Zinoleesky’s Net Worth: A Look Into His Affluent Lifestyle

Zinoleesky’s net worth is estimated to be about $400,000. His primary source of income is music, which started in 2018 and was signed to the Marlian Music label in 2019.

Oniyide Azeez “Zinoleesky” is famed for the music career he has built himself over time and has released songs such as Ma Pariwo, Kilofeshe, and Gone Far. From his career, he has fetched both wealth and large followership.

Although he has spent only 6 years as a professional artist, the 24-year-old has been nominated for The Headies Awards and is one of the fastest rising stars in Nigeria.

How Much is Zinoleesky’s Net Worth in Naira?

Zinoleesky’s net worth has been reported differently by sources to be as low as $400,000 and as high as over a million dollars. In Naira, this would be about ₦200 million to about ₦500 million.

However, there is no certainty about this net worth since all the public has is the estimation of the lifestyle and businesses he may have portrayed to the public. In any case, the singer has made his wealth in different ways. Here are ways that Zino has gained his net worth.

He Started Displaying Music on Social Media and was Offered to Join Davido’s Label

When Zinoleesky found music at a young age, he took the social media alongside some friends, including Lil Frosh, to start displaying music. Before that, he had drawn inspiration from several artists such as Kizz Daniel and has molded himself as a young rapper from the time he was attending secondary school and along the line. Kizz boosted his followership and fame when he followed him on Instagram.

In no time, he started to get noticed for his ability to freestyle and make music covers. Despite that, he did not, by definition, start earning at the time. Based on reports that juggled through media pages, Zino drew the attention of Davido, one of Nigeria’s richest musicians and one of the most celebrated artists of recent time.

The Omo Baba Olowo crooner purportedly asked Zino joined his label, but the young rising star rejected the offer. Instead, the Ogun State native headed to be signed to Naira Marley‘s Marlian Music label. He would claim that his music style is closer to Marley’s than Davido’s.

On how he met Marley, it is alleged that he slipped into the DM of the Soapy singer to ask for a collabo, but rather than giving him one, Naira Marley offered him an opportunity to join his record label, which is also home to artists such as Mohbad, Lyta, Fabian Blu.

The Release of Caro Under Naira Marly in 2020 Drew Attention to Him, While Ma Pariwo Became One of His Most Successful Songs

Although Zino had sampled other songs such as My Story in 2018 and Good Luck ft. Lil Frosh (2019) before Caro. The song Caro was his first official single that led to the massive fame that led to Zinoleesky’s net worth. The release of the song was about the time he was 20. The song was produced by Ezeh Chisom Faith, professionally known as Rexxie.

Still, in 2019, he released other songs such as Popo, Joromi, Shuga Dadi, Money, and Hold Me, to mention a few. 2020 came with an entirely new phase in Zinoleeskey’s career following the release of his major hit, Ma Pariwo (Ma Pariwo), on July 6, 2020.

With a blend of rhythm, Nigerian language, Yoruba, and a great unique style, the song has been able to draw attention and fast became one of the most critically acclaimed Nigerian songs of 2020. The Ed Tripps-produced song has, at about the time of this writing, generated 29.8 million streams of Audiomack, while its official video has made over 3.5 million views on YouTube.

The song has further broken through many walls to get to the top of many charts in Nigeria, thereby adding to the exposure of Zino. About two months after the release of the official song, Mayorkun in September made a cover of the song and attracted further critical reviews and over 4 million streams on Audiomack.

Currently, the fanbase of the 2000-born street pop artist continues to grow, and so is his music career. He has collaborated with several big names in the Nigerian music industry, including Naira Marley (O’Dun) and Lil Kesh (Don’t Call Me, 2021).

The Release of the Chrome Eccentric Ep in 2020 has Contributed to Zinolessky’s Net Worth 

The release of Zino’s 6-track debut EP titled Chrome Eccentric in 2020 with the Marlian record is another major contributor to the fame and fortune of Zinoleesky. The Extended Play boasts of songs such as the following:

  • Angeli
  • Won Wa Mi
  • Ma Pariwo
  • Kilofeshe
  • Bullet

The production of the songs was handled by Sparkzy Beatz, Rexxie, Stubborn, and ED Tripps, among others. The debut Ep of Zino has been reviewed to have themes surrounding topics on providence, love, and sex.

Although it has landed the singer into a more open space in the Nigerian music scene, it has been criticized for heavy use of the Yoruba language rather than mixing a great deal of English and Pidgin.

This problem may have, in one way or the other, limited the success of the extended play, thereby automatically affecting his earnings. Generally, though, it has been accorded a total of 8.1 in a Pulse review.

How Events, YouTube, and Other Streaming Platforms Have Contributed to Zinoleesky’s Net Worth of Over $400,000

One major place that the music of Zino has generated fortune is through music platforms such as Audiomack, Spotify, and YouTube, among others. In the same light, he has graced different stages as a performer, which has also paid off. Here’s how he makes money from these platforms.


On YouTube, Zinoleesky’s music has garnered more than 18 million views. Since the artist has not given an insight into how much he may have made through the platform, all there is to it is a rough estimation. Although there are different sides to the story regarding how much YouTube pays artists.

Others claim that the platform minces as low as $0.5 (slightly more than 200) per 1,000 views. Other sources claim that YouTube asserts it pays about $3 per 1,000 views. Going by the latter price, it would be estimated that Zino could have made about $18,000 (about 7.4 million) from the 18 million views he has gotten.

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However, this may not be the ultimate amount that reaches the account of Zinoleesky since the Naira Marley channel is responsible for uploading the singer’s songs on the streaming platform. Therefore, what Zino will earn from YouTube will be determined by his contract with Naira Marley’s Marlian Records.


Based on another estimation, it has been recorded by several sources that artists can make up to $1 off of 250 streams on Spotify. Putting this vis-à-vis Zinoleesky’s music, he may have generated over $50,000 from his more than 14 million views.

In addition, the platform has shown that at the time of this writing, the Lagos-raised afrobeat artist makes up to 579,814 monthly. Going by this rough estimation of Spotify earnings as reported by sources, Zino may be making a rough amount of $2,300 (about 900,000) monthly.


Audio mack calculates its royalty on revenue per stream. It is usually calculated monthly, and the number of vies is calculated by dividing the revenue from adverts and subscriptions by the total of streams of the platform. Putting it more practically in Zinoleesky’s music, he is paid based on the number of streams of his monetized content.

The number of streams is multiplied by the revenue per stream and the AMP revenue share, which is about 50%. Zino joined the platform in 2019, and at the time of this report, he has made more than 1.10 million followers, about 2.48 monthly listeners, and a total of 205 million plays.

The calculation of his income based on this is not fixed since Audiomack does not have any fixed per-stream rate. Instead, it is calculated based on the country of the streamer. Also, the platform allows Zinoleesky, alongside other users, to earn directly from supporters.

In this case, supporters can purchase badges for the works of Zino, and 85% of the amount will go into his account. In this case, supporters receive a badge for contributing from as low as ₦130 to about 6,500 Naira in Nigeria. At the time of this writing, he has over 50 supporters who have contributed different amounts.

What Events and Concerts has Zinoleesky Performed?

Performing at events and concerts has contributed to Zinoleesky’s net worth. While it is difficult to state exactly how much he makes from his performances, many artists in his category receive nothing less than 1 million to perform.

Many of his major live appearances as a performer were in 2021. He performed at the Buju’s Concert, Naira Marley’s concert, and Afrikan Shrine, among others. Also, he is said to have a tour in the UK in July 2022.

Some of Zinoleesky’s Best Songs

  • Loving You (2022)
  • Rocking (2022)
  • Kilofeshe (2020)
  • Gone Far (2021)
  • Blessings (2021)
  • Caro Ft. Naira Marley (2020)
  • Naira Marley (2020)
  • Popo (2018)

Zinoleesky’s Awards and Nominations

  • 2x The Headies nominations for the Rookie of the Year and Next Rated (2021 and 2022)
  • City People Music Award for Next Rated Artist (Artist).

How Zinoleesky Spends His Wealth 

Zinoleesky, born in 2000, has painted himself as a man who is simple but luxurious. His most famous possessions include cars and exotic fashionable wear.

How much is Zinoleesky New Car worth?

Zinoleesky has several exotic cars to his name. Known to the public are three cars worth over ₦90.5 million. Zinoleesky’s cars include the following:

1. ES350 Luxury Sedan

This is documented to be the first car that the Yoruba native has bought, and he showed it off in 2019 on Instagram. Even though he did not state the amount the car cost him, there are suggestions on the internet that the car is worth about ₦4.5 million.

2. Mercedez-Benz G-Wagon SUV

Another luxury car that Zinoleesky owns is a Mercedez-Benz G-Wago SUV. He announced it had been added to his list of cars on Instagram on February 9, 2022. While there is no certainty about how much he bought the car, it is estimated to be nothing less than $70 million. This car is also owned by other A-list celebrities, including Don Jazzy.

3. 2019 Chevrolet Camaro Sports Car

A car said to be valued at around 22 million is a sportscar and another luxury that the wealth of Zinoleesky has been able to afford. He reportedly bought the 275 horsepower car in 2021 and again shared the news with his followers on Instagram. According to some sources that give the prices of cars, the car is worth about 16 million.

Does Zinoleesky Own a House?

There is no in-depth knowledge by the public if Zino owns a house in Lagos or elsewhere. On the other hand, what is known is that he lives in an expensive crib in a high-profile location in the busy and one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, Lagos.

A more visible way that Zino shows his riches is through fashion. Although simple, it is good enough to turn heads and depict wealth. Even though he may not be ardent in heavy use of jewelry as several other artists, he shows off a few that may be gold or any other precious stone. In the same vein, he is believed to be wearing golden teeth.

While he may not have categorically said what the artificial teeth are made of, he has insinuated several times that his smile is golden. Away from his appearance, he also lives a life of luxury through his travels. He has shared his being in the UK and heading for Dubai.

Is Zinoleesky richer than Portable?

Zinoleesky, whose net worth is $400,000is richer than Portable “Habeeb Okikiola,” the Zazu Zeh singer whose net worth is projected as $210,0000.

Both men have earned primarily from music. Zino has Ma Pariwo (2020) to heavily thank for his musical breakthrough, while Portable has Zazu Zeh to thank for his. Looking into the success of both singers in terms of streaming, Zinoleesky boasts over 18 million views on YouTube.

In contrast, Portable boasts about 14 million at the time of this writing. Checking their Audiomack’s stream, which is another great streaming app that fetches money for artists, Zinoleesky has about 2.5 million monthly listeners on the platform ahead of Mr. Portable, who has 1 million.


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