstances, Flynn has always taken an active role in raising Kimiko and has shared numerous heartwarming moments and photos of them on social media.

Who is Kimiko’s Mother, Molly Noriko Hurley?

Kimiko’s real mother is Molly Noriko Hurley. She is an American woman whose fame is as a result of her relationship with Rome Flynn. She is well-known as the ex-girlfriend and baby mama of the American actor Rome Flynn, following their short-lived relationship that was reported to have lasted less than 6 years.

Not much is known about Molly’s background, but she is of Japanese descent. There are no available details about her parents, siblings, or other family members. She seems to choose to stay off the internet radar, however, she has an Instagram account with the name mollynoriko. The Instagram account is the only evidence that links her to being the real mother of Kimiko.

Rome Had A Live-in Relationship With Molly Before Kimiko was Born.

Details of how Kimiko’s parents met and when they started dating is not known to the public. However, multiple sources have it that Molly and Rome were enjoying a live-in relationship when she conceived and had Kimiko. They had some partnership live-in arrangement that somehow got too intimate.

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After their baby girl arrived on the 12th of December 2014, reports have it that the lovers started experiencing issues in their relationship, leading to them parting ways. The problems they had while cohabiting together were never spoken of to this day but both parents have been committed to Kimiko’s upbringing and have shown it in their dedication towards her.

Despite the couple’s separation, Rome Flynn has embraced fatherhood with open arms and has been an active and loving presence in his daughter’s life. On her part, it seemed like Molly wasn’t too happy with the incident of the past, but she chose to focus her energy on herself and her daughter. She always shares relationship quotes on her socials, especially those concerning infidelity and cheating.

Nevertheless, both Rome Flynn and Molly have been actively involved in Kimiko’s life, demonstrating their commitment to being present parents. Despite any personal difficulties they may have faced in the past, it is evident that they have set aside their differences for the sake of their daughter. Their dedication to co-parenting suggests that they have established a healthy environment where Kimiko can grow and thrive.

Kimiko Shares Her Time Between Her Parents 

Currently, both parents share custody of their 9-year-old child. While details about their custody arrangement are not widely known, it is understood that they are actively involved in Kimiko’s upbringing. However, that seemed not to be the situation initially. Many never knew Kimiko’s real mother and thought Camia Marie, Flynn’s next girlfriend after his split with Molly, was her real mother.

Rome and Camia Marie started dating in 2015, shortly after his breakup with Molly, and they started living together. During that period, many assumed that Camia was Kimiko’s real mother. And by treating the young girl like her own and sharing many pictures of all three of them together, Camia made many believe that she was Kimiko’s mother.

Fans believed they had finally solved the mystery because of the close friendship between Camia and Kimiko, but it was untrue. Sadly, Camia and Rome later ended their romance, and she started dating someone else. And many got to know Kimiko’s real mother’s identity. Although the specifics of their arrangement remain private, it appears they have found a way to co-parent effectively, ensuring that Kimiko’s well-being remains their top priority.

Rome Is Very Protective of Kimiko

Since Kimiko was born in 2014, no single picture of the baby girl has been shared by her daddy. However, this is not an indication that the father and daughter are not close. In fact, they share a very close bond. Speaking during an interview session, the actor once revealed that Kimiko’s birth shaped a larger part of his life. As revealed by Rome, his little girl changed his priority in life and he swore to give her maximum protection.

In an interview, Kimiko Flynn’s dad let out the reasons he refuses to share her photos on the internet. It is for her protection, he said. According to Rome, it is more important for Kimiko to live a normal life and have her privacy protected at all costs. He also explained that he doesn’t want his daughter to grow under the shadows of a celebrity dad, rather, he wants her to be an original copy.

Rome said he has become ultrasensitive about sharing the details of his personal life with a world that in his opinion, is so cruel and sick, and that is precisely why he never shares Kimiko’s photos and from what is obvious, he may never share any. Rome also said that those who really know the close bonds he shares with Kimiko – (how they speak on the phone every day) will never question why he never shares the girl’s photos.

Rome may be reluctant to share glimpses of his 9-year-old daughter’s life with the public, but that’s not the case with his ex-partner and baby mama, Molly, who on her own part, has her Instagram page full of Kimiko’s pictures. This constant presence in the spotlight has made Kimiko a recognizable figure among her father’s fans and has undoubtedly played a role in shaping her young life.

Does Kimiko Flynn Have Siblings?

No, Kimiko does not have any siblings. For now, she does not have any siblings both from her mum’s and dad’s sides, she is the only child of her parent’s short time together. Rome and Molly may have had subsequent love relationships following their split, but neither of them have had children from those individual relationships.

This leaves Kimiko the only child they have. With both parents playing an active role in Kimiko’s upbringing, it is likely that she benefits from the love and support of both her mother and her father, creating a well-rounded and balanced upbringing for her.

Is Kimiko Flynn Active on Any Social Media Platform?

Kimiko Flynn is not active on any social media platform due to age restrictions. She is just 9 and cannot own a social media account until she is at least 17 years old. However, her parents can decide to open one for her using their birth dates. That way, fans can get a glimpse of her growth and development.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the situation as both parents, although not in total agreement, decide to not expose her life to the public. Fans can still get a glimpse of her life through her mother’s Instagram account @mollynoriko, where pictures of them together are shared.


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