Zimbabwe Introduces New Method Of Paying Salaries Without Using Money


Just like Nigeria, Zimbabwe is also facing a hard time. Due to the economic hardship, the Zimbawean government has introduced a new means of paying worker’s salary.

According to reports, instead of using the regular monetary annual bonuses for salaries, landed properties are given to civil servants as payment for their labour.

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The situation in the country is really terrible and the President, Robert Mugabe can no longer carry out his responsibilities effectively.

According to reports, the country’s labour unions rejected the proposal, saying the lands offered were not very much valuable. The Labour unions complained that the residential lands were not attractive and most of them lacked basic amenities like roads, electricity, drainage and sewage.

Salary VS Land

Zimbabwe Introduces New Method Of Paying Salaries Without Using Money

The secretary-general of the Progressive Teachers Union in Zimbabwe, Raymond Majongwe described the government’s offer as ‘madness’ and said the union members will not take the substitute.

However, the Zimbabwe’s public sector workers are said to pay an annual bonus equivalent to a month’s salary every November and December but the government which spends more than $250 million monthly on salaries has not revealed when the 2016 payment will be made.

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Meanwhile, a prophet had given a prophecy that the 92-year-old President of Zimbabwe will die in 2017. This statement raised fear in the hearts of the president and his administration, and they ordered the Police to arrest the Prophet for dishing out such disturbing prophecy.

In late 2016, the First Lady of Zimbabwe Grace Mugabe made a public notice that she will be taking over from her husband, already declaring herself as the president of the country.

Mr. and Mrs. Mugabe


Mrs. Mugabe, who has been the secretary of Zanu-PF women’s league since 2014, reportedly told Zanu-PF women’s league that there was no point fighting to be the country’s vice-president, a lesser position, when she was already running the state affairs. According to her, she plans and does everything with President Robert Mugabe.

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Mashonaland West Zanu-PF women’s league chairperson, Angeline Muchemeyi confirmed this saying: “The first lady said – I’m the wife of the president, I’m the president already … I plan and do everything with the president, what more do I want, for now, the position of the women boss is enough.”

President Mugabe, who has been president of Zimbabwe for almost 30-years, had announced his plans to retire soon, so as to save the country from its financial crisis. Although he didn’t say when he plans to step down, it seems like he intends to still rule through his wife, after he finally steps down.


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Grace’s new announcement has raised concern that she still influences the president’s decisions, especially in policies that affect the country.

This suspicion was confirmed during the Zanu PF National Conference in Victoria Falls last year as Mugabe admitted that his wife tells him what to do and how to do it. As reported, Grace forced him to end his speech immediately.