Katy O’Brian’s Gender: Is She Trans?

Katy O’Brian’s gender is female. The American actress, writer, and martial artist, whose career in Hollywood began in 2010, is not transgender. She has remained a female since birth but has attracted the attention of many because she is into women. O’Brian identifies as a lesbian and has been married to her wife, Kylie Chi, for the past 4 years.

Is Katy O’Brian Transgender?

No, Katy is not transgender. Her gender identity is her birth-assigned sex. She identifies as female and goes by the pronouns – she, her, and hers. The actress was born Katy M. O’Brian on February 12, 1989, which means she is now 35 years old. She was born to her parents, Jack O’Brian and Von Johnston.

She has always had a boyish tendency, which is one of the reasons why it has been wondered if she is trans. O’Brian revealed that she grew up a tomboy alongside her three older brothers and a younger brother with whom she was very close.

She was very athletic and got involved in various sporting activities as a child. By the time she was 5, she fell in love with and started martial arts thanks to her father, who enrolled her in a martial arts class.

Even though she grew up with boys and got involved in male activities, Katy has never considered altering her gender, at least based on public records. She has only been attracted to women, which means that she is lesbian.

She has had her share of online hate and attacks on social media, with trolls targetting her based on her personality and sexuality. One example is by fans of some fans of The Mandalorian. This forced Gina Carano, who had left the series, to defend the actress. On her part. Katy O’Brian does not seem to be intimidated by the online bullies.

Katy O’Brian’s Role in Z Nation Got Fans Speculating About Her Sexuality and Gender

Amidst the aforementioned, one other thing that got fans speculating about the gender and sexuality of Katy M. O’Brian is her role in the 2019 American horror television series Z Nation, in which she portrayed Georgia “George” St. Clair.

Her character is that of an androgynous lesbian. This means that she played a character whose gender is partly male and partly female, although her sexuality is spelled out as lesbian. She played the character in a great way, so much so that the speculations began on what her true gender might be.

According to Katy, the role seemed to be just another for her, and she didn’t give it much thought. However, it was after she was appreciated by one of the crew members after the shooting for portraying the person of George in a humanizing way that she understood the role’s impact.

Interestingly, as it would turn out, while her gender is female, she is like George, a lesbian, in terms of sexuality.

A strong advocate of having more queer films and having them as center characters rather than side ones, she has appeared in several queer films. They include the A24’s film Love Lies Bleeding, which is still yet to be released.

Is Katy O’Brian in a Relationship?

The 35 year-old American actress is not in a relationship as she is already married. Before she walked down the aisle with Kylie Chi, Katy had always made it clear that she was not straight but was, instead, attracted to women.

Nonetheless, she has not revealed anything about her love life and the women she has dated in the past. All that she revealed is that she dated the woman she later married for many years.

Katy O’Brian and Kylie Chi’s Relationship

4 years since they got married, Katy and Kylie have maintained a great relationship, and they seem to be very much in love. They do not have any kids, but Katy is very open to starting building a family with her partner. She indicated that she would love for her partner to give her kids.

Is Katy O’Brian Married?

Yes, Katy O’Brian is married. As indicated, she is married to her partner of many years, Kylie Chi. The love story between Katy O’Brian and Kylie Chi, who is also lesbian, began in 2016. This was shortly after Katy moved to Los Angeles. Her path crossed with that of her wife for the first time on the set of a film, which was a student project.

The couple did not start dating immediately, but they remained close as friends, and then, a year later, they started dating. Things got stronger for them in 2018, and they decided to move in together. Around this time, the actress made the relationship public by sharing their photo on Twitter. She shared the photo with the caption, “I have a cute girlfriend who likes to keep me on my toes by licking my face when I’m expecting an innocent kiss.” She also added that she loved her partner with her entire soul.

Katy revealed that it only took them a year of living together before they realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, and so they got engaged in 2019. She revealed that she had been asking Kylie to marry her for a few years before they got married. Also, O’Brien had already started calling her partner her wife before they made it official.

Three years after they started dating, Katy and Kylie got married in July 2020. The marriage was a small ceremony, which they described as a mini-wedding. The couple revealed that their hope was to have a wedding ceremony, but that was not possible because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Katy made it known that they decided to push the celebrations to the next year.

Much about the private life of Kylie Chi is not known, but she was born on August 21, even though the exact year of her birth is not known. What is known is that she is also in the entertainment business, just like her partner.  She is a writer, actress, and an additional crew member who is famed for her role in productions such as known for The Last Protestor (2018), Dollface (2019), and About a Girl.


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