Jennifer Dulos Had Five Children at The Time of Her Disappearance – Get To Know Them

Jennifer Dulos children are five in number and they include three sons named Petros, Theodore, and Constantine, and two daughters called Christiane and Cleopatra Noelle.

Jennifer made headlines around the world when she went missing from New Canaan, Connecticut, in May 2019 and has not been seen again since then. Authorities have concluded that she is dead following some investigation, but her body is yet to be found. She vanished in the middle of a heated divorce and custody battle with her ex-husband, Fotis Dulos.

Jennifer Dulos Was In The Middle Of A Heated Custody Battle When She Disappeared

Jennifer Dulos was married to a man called Fotis Dulos. They got married in August 2004 and at first, things seemed to be perfect between them. However, their relationship eventually faced significant challenges that ultimately led them to decide to part ways in 2017.

However, their split was not a smooth process and this was because it was marred by huge legal disputes as they slammed each other with accusations. Jennifer claimed that Fotis had threatened to harm her and had even bought a gun to try and force her to abide by his terms in the divorce proceedings. But Fotis fired back, claiming that the gun was bought legally for the protection of his home.

Both Jennifer and Fotis filed numerous motions against each other. It was in the middle of all the commotion that was generated by their divorce proceedings that Jennifer Dulos suddenly disappeared.

Jennifer Dulos
Jennifer Dulos and Fotis Dulos

Jennifer was known for her deep and unwavering love for her children. According to those who knew her, she loved her children beyond what words can describe. Her devotion to her kids was said to be a fundamental part of who she was, and it was evident that her role as a mother held profound importance in her life.

As it turns out, the last people Jennifer was publicly seen with before her disappearance were her kids. According to our findings, on the morning of May 24, 2019, she dropped her children off at New Canaan Country School at approximately 8:00 am. It is noteworthy that at the time Jennifer vanished, her five children’s ages ranged from 8 to 13 years old.

Jennifer Dulos’ Children Include Two Sets Of Twins And One Daughter

As we have already explained, Jennifer Dulos and Fotis Dulos became parents to five children during their marriage. All of their children were given names inspired by Greek Orthodox saints. The names of their sons are Petros, Theodore, and Constantine, while their daughters are Christiane and Cleopatra Noelle.

According to our findings, Jennifer Dulos’ children include two sets of twins and one other child making a total of five children.

Jennifer’s First Set Of Twins Are Now 18 Years Old

One of the sets of twins happens to be boys. Reports show that the twin boys are the oldest of Jennifer’s children and they were reportedly born in the year 2006. Details about the exact day and month of their birth remain vague but judging from their year of birth, they are currently about 18 years old.

Despite our investigations, it is tough to point out which of the couple’s three sons (Petros, Theodore, and Constantine) make up the twin boys. This is because very few details about their lives have been individually made public. Their names were released randomly to the public, making it hard to know which of the boys make up the twins.

What is clear is that they were both born in the USA and grew up there. Every other detail about them such as their likes and what schools they attend in the US remain vague. Virtually all the information known about them revolve around their parents’ tragic ending. Hopefully, in the near future, some more details about them would be revealed.

Jennifer Dulos’s Second Set Of Twins Are 15 Years Old

After welcoming her twin sons, Jennifer Dulos and her husband also welcomed another set of twins, this time fraternal twins (a boy and a girl). According to reports, the couple welcomed the fraternal twins in 2009. This means they are about 15 years old at the moment.

Just like the older twin boys, nothing much is known about Jennifer Dulos’ fraternal twin children. They have been heavily protected from media scrutiny to such an extent that virtually nothing personal is known about them apart from when they were born.

But reports say all the Dulos children are being well-taken care of and also go to school like every other normal children, as they continue to heal from the horrible tragedy of their parents’ sad endings.

Jennifer Dulos’s Youngest Child Is A 13-Year-Old Girl

Apart from her two sets of twins, Jennifer Dulos has another child, her fifth child, who is a girl, according to reports. However, it is not clear which of her two daughters – Christiane and Cleopatra Noelle – it is, as her identity has been concealed. What we do know is that she was born in 2011 and is now 13 years old.

Just like her other siblings, very little is known about her at the moment. For the record, very little is known about Jennifer Dulos’ children because their family has made concerted efforts to keep things that way. Due to the sensitive nature of the circumstances surrounding their parents’ marriage, their family has taken great care to shield them from public attention. As a result, their identities, including their faces, have been carefully protected.

The family’s utmost priority has been to safeguard the children from the potentially profound impact of the loss of their parents. Recognizing their vulnerability, the family has taken significant measures to shield them from stigma and any adverse effects associated with the tragic events they have endured.

Currently, very little is known about the children’s current activities or personal details.

Jennifer Dulos
Jennifer Dulos with her five children

Jennifer’s Children Lost Both Their Parents Within The Space Of 8 Months

Jennifer Dulos’ five children have suffered mindblowing, irreparable losses so far in their lives. Apart from their mother, they have also lost their father, Fotis Dulos. According to reports, when Jennifer Dulos disappeared, her ex-husband, Fotis Dulos, became the prime suspect in the eyes of the police. Investigators believed that Fotis had planned an ambush for Jennifer, attacking her when she returned home after dropping off their children at school.

Allegedly, Fotis and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, then drove to Hartford to dispose of garbage bags containing items stained with Jennifer’s blood on the night she went missing. In connection with Jennifer’s disappearance, Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis were initially arrested on charges of tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution.

However, as the investigation progressed, the charges escalated, and Fotis’ attorney, Kent Mawhinney, also faced additional charges related to Jennifer’s murder. The mounting evidence suggested a tragic and sinister turn of events.

Eventually, Fotis was released on $6 million bail, but this was when things took a tragic turn. The man reportedly attempted suicide by gassing himself with carbon monoxide in his Farmington, Connecticut, garage on January 28, 2020. He was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, where he tragically succumbed to death two days later. In a suicide note, Fotis claimed his innocence, denying any involvement in Jennifer’s disappearance.

This unfortunate turn of events meant that Jennifer Dulos’ children faced an unimaginable loss. Within a span of just eight months, they lost both of their parents. Their lives were forever altered, burdened with the weight of grief and the devastating circumstances surrounding their parents’ fates.

The children, already enduring the absence of their mother, now had to grapple with the tragic loss of their father as well. Their young lives were forever marked by the profound impact of these events.

Jennifer Dulos’s Kids Visited Their Father Just Before He Died In Hospital

Interestingly, while their father was battling for his life in the hospital where he was rushed to after his suicide attempt, his children went to see him in his last hours. This encounter took place before he was taken off life support and passed away.

Unfortunately, Fotis, who was 52 years old, did not know his children had come to see him as he was unconscious and on life support at the time. But the children did not mind because they simply wanted to see their father one last time. The visit was planned with the help of hospital workers.

Shortly after their visit, Fotis Dulos’ life support was turned off and he passed away. This visit was significant as it marked the first time the children had seen their father since he was accused of murdering their mother, Jennifer Dulos.

The circumstances surrounding Fotis Dulos’ death further intensified the already complex and emotionally charged situation for the children and their family.

Their Maternal Grandmother Took Them In After Their Mother Disappeared

Following Jennifer Dulos’ mysterious disappearance, her mother, Gloria Farber, stepped in to provide care for her five children who were left without parental support. Reports indicate that Gloria assumed the role of their guardian and has been taking care of them since that fateful day. As their grandmother, she has done well in bringing them up.

Initially, they were put under their grandmother’s care as some sort of temporary custody placement to ensure the children’s well-being. However, as time went on and the circumstances surrounding Jennifer’s case unfolded, the court made a significant decision in favor of Gloria Farber, granting her full custody of the children.

The court ruling acknowledged Gloria Farber’s pivotal role in the children’s lives since Jennifer’s disappearance on May 24, 2019. In their reasoning, the court emphasized that Gloria had acted as a parent figure, providing safety, security, and emotional support to the children during the challenging time.

The court recognized the deep emotional bond between the children and their grandmother, considering it essential for their well-being and growth.

According to the court, the decision to award custody to Gloria Farber was made with the children’s best interests at heart. It believed that uprooting the children from the care of their grandmother, who had assumed the parental role since Jennifer’s disappearance, would be detrimental to their overall well-being. The court recognized the stability and sense of security that the children had found under Gloria’s care.

Fotis Dulos after his arrest

Their Father Left Them Nothing Following His Death

Interestingly, when the father of Jennifer Dulos’ children died, he had very little to his name. In fact, following his death, it was revealed that his estate has been declared insolvent, leaving his creditors, including his mother-in-law, without the possibility of being paid. This unfortunate situation also meat that there will be no money left for his  five children, according to court documents.

Fotis Dulos, who was involved in a contentious divorce and custody battle with Jennifer Dulos before he died, left behind numerous debts and no substantial assets. This financial situation has resulted in a lack of funds available to satisfy the claims of creditors, leaving them with little hope of recovering what they are owed. Ultimately, he left his children with nothing for their upkeep.

Attorney Richard Weinstein, who represented Gloria Farber, Jennifer Dulos’ mother, in two successful lawsuits against Fotis Dulos, expressed his disappointment at being unable to secure a more substantial recovery for the family.

How Are Jennifer Dulos Children Doing Now?

As we have already explained, following Jennifer Dulos’ mysterious disappearance, her mother, Gloria Farber, got full custody of her five children and has been taking care of them ever since. The children are also very fond of her, making it even easier for her to do the work of raising them.

Since the tragedies that hit them following the loss of their parents, Jenifer’s children have begun to move on and adapt to life without their parents. In a statement released around Thanksgiving in 2019, the family expressed gratitude for the children’s well-being, explaining that the children were doing well and that they were coping well with the sad reality of things.

As time passed, the family released another declaration in May 2020, assuring the public that Jennifer’s children were safe and being cared for. It was mentioned that the children bore a strong resemblance to their missing mother, and their connection with her seemed to grow stronger each day even though she was not there with them.

The statement emphasized that Gloria, their grandmother, and guardian, was in good health, which brought relief and gratitude to the family during such a difficult time.

Also, in a statement, Carrie Luft, the family’s representative, reiterated that Jennifer’s children were thriving and doing well under their grandmother’s care. Despite the immense loss they had experienced, Carrie expressed admiration for the children’s resilience in the face of such a terrible event.

However, she also emphasized that even though time has passed, the wounds inflicted by Jennifer’s disappearance and alleged murder have not yet healed as they still keep missing their mother.

At the moment, Jennifer’s children continue to reside with their grandmother in Manhattan. Under Gloria’s nurturing guidance, they are building new traditions and creating positive memories with those who support and care for them. The family remains united in their love for Jennifer and takes solace in celebrating her spirit, ensuring that her memory lives on in the hearts and lives of her beloved children.


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