Complete List of Nick Cannon’s Wives, Baby Mamas and Girlfriends

Nick Cannon’s wife was Mariah Carey whom he married and later divorced. Besides her, Nick has had five baby mamas: Brittany Bell, Abby De La Rosa, Alyssa Scott, LaNisha Cole, and Bre Tiesi, whom he is currently dating.

The famous American TV host, actor, comedian, and rapper is known for his achievements in the entertainment industry. He is also well-recognized for his involvement with several women and has raised eyebrows in recent times with the number of children he has fathered.

Timeline of Key Events

Year Event
1980 Nick Cannon was born on October 8, in San Diego, California.
2008 Married singer Mariah Carey on April 30.
2011 Twins Moroccan and Monroe were born on April 30, to Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey.
2014 Cannon and Carey separated.
2016 The divorce between Cannon and Carey was finalized.
2017 Son Golden “Sagon” Cannon was born on February 21, to Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell.
2020 Daughter Powerful Queen Cannon was born to Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell in December.
2021 Twins Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon were born to Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa in June.
2021 Son Zen Cannon was born to Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott in June. Sadly, Zen passed away in December 2021.
2021 Son Legendary Love Cannon was born to Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi.
2022 Daughter Onyx Ice Cole Cannon was born to Nick Cannon and LaNisha Cole.
2022 Daughter Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon was born to Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa.
Ongoing Continues to expand his career in entertainment and television while managing his growing family.

Is Nick Cannon Married?

Nick Cannon is not currently married. However, he was previously married to Mariah Carey, a 54 year-old American singer, songwriter, record producer, and author. The duo married on 30th April 2008, in a public ceremony at Marie’s private estate in the Bahamas.

Their wedding drew massive publicity not just because of their celebrity status but also because of the huge age difference between them; Mariah is over a decade older than Nick. Again, fans considered that their decision to get married was relatively fast, considering that they had just met barely two months before then.

Cannon and Carey met for the first time at the Teen Choice Award in 2005. However, they didn’t start dating until 2008, after Nick was cast as Mariah’s love interest in her music video Bye Bye.

The couple renewed their wedding vows in April 2010 at Disneyland in a Cideralla-inspired ceremony. On 30th April 2011, which was their third anniversary, they welcomed a set of fraternal twins; a son and a daughter named Moroccan and Monroe. The couple had their marriage going smoothly for a while, but sadly, renewing their marital vows couldn’t save their marriage when trouble came into paradise.

After six years of marriage, precisely in December 2014, they called it quits and separated. Their divorce was finalized in 2016, and Cannon was the one who filed for a divorce. In her Memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, published in 2020, the singer spoke about her divorce from Nick Cannon.

According to Carey, their extremely busy schedules and media popularity were the significant factors that led to the crash of their marriage. Since their divorce, the former husband and wife have continued to be doting parents to their kids.

Although they have since moved on with their love lives respectively, the ex-couple maintains a cordial relationship and respect for each other. While Cannon has since dated a lot of women and also has children with some, Carey is reportedly in a relationship with Bryan Tanaka, a creative director, choreographer, and professional dancer.

Who is Nick Cannon Dating?

Nick Cannon is currently dating Bre Tiesi, an American model, real estate model, fitness influencer, and vlogger. Bre was previously married to Johnny Maziel, a former American football quarterback nicknamed Money Manziel and Johnny Football. The duo were married from 2018 to 2021 before parting ways.

According to records, Bre and Cannon had known each other for almost a decade before they started dating. They kept in touch while Tiesi was married and were able to start dating after the marriage fell apart.

Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi’s Relationship

Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi started dating after her marriage to Manziel ended. The public didn’t exactly keep tabs with their relationship until they announced they were expecting a baby via a gender reveal party where they revealed they are having a boy. According to the model, she and Cannon have had on-and-off for years. The couple, since the announcement, remained closer, with Bre appearing in several episodes of his Wild ’N Out series.

Their baby, a boy Legendary Cannon arrived in July 2022. While the drumline star and Tiesi are committed to raising their child together, they are not in a traditional monogamous relationship. “…everything is honest. We don’t really define it”, Tiesi explained during an appearance on the “Know For Sure” podcast in June 2022.

Nick Cannon Baby Mama Timeline

Besides his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, who had two kids with him, Nick Cannon has five baby mamas thus far, and they are Brittany Bell, Abby de la Rosa, Alyssa Scott, Bre Ties, and LaNisha Cole.

Brittany Bell 

Brittany Bell is Nick Cannon’s first baby mama. Currently 35 years old, Brittany Bell is an American model, dancer, and former beauty pageant queen. She was formerly Miss Arizona, United States, and Miss Guam 2014. Cannon and Bell reportedly met in 2016, the same year he finalized his divorce processes.

They started dating from then, but their relationship was on and off until they welcomed their son Golden Cannon in February 2017. After their son’s birth, they broke up for good. But, even after they announced their breakup, people continued to see them together on an occasional basis. In July 2020, Cannon shocked his fans with the news that he was expecting a second child with Bell.

In December 2020, the couple welcomed a daughter named Powerful Queen Cannon. Again, Bell and Cannon, on 23rd September 2022, welcomed yet another child, their third baby together; a son named Rise Messiah. Although they seem not to be in a relationship any longer, Bell and Cannon keep a good friendship and co-parent their three children in amicable ways.

Abby De La Rosa

Abby De La Rosa is an American DJ, voice-over artist, model, presenter, and social media influencer. Though it was not revealed how Abby and Nick met, the model said that they had known each other for a while before officially connecting in 2019. According to her, she first met the Masked Singer host while she was a personality on one of L.A.’s hottest hip-hop stations.

Details of their relationship from 2019 were not apparent to the public until June 2021, when they welcomed their first children, twin boys named Zion and Zillion, which is Cannon’s second set of twins. Rosa and Nick remained together and celebrated their twins’ first birthday at Disneyland. In June 2022, the model announced that she was expecting baby No 3.

Abby De La Rosa constantly makes posts on Instagram thanking Nick for being a fantastic father to their children and expressing how grateful she is for him. On 11th November 2022, the pair welcomed their third child together; a daughter named Beautiful Zeppelin. Nick penned a heartwarming open letter on Instagram for Abby which partly reads;

“Watching you smile through the world’s madness and my constant craziness is so impressive; you are the definition of steadfast and virtuous…” The Gigolo rapper went on to express his gratitude for Abby’s care, words of affirmation, kindness, and inspiration, and said that he had taken it as a duty to always make her and their children feel valued and protected.

Other than amicably raising their children together, the exact relationship status of Abby De La Rosa and Nick Cannon is not explicitly defined.

Alyssa Scott

Alyssa Scott is an American model and social media star who also makes the list of women that has children with Nick Cannon. Nothing much is known about Cannon’s relationship with Alyssa, including when they started dating. Information about them being together only became public knowledge following the announcement Nick made in January 2021 that he is expecting a baby with her, sharing her nude maternity photo shoot.

Five months later, in June, they welcomed their baby boy and named him Zen S. Cannon. Zen shared his birthday month with his half-siblings Zion and Zillion, the twins Cannon had with Abby De La Rosa. Unfortunately, Zen died on 5th December 2021 at 5 months old as a result of a brain tumor. Cannon confirmed his death in an Instagram post where he praised Scott for being the strongest woman he’s ever seen amid their son’s health crisis.

In November 2022, Alyssa confirmed that she and Cannon are expecting another child together by sharing photos of her pregnancy shoot. The baby, a daughter named Halo Marie, arrived on 14th December 2022. Though they never stated they are in a relationship, Nick and Alyssa have maintained a long connection and co-parented their daughter.

LaNisha Cole

LaNisha Cole is a 42-year-old American model most recognized for her eighth seasons (2003–2010) as a rotating model on the daily game show The Price Is Right. Rumors about her relationship with Cannon first surfaced in 2017, but they split after a few months and then came back together again in 2020.

At this time, they were both subjects of controversy as the singer was with two other women, Brittany Bell, and Abby De La Rosa. They were both off and on again until they welcomed a daughter Onyx in September 2022, after which they called it quits. In December 2022, Cole called out Nick for demonstrating “fake IG photo op love” with his children and their IG mothers.

She also made a cryptic post about overcoming a toxic relationship, but Bre took to her Instagram to defend Cannon, gushing about how great of a dad he is to his children. “Nick always shows up! Always [a] present, happy, consistent, loving parent and an even better person…” Tiesi wrote.

Nick Cannon was Previously Engaged to Selita Ebanks 

Selita Ebanks is a Victoria Secret model born on 11th February 1983. She and Cannon dated before he married his ex-wife Marie Carey. The two met in February 2007 at the Super Bowl party and started seeing each other. Cannon once revealed that Ebanks was a fantastic person who changed him for good and gave him enough reasons to become a faithful man.

Three months into their relationship, Nick proposed to her, and they got engaged. Their engagement party literary made waves as Nick asked her to marry him with the help of a jumbotron. In the following month, in August, Cannon made some revelations about their wedding plans. However, they called off the engagement four months later, in November 2017.

In an interview, the model explained that they both decided to take a break and focus on their career but remain best of friends and love each other. Selita further stated that their young age could have contributed to the reason they called off their engagement.

Nick Cannon’s Other Relationships

Well known for his dating history, Nick Canon has, over the years, been with many women ranging from actresses, models, reality TV stars, and singers and fathering several kids with most of them. His most high-profile relationship was with his ex-wife Mariah Cary, an iconic musician.

But, apart from his ex-wife and baby mamas, Cannon has also been romantically linked with some of the best-looking women in Hollywood who did not have any child for him. Some of these women include Kim Kardashian, Christina Millan, Jessica White, Nicole Scherzinger, and Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas, among others.

To date, it is hard to think of a time Nick Cannon is not dating or romantically linked to a woman or even two at the same time. He also had dalliances with a few other women while keeping severe dates with the ones discussed above.

How Many Children Does Nick Cannon Have?

Nick Cannon has 12 surviving children (7 sons and 5 daughters). The rapper, with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, welcomed his two children, a set of twins, Monroe and Moroccan, on 30th April 2011. Monroe and Moroccan are both 12 years old now. Monroe is reportedly a child model and had her modeling debut in OshKosh B’gosh, a video for American children’s apparel brand.

On 21st February 2017, Nick welcomed his third child and first, Golden Sagon, with Brittany Bell. The two welcomed their second child together, Powerful Queen, in December 2020. Again, on 23rd September 2022, they welcomed yet another child, their third baby together; a son named Rise Messiah. Golden, Powerful, and Rise are now 7, 3, and 1 years old, respectively.

Nick Cannon had his sixth and seventh child, a set of twin boys- Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with Abby De La Rosa. They were born on 14th June 2021 and are currently 2 years old. On the 5th of August 2021, Cannon had his eighth child Zen born to him by Alyssa Scott. However, the baby would eventually die after four months.

Zen passed away on 5th December 2021 following a diagnosis of a brain tumor. The comedian announced the news of his son’s demise on his talk show. Nick Cannon welcomed his ninth child Legendary with Brei Tiesi in July 2022. His tenth child, a daughter named Onyx, whom he had with LaNisha Cole, was born in September 2022.

The TV host had his eleventh child and third Beautiful Zeppelin with Abby De La Rosa on 11th November 2022. Last but not least yet, Cannon had his twelfth child, Halo Marie, with Alyssa Scott. Halo was born on 14th December 2022. Notably, the rapper seems to be in a good relationship with all his baby mamas. And all the baby mamas have custody of their children, and Cannon regularly makes out time to spend with each of them.

Complete List of Nick Cannon’s Children and their Mothers

S/N Names Gender Age Mother
1. Monroe Cannon Female 12 years old Mariah Carey
2. Moroccan Cannon Male 12 years old Mariah Carey
3. Golden Sagon Male 7 years old Brittany Bell
4. Powerful Queen Female 3 years old Brittany Bell
5. Zion Mixolydian Male 2 years old Abby De La Rosa
6. Zillion Heir Male 2 years old Abby De La Rosa
7. Zen Cannon Male Late Alyssa Scott
8. Legendary Cannon Male 1 years old Bre Tiesi
9. Onyx Female 3 years old LiNisha Cole
10. Rise Messiah Male 1 years old Brittany Bell
11. Beautiful Zeppelin Female 1 years old Abby De La Rosa
12. Halo Marie Female 1 years old Alyssa Scott



Who is Nick Cannon’s Wife?

Nick Cannon does not currently have a wife but he was previously married to Mariah Carey from 2008 to 2016.

Who is Nick Cannon’s Girlfriend?

Nick Cannon’s girlfriend is Bre Tiesi, an American model, real estate agent and social media personality. The duo are in a nonmonogamous relationship.

Who is Nick Cannon’s Baby Mama?

Nick Cannon’s baby mamas are Brittany Bell, Abby De La Rosa, Alyssa Scott, LaNisha Cole, and Bre Tiesi.

Is Bre Nick Cannon’s Baby Mama? 

Bre Tiesi is one of Nick Cannon’s five baby mamas. The couple, who are now dating, had their child in 2022.

How Many Times has Nick Cannon been Married?

Nick Cannon has been married once. His only marriage was to Mariah Carey from 2008 to 2016.

How old was Nick Cannon when he Married Mariah Carey?

Nick Cannon was 28 years old when he married 39-year-old Mariah Carey in 2008.

How many Women does Nick Cannon have Kids With?

NickCannon has kids with six different women. They are Mariah Carey, Brittany Bell, Abby De La Rosa, Alyssa Scott, LaNisha Cole, and Bre Tiesi.

How many Baby Mamas does Nick Cannon Have?

Nick Cannon has five baby mamas. They are Brittany Bell, Abby De La Rosa, Alyssa Scott, LaNisha Cole, and Bre Tiesi.


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