Bre Tiesi Ethnicity: Tracing the Ancestry of Nick Cannon’s Baby Mama

Bre Tiesi’s ethnicity is Caucasian; she has German, Italian, Scottish, and English ancestry. However, she is of American nationality and was born in Calabasas, California.

Bre Tiesi is an actress, model, and real estate agent who gained popularity after she welcomed a son with Nick Cannon. The 33-year-old celebrity describes herself as a “Sicilian princess” on Instagram. Below is a detailed account of her ethnicity, including her racial background, her life, and her parents.

What Is Bre Tiesi’s Ethnic Background?

Bre Tiesi is of Caucasian ethnicity. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 4, 1991, and comes from a family with Italian, German, Scottish, and English roots. This makes her ancestry mixed from different ethnic origins; However, she is generally considered white, with a European heritage.

Although her birth name is Breana Falon Tiesi, Bre is professionally known as Bre Tiesi. Meanwhile, on Instagram, she refers to herself as the “Sicilian Princess,” highlighting her family’s connection to Sicily, Italy’s largest island in the Mediterranean.

The 33-year-old media personality, who has caught the attention of many, has become well-known for her attractive appearance and luxurious lifestyle. Tiesi has made a name for herself in the entertainment world. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Tiesi has been passionate about fashion and beauty from a young age. She has always dreamed of building a career in the modeling industry. Thanks to her striking looks and tall, slender figure, she has attracted attention from modeling agencies and photographers.

Bre Tiesi became famous by gaining many followers on social media, especially Instagram. She shared posts about her fitness progress, fashionable outfits, and fancy trips, which attracted more and more people. Her social media fame helped her enter the fashion and beauty world. She got opportunities to work with well-known brands and be part of important photo shoots.

What is Bre Tiesi’s Nationality?

Bre Tiesi is an American by nationality. She was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America, making her a proud citizen of the country.

Being born in the United States, Tiesi has been exposed to the diverse cultural landscape and has had access to various resources that have contributed to her growth and success. While her nationality signifies her being a citizen of the United States, her career has taken her beyond national borders, globally reaching a diverse audience through social media and modeling.

Bre Tiesi’s Education and Career Progression

Regarding her educational background, Bre Tiesi received her education from Agoura High School in California and pursued dance lessons during that time. After completing high school, she began her career as a model. 

Bre stands at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 115 pounds. She has black hair accompanied by a set of hazel eyes. Her body measurements are 32-24-34 inches. She collaborated with various American magazines and brands like Loaded,, Playboy, and others. Bre also worked at Enrique Models for two years and later became a real estate agent at Keller Williams Beverly Hills.

Besides modeling, she is also into acting and has appeared in music videos for well-known artists. Bre began her acting career in 2011 when she featured in the television series MMAthletics. She also featured in three episodes of the television series Entertainment Tonight. 

In 2011, Bre Tiesi started acting in the TV series MMAthletics. She also showed up in three episodes of Entertainment Tonight. Her on-screen talent and natural charm got her noticed beyond social media. Bre’s estimated net worth is around $3 million, earned from her various careers of acting, endorsing brands, modeling, and working as a realtor.

Who Are Bre Tiesi’s Parents?

Bre Tiesi parents: Debra Tiesi and John David Gregory
image source – Bre Tiesi parents: Debra Tiesi and John David Gregory

Bre Tiesi’s parents are Debra Tiesi and John David Gregory, her stepdad. Bre Tiesi is the eldest child of her family. She has a younger sister named Alexis Tiesi, a choreographer and dancer. However, their parents separated paths when Bre was a child, so she doesn’t know much about her biological father.

Her stepdad, John David Gregory, used to be an MMA fighter. Her mom, Debra Tiesi, is an Italian-American who grew up in Calabasas. Debra has a background in ballet, opera, and musical theatre. She started performing professionally at ten years old, participating in various ballets, operas, musicals, films, and TV projects. One of her notable roles is in the show “Betrayal,” where she plays the tough landlord named “Debbie.”

Tiesi’s mom, Debra, comes from a military family. Her brother served in the Gulf War, and her father served in the Korean War. Although she began her career in Hollywood, Debra has a strong passion for giving back to her country and community. Her wealthy father, who started training her at a young age, is to be thanked for her entrepreneurial business skills. She watched him build a prosperous mechanical engineering firm and later joined his team. Besides managing a successful entertainment business, Debra also owns and runs a small bakery.

Bre Tiesi Is Nick Cannon’s Baby Mama

Currently, Bre Tesis is in an open relationship with the American television host, actor, rapper, and comedian Nick Cannon, with whom she has a child. Just like Bre, Nick Cannon is of African American ethnicity; his father, James Cannon, is an African-American man, while Nick’s mother, Beth Gardner, is also an African American woman. Being born in America, Nick is, therefore, an American citizen of African-American ethnicity.

Bre Tiesi Ethnicity: Tracing the Ancestry of Nick Cannon's Baby Mama
image source

Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon met through a mutual friend, Dave Osokow, and she later showed up on one of Nick Cannon’s shows, Wild N’ Out. Bre and Nick Cannon have a son named Legendary Love Cannon. The couple announced the pregnancy in January 2022, and In June 2022, Bre welcomed their baby boy named Legendary Love (Legend) Cannon. While Legend is Bre’s first child, he is baby number eight for Nick, who has had different children from different baby mamas (six baby mamas).

Bre had shared on social media that she had a natural home birth. She expressed how this experience changed her and thanked her supportive partner on Instagram. She mentioned that the daddy was there for them, and she couldn’t have done it without him. Bre also has a separate Instagram account just for their baby Legend. On that account, you can find holiday-themed photoshoots, fancy outings (like using a Versace stroller and having lunch at Nobu), and adorable pictures with mom and dad.

Before her relationship with Nick Cannon, Bre Teisi was previously married to Johnny Manziel, a well-known footballer. They got engaged in March 2017 and tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony in March 2018. The two of them went their separate ways in December 2019, and she officially filed for divorce. The divorce was completed in November 2021.


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