Does Nathan Fillion Have a Wife? A Look at His Relationship and Dating History

Nathan Fillion does not have a wife at the moment and he doesn’t have a girlfriend. The 53-year-old Canadian American actor has never been married but has been in many relationships in the past, including with women such as Vanessa Marcil, whom he once came close to marrying, and Mikaela Hoover, whom he also engaged after a whirlwind romance.

The actor once revealed that his past lovers told him he was pretty much unlucky when it comes to love. This is because a majority of his relationships came to an end after only a year while a few others spanned for up to five years before they ended. Whatever the case, there has been a rumor that he has a daughter from one of his past relationships. Here is a look at his past love life and the truth about his alleged child.

Nathan Fillion Does Not Have a Wife

Considering his age (53), one would easily expect that Nathan is either married or has been married in the past, but this is not so. The actor does not have a wife and he has never been married at any point in his life thus far.

He has been very active in the department of love and relationships but none of this has translated to anything more than an engagement. Fillion came close to getting married more than once in the past. The first time he was engaged was in the early 1990s when he asked actress Vanessa Marcil to be his wife. Although she agreed and it seemed as though they had started preparing for the big day, things came to a shocking end less than a year later.

Kate Luyben became the next woman he allegedly almost took to the altar when he engaged her in 2012, but again, things didn’t turn out so well and they called it off.

The next time he engaged anyone was in 2013 when he asked Mikaela Hoover to be his wife. Just as it was the first time, she agreed but that also ended in disappointment as they went their separate ways not long after the engagement. More than a decade later, the actor has not come close to getting married ever again.

More so, he has not made any revelations on whether he has a serious knack for getting married or if he sees it as just one of those things.

Is Nathan Fillion In A Relationship At The Moment?

Of late, there has been the belief in some quarters that the actor is dating the Rookie producer, Michelle Chapman. This is due to the closeness that they maintain. The two have a great friendship and they always share photos of each other on their social media pages. In spite of all these, it has been made known that there is actually nothing going on between them apart from the fact that they are great friends and she is his manager.

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Hence, apart from their friendship and professional relationship, there is no indication that the actor is in a relationship right now, as far as public records are concerned. Fillion is known to be a private individual when it comes to his personal dealings, but various reports have held that he has not been in any relationship for quite a while.

Going by the records of Whosdatedwho, the actor’s last known relationship came to an end in 2020 after his relationship with Krista Allen ended. While it is possible that after this he might have gotten into one other relationship or more, none has been serious enough to draw any attention and none has stood the test of time.

Nathan Fillion’s Past Relationships

As indicated, Nathan Fillion has been in more than a couple of relationships in the past, which have all suffered the same end. A majority of his relationships were with fellow actors and according to him, they did not end in a toxic manner. In fact, he still maintains a great relationship with a majority of his exes. Here are some of the known ex-girlfriends of Nathan Fillion:

Krista Allen Is The Last Known Woman Nathan Fillion Dated

The most recent known relationship of Nathan Fillion was with actress, model, and stand-up comedian, Krista Allen. The couple was said to have first met on the set of Castle when the Baywatch actress made a brief appearance. They began their relationship in 2015 and things seemed to be good for the next five years before it came to an end in 2020.

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When they started dating, Krista was already 44 years old and Nathan was 41. More so, the actress who has also dated other famous individuals in Hollywood, including George Clooney, was already married and divorced twice.  Both her previous marriages lasted less than 3 years before ending. Her first marriage was to film producer, Justin Moritt and it lasted from 1996 until 1999. She did not remarry until 2010 when she married British promoter Mams Taylor from 2010 to 2012.

It was three years after her second divorce that Krista dated Fillion. The exact reason why their relationship came to an end is not known but they are not on bad terms.

Mikaela Hoover Was Once Engaged To Nathan Fillion

Before Krista, the woman that was Nathan Fillion’s girlfriend was the much younger actress, Mikaela Hoover. They got into a relationship in 2013 and were only together for less than a year before they separated. The actress was 29 when they started dating and the actor was 42.

Although it is not clear how they met, it is believed that it could well be on the set of the 2014 film, Guardians of the Galaxy in which both of them took part. As stated, they got engaged a few months into their relationship but did not make it to the aisle as they ended the engagement not too long afterward and the relationship came to an end. The reason why their whirlwind relationship came to an end was never made known.

Cristina Ochoa Lopez Was Nathan Fillion’s Girlfriend For Less Than A Year

Cristina Ochoa Lopez is yet another woman linked to the talented actor. Details about this relationship are not very available but the report claim that Fillion and Ochoa were a couple sometime between 2014 and 2015. While there is so much uncertainty about this relationship, it coincided with the same period that the actor was said to be in a relationship with Mikaela.

Whatever the case might be, Christina is also an actress just like most other past lovers of the famous actor. She was 28 years old when they were first linked and he was 42. How the couple met was never made known, nether was it known how the relationship came to an end.

Kate Luyben Once Dated And Was Engaged To The Actor

Yet another woman who has been linked to Nathan Fillion is Kate Luyben who is also an actress, even though she is not as famous as his other girlfriends. Of Canadian nationality, she was born in 1972 and has become famous for many films, including Intolerable Cruelty (2003) and The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005).

Kate Luyben and Nathan Fillion started their relationship in 2010. Although it is not clear when they first met and the circumstances of how they started dating, it is known that apart from the fact that they are in the same industry, they were also both born in Canada which might have created mutual avenues for them to meet.

They were both 39 when they started dating and by all indications, they seemed to be happy at first, attending various events together and often seen in public. It is not known if they were ever engaged but the photo-sharing platform, Alamy, once described Kate as the fiance of Nathan Fillion.

The relationship sustained until 2012 when it finally came to an end. The circumstances under which the relationship ended are not known.

Felicia Day Is Rumored To Have Had The Actor’s Child

Felicia Day is the next woman that was linked to the actor. Unsurprisingly, Felicia does not fall out of the line of women that Nathan has dated in the past as she is also an actress. It is not clear when the two started their relationship but according to some sources, it may be in 2009, shortly after his relationship with Perrey Reeves came to an end.

Before they started dating, Felicia who is now 54 years old and the 53 years old actor appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2003 together. They were said to have maintained a great friendship since then.

A year before they were rumored to have started dating, they appeared together on the 2008 musical comedy-drama miniseries, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Although neither of the actors came forward to give credence or deny the reports that they were dating at the time, there were various photos of them together on social media which seemed to settle it for many.

Their rumored relationship did not last very long as it allegedly came to an end in 2010 and then he proceeded to date Kate Luyben. The end of the relationship was also as mysterious as it started, hence what might have led to the demise of the relationship is unknown.

In 2017, Felicia Day welcomed her daughter, Calliope Maeve Day. She kept pretty much everything about their child, including her pregnancy away from the public. More so, after the birth of the baby in January 2017, she announced her arrival on Twitter but has not said anything about who the father of the baby may be 7 years after her birth.

This has got many speculating who the father might be and although she and Nathan had ended their rumored relationship several years prior, there are those who are still of the belief that he might as well be the father, including on Reddit. However, this is clearly unlikely as the actress once revealed she had been in a long-term relationship which she wanted to keep private while Nathan has also dated several other women since they went their separate ways.

Nathan Fillion’s Longest Relationship Was With Perrey Reeves

Apart from his time with Krista Allen which went from 2015 until 2020, the longest love story of Nathan was with yet another actress, Perrey Reeves who is famous for her roles in Entourage and Old School. It is not clear how they first met and fell in love, but being both actors in Hollywood, it is possible that it was through industry engagements that they met.

Perrey and Nathan began their relationship in 2004 when they were both 33 years old. The 6 foot 1 actor and 5 feet 5 actress remained together until 2004 when the relationship came to an end.

For a relationship that lasted this long, it is surprising to fans that it ended as quietly as it began. It is because of this that it remains unclear what led to the end of the relationship, even though just as it is with most of the former girlfriends of the Canadian-American actor, there is no bad blood between them.

Vanessa Marcil was One of His Most Serious Relationships

Among the women that Nathan Fillion dated, his love story with Vanessa Marcil still remains one of the most known even though the two dated more than three decades ago. The pair began dating in 1995 when the actress was 27 years old while Nathan was only 24.

It was never revealed how The Rookie actor and the General Hospital actress met and fell in love. For the better part, their relationship was a happy one that after only eight months, Nathan decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with the actress and so they got engaged. This was the first time the actor would engage anyone and Vanessa agreed.

However, only six months later, they reconsidered their intentions to get married and that led to them calling off the engagement and the relationship also ended in 1996. According to Vanessa, this was a very hard time for her because not only was she seeing her relationship coming to an end, but she had also just lost two friends to drugs.

Nathan did not leave his ex-fiancee during her difficult times even though they had already broken up. In an interview, Vanessa stated that the actor was there for her, even though it was still not easy. Many years after the demise of their relationship, the pair still remained close friends. The reason behind the end of their relationship was said to be long distance; while she was working mostly in North Carolina, Nathan was in New York.


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