Is Richard Madden Gay and Does He Have A Wife or Girlfriend?

Richard Madden is not gay, contrary to some speculations making the rounds about his sexuality. Although he is not married and doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend, however, he has been in several heterosexual relationships with women, including actress Jenna Coleman.

Richard Madden has been very quiet about his love life in the past few years, and he has taken some gay roles in the past. The secrecy behind his recent relationships and his gay roles are what have fueled the curiosity of fans on his sexuality. More so, he was once close to Sam Smith’s former gay partner, Brandon Paul Flynn, adding more fuel to the talks about his being gay. However, there is more to what has been speculated.

Is Richard Madden Gay or Bisexual, and Does He Have a Boyfriend?

To the best of public knowledge, Richard Madden is neither gay nor bisexual. While it is known that he is not gay, there is also the belief that he is not bisexual since he has not openly come out to state his sexuality. More so since there is no one linked to him as his boyfriend in the past.

As indicated, one reason why questions persist on his sexuality is because of some gay roles he has taken in the past. He took the gay character of John Reid in the 2019 film Rocketman, as well as the role of Ikaris in the 2021 Disney film Eternals. With the latter, Madden became the very first openly gay character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Aside from this, he was once close friends with Brandon Paul Flynn, who is known to be gay. More than this, the two men once shared an apartment after Madden, who was born in the United Kingdom, moved to the United States to continue with his career.

Richard Madden
Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn (Image Source)

However, their friendship came to an end after Richard refused to answer a question about whether his relationship with Brandon, who once dated Sam Smith, was more than what was seen. The actor stated that he was keeping his personal life private and was not interested in talking about his relationship. The response was said to have angered Brandon, and that led Richard to move out.

Madden would later get very close to Froy Gutierrez, who is also speculated to be gay. While there were rumors that swirled around them, neither the actor nor Froy made any statement in that regard.

Does Richard Madden Have a Wife?

The Game of Thrones actor does not have a wife at the moment, but as stated, he has had some relationships in the past that have lasted more than two years. In the same light, he has never been married in the past and does not have any kids.

There is no record suggesting he has ever come close to getting married in the past. This is because he has never engaged any woman in the past and has never made mention of his desire to settle down at any time.

Who Is Richard Madden’s Girlfriend?

At the moment, it has been speculated that Richard Madden may be single. The actor who took the role of Rob Stark in Game of Thrones has not been linked to any woman in a long while. His last known relationship with any woman was in 2019 when he broke up with his last publicly known girlfriend, Ellie Bamber, whom he dated for two years.

While there is the belief that he is single on the one hand, on another, it is speculated that he decided to keep all his future relationships private following the fallout of his last known relationship.

The actor has built a reputation as a notoriously private individual. He does not share personal details on his social media platforms and has since made it clear that he will not talk about his relationships. Hence, it will hardly be known if he decides to start any relationship.

Richard Madden’s Relationships

The relationship history of Richard Madden has been a rather long and interesting one. The Game of Thrones actor has been linked to several women in the past, including the following:

Ellie Bamber (2017 to 2019)

His last known relationship was with Ellie Bamber whom he had a romance since 2017, when they began dating, until 2019, when they went their separate ways.

Details regarding how they met are not clear, but at the time, the actor was 30 years old while Ellie was 20. The relationship seemed smooth at first, but things continued to deteriorate, and then they reportedly started arguing almost every day. There were talks claiming they tried couples’ therapy, but in the end, they decided to break up after 18 months of dating because there were too many issues on the ground.

Suki Waterhouse (2016)

Before his relationship with Ellie Bamber, Richard Madden was linked to English model and actress Suki Waterhouse towards the end of 2016. The duo was said to have met through a mutual friend, and they easily got connected.

The rumored relationship did not last a long time before they decided that things would not work between them, and that it was better they moved their different paths. They were together for a few brief months.

Laura Whitmore (2016)

2016 was a rather active year for the actor, as before he started his relationship with Suki, he went out with TV presenter Laura Whitmore. It was claimed that they met through other Game of Thrones cast members, including Kit Harington, who is very close to Laura. Richard was stated to be the one keen on dating the TV personality, and he later won her.

Although reports had it that they really liked each other, the relationship did not last a long time before coming to an end. The reason for the breakup was the busy schedule of the couple.

Jenna Coleman (2012 to 2015)

The longest relationship of the actor and one of the earliest on public record is with Jenna Coleman. Madden and the actress were first linked in 2012, but there were no details as regards how they first met and started dating. What is known, however, is that they were still not the global stars they had become a few years later, as they were still struggling actors at the time.

Although the relationship lasted more than three years, there were many issues along the line for the pair before they finally went their ways in 2015. Before then, they were said to have broken up several times, and at a point, Coleman was linked to Prince Harry before she returned to Richard.

Apart from the women above, there was a rumor in 2017 that Richard Madden was in a relationship with television presenter and actress Caroline Flack. There were claims that they were going strong together, but it later came to light that there was nothing romantic between the two.


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