Yul Edochie: Wives Should Respect Their Husbands To Avoid Domestic Violence


Fans react as Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie took to his social media page to offer one among many solutions to domestic violence that have been spreading around town.

In the video shared on Instagram, Yul hinted that there moments when it pays to zip your mouth especially in moments of a compounding conflict. Using his parents as

Using his parents as the example, the actor hinted that in the African culture, women are more submissive to their husband.

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According to Yul, in as much as he doesn’t support men who beat their wives, he encouraged ladies to be more patient in the heat of an argument with their spouse to avoid domestic violence.

Watch the video below:

My take on domestic violence

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My take on domestic violence continued

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However, this did not go down well with many fans who literally contradicted the actor. One of the users, Favourite Adaeze wrote:

“@yuledochie I get the fact that you are trying to send a good message but your words are quite egocentric. Any man that hits his wife lacks self control and dignity.

“Respect they say is reciprocal, you can’t insult you wife at will anytime and expect her to always be quiet, it’s wrong she’s a wife and not a slave. It’s a two way thing, it’s not only the wife that keeps quiet when the husband is talking there are times when the husband should also be quiet when the wife is angry, it’s all about understanding and tolerance from both parties.

“I’ve been in a really violent relationship, when my ex gets angry I plead but I still get dirty slaps, he gets angry over the slightest and stupid provocation, i get verbally abused everyday I almost lost my self esteem, I couldn’t talk back because I wanted peace to reign but yul, he still finds my silence insulting, I was 19 he was my first love but everyday he broke me, I had to walk out of the relationship and he still threatened me and the most annoying thing was he begs like a baby after every beating.

“Men that hit women are just animals, there’s f**king no reason to hit a woman, it’s ego, insecurities, anger and pride that makes certain men abusive. I suggest any man that hits a woman needs to go to a rehab or psychiatric hospital because it’s not normal.”

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Another fan of Yul Edochie, @richykay7 said:

“I wonder why a man coming back late means he was out cheating. Can’t cheating also be done during the day? Is a man a child with curfew? I’m not supporting a man who returns home late and drunk as a habit.

“But let me tell you ladies one thing you don’t know. This country Nigeria is structured to support connection over talent. The moment you try to cut off your man’s social connection, returning late is not the only tears you will shed. Tears of lack may follow suit.

“I know guys that are not social and prefer to be home all the time. Deals and information pass them by. Most times a woman can just walk into any office and conclude a deal. Our world is different. You have to see Mr A, lobby Mr B just to cut that deal or get that contract.

“Most of these things are done over socials not in the living room or kitchen of other men. Men hang out for information and updates, fine, some get drunk and womanize along the line. I’m not in support of that. My comment is supporting men who have genuine reasons for staying out.”

And so the endless opinion continues…

Yet, what counts is that Yul Edochie has proffered a solution to avoiding domestic violence among couples. What is your own solution? Leave us your comment in the space provided. Thank you.