Celebrities Yul Edochie, Chimamanda Share Varying Opinion About Marriage


Celebrities such as Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie and renowned writer, Chimamanda Adichie, have shared their opinion in various aspect of life and this time, marriage seem to have become crucial and most interesting topic where anybody who is somebody wants to chip in their individual believes.

Early this morning, the movie star advised single ladies to make love a priority in finding a life partner hence he said they should support, grow and succeed with their man in marriage, rather than waiting for an already-made rich dude to come sweep them off their feet.

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The famous father of three shared a picture of himself and wife of 11 years on his Instagram page, as he captioned it:

“To the girls who want to marry only rich men, I don’t blame you at all. Times are hard and everybody wants financial security. But if your man isn’t rich but he loves you, loves God, hardworking, intelligent and has potentials for greatness, marry him. support him, grow with him, and help him succeed. God will bless your union. #mystory.”

The “Half of the Yellow Sun” writer, Chimamanda Adichie on the other hand, believes that marriage is not an achievement. According to the core feminist, “A marriage can be happy or unhappy but it is not an achievement.”

Adichie who recently joined the women march to the US White House on January 21, opined that women make most of the sacrifices in marriage while men are not even close to being obsessed about the institution than women.

Here’s an excerpt of what she said:

“We condition girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t do the same for boys, and so there is already an imbalance at the start. The girl will grow up to be women obsessed with marriage contrary to the men. 

“It’s no wonder that in so many marriages, women sacrifice more, at the loss to themselves, because they have to constantly maintain an uneven exchange?.”

The world is full of propositions and oppositions since every human being has a different way of perceiving things.

Both celebrities have spoken well, yet many people tend to contradict Adichie’s opinion on marriage, just like most men don’t believe in equality with women and vice versa.

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This comment coming from a Facebook user – Asamoa Broni – contradicted the writer’s opinion and here’s what she said:

“I’ve read this over and over and still doesn’t sound right. The entire logic is flawed. You start off by saying marriage is not an achievement, so one would expect you to explain why it isn’t. But you rather go on and talk about how boys and girls are brought up to have different views of marriage (probably in your vicinity).

“Is that why marriage, in your view, is not an achievement? So what about communities where both sexes are brought up to respect and maintain functional marriages? And societies where the mark of a responsible man is one who has a wife and children who are well cared for all the time? Does marriage then become an achievement in these societies?

“Of course some get married but aren’t happy in the marriage for one reason or another. But some people also earn advanced academic degrees, but are unhappy for one reason or another (such as unemployment or inadequate remuneration), but does that make it ‘not an achievement’?

“Perceptions of value are subjective, so we must be careful not to present ours as ‘fact’.”

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