Is Joe Keery Gay and Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Joe Keery is not gay. He is a heterosexual man currently dating his girlfriend, Maika Monroe. The duo have been together since 2017, but Joe kept the details of their relationship hidden.

However, in 2021, he disclosed that they are actually in a relationship, but that has not stopped the rumors about him being gay. The gay rumors about him arose from his perfect portrayal of Steve Harrington, a gay character on the Netflix science fiction series titled Stranger Things, which has been running from 2016 to date. And in addition to playing a gay character, for a long time, he kept details of his relationship hidden. Be that as it may, there’s more to his relationship life.

Is Joe Keery Gay?

Joe Keery is not gay, nor is he bisexual; instead, he is a straight man and has been so for a long time. Though he has severally spoken kindly of his Stranger Things gay character, Steve, and also acknowledged the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community, he has not discretely or openly admitted to actually being gay off-screen.

The American actor and musician has also not condemned the LGBTQ community in any way; apparently, he seems to have a huge fan base among them for obvious reasons. Joe’s heterosexual status has, however, come off as disappointing to some gay people and advocates of the LGBTQ community. But be that as it may, Joe has many beautiful things going on in his relationship life.

Joe Keery’s Relationship

Joe Keery is in a relationship with a lady named Maika Monroe. Maika is an American professional kiteboarder and actress born to Dixie Monroe and Jack Monroe on May 29, 1993, in Santa Barbara, California, the United States of America.

Is Joe Keery Gay and Does He Have a Girlfriend?

image sourceMaika Monroe and Joe Keery got to know each other in 2017 when they both attended a party in Los Angeles, California. As fate would have it, they both worked on a 2017 film titled After Everything. Their relationship grew further and became public when they made a public appearance in Stranger Things season 2 premiere.

From then onward, the duo have not left each other’s side nor allowed any controversies to come between them. They have consistently attended red-carpet events together and also contributed meaningfully to the growth of each other’s careers. Sometime in August 2020, Maika photographed her boo in a bathtub for a magazine project and afterward shared the pictures on her Instagram page. As expected, this attracted lots of admiration for his boyfriend from her fans.

Who is Joe Keery Dating? 

Joe Keery is currently dating Maika Monroe, whom he has been with since 2017. There are no records of him having dated any other woman, nor has there been any publicly known scandal about his relationship with Maika.

However, in 2022, rumors began that the two may have broken up. They were last seen together attending a public function on March 27, 2022. In like manner, Keery was also accused of being absent at Maika’s birthday on May 29 and missing at the Chicago Lollapalooza annual American four-day music festival, which Joe attended and performed in.

But regardless of all these, there has been no personal report from either Joe or Maika that they have split up. Therefore, it is believed that they are still dating but chose to shield their relationship from the media for the time being.

Is Joe Keery Married or Single?

Joe Keery is still single and not yet married, though he is known to have been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Maika Monroe, since 2017. Before his relationship with Maika, he had not been previously married, and the same goes for Maika. So, should the two decide to tie the marriage knot anytime soon, it will be their very first marriage and maybe the only one that will be.


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