Chrisean Rock Siblings: Meet Her Brothers, Sisters and Family

Chrisean Rock’s siblings are 11 in number and include Terence Dorsey, Unique Dorsey, Sierra Dorsey, Terine Malone, Eugene Malone, Tessa Manning Malone, Obadiah Malone, Latifa Malone, Chastity Malone, and Petey Tucker. 

Popular rapper and social media personality Chrisean Rock’s siblings are enough to make up a soccer team. She has a total of eleven siblings: four brothers and seven sisters. Get to know more about each individual here.

Chrisean Rock Has a Total of 11 Siblings

Chrisean Rock’s mom Charla has twelve children, of which Chrisean is the eleventh child. However, not all children share the same father. Charla had three of her kids with a former partner before getting together with Chrisean Rock’s father Eugene Arthur Malone.

She also has a child with Rufus Tucker. So Chrisean has seven biological siblings and four half-siblings. Her half-siblings are Terence Dorsey, Unique Dorsey, Sierra Dorsey, and Petey Tucker. The rest make up the Malone clan.

Chrisean Rock’s Brothers

As mentioned earlier Chrisean Rock has four brothers; half-brother Terence Dorsey, Eugene Malone, Obadiah Malone, and half-brother Petey Tucker. Let’s meet them;

 Terence Dorsey

  •  Date of birth: 8 August 1981
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Occupation: Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker

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Terence Dorsey was born on 8 August 1981. He is the first child of Charla Tucker Malone and her former partner. He is, therefore, the eldest of Chrisean’s siblings as well as her half-brother. Terry, as he is often called, is currently 42 years old.

During his high school and college years, he actively played lacrosse. However, he is now an author, editor, and motivational speaker. He is also a publisher at Steel Publishing Group LLC. As a published author, he has two books under his name; Purpose of Life, My Testimony and A Steel 22 Life.

Terence Dorsey is also a father. He has a daughter with an ex-girlfriend. His latest relationship is with his current girlfriend Joelle Claudia Thomas. The pair began dating in 2020. Terry Dorsey is a Christian and enjoys exercising, especially running.

As for his relationship with his famous younger sister, there is no reason to suspect that there is bad blood between them. Both parties maintain a low profile on their private affairs.

Eugene Malone

  • Date of birth: 21 December 1987
  • Age: 35 years old
  • Occupation: None (Incarcerated)

Eugene Malone, fondly known as Gene, was born on 21 December 1987. He is Chrisean Rock’s second eldest male sibling and the first to share the same parents with her. Eugene, who shares the same name as their father, is currently 35 years old.

Eugene Malone is incarcerated at the moment. According to their eldest brother, he will be released in 2038. Because of his life behind bars, there isn’t enough information on him on social media. However, he has a son named Malachi and an estranged daughter.

Obadiah Malone

  • Date of birth: 21 September 1991
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Occupation: None (Incarcerated) 

Obadiah Malone, also known as Kookie, is Chrisean Rock’s third brother. He was born on 21 September 1991, and as such, he is currently 32 years old.

On 27 December 2022, Obadiah was arrested on charges of attempted first-degree murder. He was allegedly involved in the shooting of a 39-year-old man on 10 October 2022 in the Southwest Baltimore area. As for his relationship with Chrisean, the pair are quite close, with Obadiah being the protective older brother.

Petey Tucker 

  • Occupation: Athlete (footballer)

Petey Tucker is the baby of the house. He is Chrisean Rock’s twelfth sibling and youngest brother. Petey was born to mom Charla and dad Rufus Tucker. Petey attended DeMatha Catholic High School. He began pursuing a career in football at a young age with encouragement from their eldest brother Terrence. Petey and his sister Chrisean were practically raised by Terence.

Petey Tucker currently attends Lackawanna College, where he also plays college football. He has a daughter Mirie with his baby mama. He also has a Youtube channel where he posts family vlogs. He hangs out a lot with Chrisean for musical shows or just spending quality time together.

Meet Chrisean Rock’s Sisters

Chrisean’s seven sisters are Unique Dorsey, Sierra Dorsey, Terine Malone, Tessa Manning Malone, Latifa Malone, and Chastity Malone. Let’s meet the girls;

Unique Dorsey

  • Occupation: Beautician 

Unique Dorsey is the elder half-sister of Chrisean. She was born as the daughter of Charla and is the step-child of Eugene. According to her Facebook account, she attended Arundel High School in Gambrills, Maryland.

Unique is a beautician and has been working with The Hair Lounge Salon since October 2021. She is a single mom of two. However, she is currently in a relationship. Further info on her is quite sketchy, and her Instagram account is set to private.

Sierra Dorsey

Sierra Dorsey is Chrisean Rock’s half-sister, born to her mom Charla and an ex-partner. Unfortunately, there is no information available on Sierra Dorsey’s private life at the moment. She is presumably living away from the limelight.

Terine Malone

  • Date of birth: 10 February 1987
  • Age: 36 years old

Terine Malone was born on 10 February 1987 to Charla and Eugene Malone. She is the couple’s first child together. She is currently 36 years old. Terine Malone lives a very private life, so there is not a lot of information on her on social media. However, she is a mother of five.

Tessa Manning Malone

  • Date of birth: 10 January 1990
  • Age: 33 years old
  • Occupation: Chef

Tessa Manning Malone was born on 10 January 1990. She is one of Chrisean’s biological elder sisters, as they share the same parents. Tessa is currently 33 years old.

Tessa took after their father as a chef. She specializes in soul food, and her Instagram account is filled with mouth-watering delicacies. Tessa has been married since April 2006, and she is a mother of six children.

Latifa Malone

  • Date of birth: 29 May 1993
  • Age: 30 year old
  • Occupation: Musician

Latifa Malone was born on 29 May 1993 and is currently age dob=”19930529″] years old. Just like Chrisean, she is in the entertainment business. Latifa is a musical artist by the name of Tesehki. Although she is still an aspiring artist, she has some notable songs to her name, like; Everyday Black Girl, Thinking Bout You, I Need Love, Toxic, Right Back, etc.

Latifa also has a little acting gig going on. She has appeared in productions like Check Please and alongside her younger sister Chrisean in Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love (2022). As expected, she and Chrisean are very close.

Chastity Malone

  • Date of birth: 27 October 1994
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Occupation: Freelancer 

The last sister amongst Chrisean Rock’s siblings is Chasity Luella Malone, who was born on 27 October 1994 to her mother, Charla, and father, Eugene Malone. She is currently a 28 years old mother of two. She is incarcerated at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women. But she will be out sometime in 2023.


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