Jo Koy Parents: Meet His Dad and Mom Josie Harrison

Jo Koy’s parents are Josie Harrison (mother) and John C. Herbert (father). Though they are no longer together, the American celebrity parents individually support their son in his burgeoning entertainment career.

Although Joy Koy is mostly in the news for being a famous American stand-up comedian and actor, his parents, especially his father, are not in the limelight. Meanwhile, many have shown interest in knowing more about the personal life of their favorite comedian. So, in this post, we put together everything there is to know about the ex-couple as well as their individual contribution to their son’s successful career.

Jo Koy’s Father Abandoned Jo and His Mother When He Was 10

Information about how and when they met for the first time is not revealed, but according to online sources, Jo Koy’s parents were once married and lived as husband and wife. Also, details of their wedding date and the kind of ceremony they had is not public knowledge.

Jo Koy’s Parents’ marriage did not stand the test of time, as they would part ways some years later. According to records, Jo’s father abandoned his family and left for another city when Jo was only 10 years old. Meanwhile, Jo once mentioned that there are actually deeper issues that made his dad leave the family and that he didn’t just get up and leave.

However, details of what actually led to the end of their marriage have remained a mystery to the public. It is also not known if they officially divorced in court or if they just chose to go their separate ways without any formalities. Be it as it may, Jo Koy’s parents, even though they are divorced, would later come on good terms following their son’s rise to fame.

Jo Koy’s Parents Have Three Children Together

Jo Koy, his mom, and two sisters
Jo Koy, his mom, and two sisters

In the course of their marriage, Jo Koy’s parents had three children together, a son Jo Koy, and 2 daughters, Rowena Cook and Gemma Herbert. Jo shares a very close bond with his two sisters and sometimes shares their photos together having a great time. There is no information about his siblings in the media.

Who is Jo Koy’s Father, John C. Herbert?

The name of Jo Koy’s father is John C. Herbert, and he is a white American man who worked in the United States Air Force in the Philippines. Mr. Herbert is only and best known as Jo’s father, and so there is no information about his personal life and family background. Apart from the record that he once worked in the US Air Force, other things he did for a living are not known.

Meanwhile, Jo’s father is infamous for abandoning his wife and three children at the early stage of his marriage. The father of four, without stating any reason, decided to leave his family for another city where he would settle and start a new life.

Jo’s Reunion With His Father

Jo Koy frequently tells the story of how his mother raised him and his three siblings singlehandedly after his father left the family. While speaking at the Fatherly TV show, the comedian opened up that this is the reason he never features his dad in any of his comedy shows. In his words: “It sucks to know that my dad wasn’t there for me all the while.”

In fact, Jo Koy said that he doesn’t know anyone from his father’s family because he left the city along with his family members, including his brothers and grandparents.

However, John Herbert later came back into Jo’s life when he was in college, just after he got into comedy. The father and son currently have a great relationship. As a matter of fact, Jo said that his dad is his biggest fan. “We’ve kissed and hugged and made up and moved forward,” Jo stated.

Reconciling with him during the time he was starting out as a comedian at college, John Herbert was so excited to see that his son was making it in comedy. He has long apologized to Koy for not being there for him earlier. “Jo, I understand. I’m sorry I wasn’t there. But I totally get it. And I don’t want you to feel bad”, he expressed.

Meet Jo Koy’s Mother

The name of Jo Koy’s mother is Josie Harrison, and she was born in 1948, making her 74 years old at the moment. Josie is a citizen of the Philippines and originates from Quezon City. After her husband, Jo’s father, left the family, she took full responsibility for taking care of their three children.

Josie Harrison
Josie Harrison, image source

Being an industrious and supportive mother, Josie had to work two different jobs at a time just to make sure she provided for the needs of her children. At this time, Jo was exceptionally close to his mother, and they shared more time together than his other siblings. Given the kind of bond he shares with his mom, Koy always identifies with being Asian and Filipino than being an American.

More significantly, Jo’s mother was the one that encouraged him to participate in school talent shows and to hold spontaneous performances for his friends. This resulted in the performance in Las Vegas, which inspired his move to Los Angeles, where he would later have his breakout story in 1994.

Interestingly, Jo’s mother has always been an actress in her home country, although she was not known. However, after Jo rose to fame, she started featuring in his comedy shows. Meanwhile, Josie once worked as the host of a radio talk show but is now retired. Jo has, on several occasions, joked about his mom being a DJ on the radio.

Jo Koy Has a Very Close Relationship with his Mother

Koy’s mother was and is still a constant presence in the life of his son, and Jo does not fail to admit this anytime he gets the chance. He credits his comedy, acting talents, and success to his mother, who has also been the major character in most of his standup comedies.

Moreover, Jo said he got his comedy talents from his mom. “My mom is naturally funny. The stories I get to tell are just a bonus,” he said. He also stated that his mom taught him the importance of hard work, which helped him get to the level where he is now.

Jo Koy's parents; mother Josie Harrison
Jo with his mother at his restaurant, image source

Meanwhile, just like a regular parent, Josie wanted his son to go to school, finish, and get a good-paying job. She initially did not want him to be in showbiz. While Jo was supposed to be enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, his mother didn’t know that he was busy pursuing comedy. However, Josie has today become extremely happy and proud of her son. To say the least, she is largely reaping the fruits of her labor.


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