Is Lee Hartley Carter Married?

Lee Hartley Carter is married. She is married to Andrew Stein, who is also known as Drew Stein.

Lee Hartley Carter is well-known as the President of Maslansky + Partners, a language strategy firm. As a highly accomplished professional in her field, Lee Hartley Carter has achieved great success in using communication to shape public opinion and influence political campaigns. She has been focused on her career while maintaining a strong and loving partnership with her husband. Here is what we know about Lee Hartley Carter and her married life.

Is Lee Hartley Carter Married?

Yes, Lee Hartley Carter is married to Andrew Stein, who is also known as Drew Stein. They have been married for the past ten years, as they exchanged wedding vows somewhere in the United States of America in the month of May 2013.

The auspicious event was said to be held in front of their close friends and family members only, but the exact wedding location is not known. After their exclusive wedding ceremony, the then-newly wedded couple had a lovely honeymoon somewhere undisclosed.

In a photo she posted on her Facebook feed, Carter wrote that she had a wonderful day fishing while on her honeymoon. Additionally, she posted another snapshot to the social media platform with the caption, “Last day of our honeymoon. Extra bless, I feel”.

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How Lee Hartley Carter and Her Husband, Andrew Stein, Met

There is limited public information available about Lee Hartley Carter’s personal life. Even though it is known that she is married, details regarding when and how she met her spouse are not readily available. Similarly, the exact date they tied the knot remains undisclosed.

Since she maintains a low-key public presence, it is not surprising that specific details about her wedding, including the date and location, are not widely known. Her focus primarily remains on her work and professional endeavors rather than sharing personal details about her married life.


Who Is Lee Hartley Carter’s Husband?

Lee Hartley Carter is married to an American personality who goes by the name Drew Stein, a graduate of Horace Mann and Northwestern University. Although Drew Stein is married to a popular figure, not much has been revealed about his personal life, including information about his family background and early life. He seems to enjoy living far away from the spotlight his famous wife currently enjoys.

Drew Stein’s personal life may not be out there in the public, but that does not apply to his  career life. According to the information provided by Brand Innovation, Drew is the founder and CEO of Audigent, a leading data activation, curation, and identity platform. The company was established in 2018 and Carter’s husband has been the Chief Product Officer since its creation. Stein is well involved in the corporate world and like his wife, he helped establish companies for which he works for.

A look at Stein’s LinkedIn profile shows that he is part of the founders of DashBid and was a board member in 2010. Although he doesn’t work there anymore, he served the company for nine years and left in December 2018. He has also been involved with The Harriet & Esteban Vicente Foundation where he served and is still serving as Chairman and president until now.

Stein has also been the Executive Producer and Founder of The Station Media, another company he helped establish in January 2003. He currently works at Audigent and he is one of the founding members of the company. He joined the organization with more than 15 years of experience in executive leadership and product experience.

Lee Hartley Carter And Andrew Stein Are Happily Married With Two Kids

Lee Hartley and her husband, Andrew, are proud parents of two beautiful kids. They have a daughter whose name is Madeleine. Madeleine was born on April 02, 2019, in the city of New York, and is 5 years old. She is the only child the couple share together.

Lee is also a stepmother to Jackson, Andrew’s son from his previous marriage. Not much is known about him, including information regarding when and where he was born, and how old he is. In the same manner, Andrew Stein, has not revealed details about his last marriage.

So, detailed information regarding who his ex-wife is, how they met, when they got married, and how long they were married has not been disclosed. Also it’s not known when they got divorced and the reason for it. Regardless of the circumstances of their past, Carter has a loving relationship with her stepson, Jackson.

She has expressed her affection for her stepson and husband and often shares pictures of them together. She also frequently posts pictures of her family on her Instagram page. Her stepson, daughter, and husband, Stein, are often shown in some of her photos.


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