This Is The Most Expensive Public University in Nigeria Right Now!

As the quest for formal education continues to increase in Nigeria, that’s just how the cost is as well on the increase. Formal education is generally on the high side these days in our country, not minding if it is sound and qualitative or not. This is most noticeable in our tertiary institutions as it is almost becoming unaffordable for the average Nigerian parents as the days go by.

Apart from the private universities whose fees are known by all to be exorbitant, the public universities are now, also threatening Nigerians with exorbitant fees. If you want to know the most expensive public university in Nigeria at the moment, here is your treat.

 Most Expensive Public University

Lagos State University, LASU, is currently the most expensive of all the public tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The current hike in the school fees which is about a 200% increment of the former fee brought the LASU tuition to range between N193,000 and N350,000, depending on a student’s course of study. This issue among others has raised a lot of dust in the institution, ranging from peaceful to violent protests on the part of the students and strike on the part of the staff.

This has gone a long way to interrupt the peace and academic progress of the school. It has also led to unquantifiable damage in property as a result of violent protests. On some occasions of the riotings, some students were apprehended and arraigned before the law court.

 Most Expensive Public University

The ASUU-LASU Chairman, Dr Idris Adekunle in an interview with Sunday Vanguard lamented the increment in tuition fees since the 2011/2012 academic session saying it was a sad development. He said the LASU chapter of ASUU have demanded that all parties involved in the farce should look into the situation and come up with an understanding that will suit both parties. He agreed that the increased amount makes the institution the most expensive public university in Nigeria – a position which will backfire on the University in the long run and make it an unattractive option for prospective students.

According to him, with the tuition fees increased to N350,000, N250,000 and N197,000 for courses in Medicine, Law/Management Sciences and Education respectively, the average Nigerian family – which is the majority of the school population – cannot afford it.

Besides all the above stated, keeping the tuition for Lagos State University at that amount goes against the very reason for which it was established in the first instance. The Lagos State University Law, 2004 states that one of the objectives of the university shall be to provide access for citizens of Lagos State to higher education regardless of social status or income.

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However, the University staff explained that the hike in the fees is actually as a result of the state government neglect and failure to play their part in funding the school. They said its impossible to run a tertiary institution with students’ tuition only. Therefore, the government was summoned to do their part in the issue.

 Most Expensive Public University

Furthermore, it was reported that the past governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola, whose arrival at the institution was greeted by a massive protest from the students in a convocation ceremony he attended in the university before he left office was compelled to promise a 40% decrease of the fees which will bring it down to as low as N46,500. Therefore, the issue is believed to have been resolved or either in the process of being resolved as the students have been called back to resume studies.

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Following the past unrest caused by the hike in school fees, making LASU the most expensive public University, the school management have become wary of further increment. Nevertheless, there was an increment in the acceptance fee for candidates recently offered provisional admission by the institution, from N10,000 to N20,000 in 2017.

Latest LASU Tuition Fee

Currently, the new LASU official tuition fee, in compliance with the state government is pegged at N76,750 and N158,250 only. According to the school Public Relations Officer, the development approved by the University Governing Council, would oblige final year students in the Arts Department to pay the sum of N76,750 (a 49.3 percent reduction).

The following are the order of the newly reduced tuition fee according to the departments:

. Newly admitted students and final year students in the College of Medicine – N115,750.

. 200-level Engineering and Medical (Direct Entry) students – N158,250 (36.4 percent reduction)

100-Level Engineering students – N115,750.

. 200 to 500 Level Engineering students – N143,250, N143,250, N131,750 and N106,750 respectively.

. 100 and 200 Level students (Direct Entry) in the Adebola Adegunwa School of Communication –  N103,250.

. 200 Level returning student will pay the sum total of N88,250.

. Students in the Faculty of Management Sciences – pay between N86,750 and N113,250.

Faculty of Science also made a reduction of between 51.6 percent and 42.3 percent for Fisheries, Botany and Zoology.

The school PRO noted that the huge reduction in school fees ultimately cumulates into N115,750, N118,250, N103,250, N113,250, N106,750 and N96,750 for students in 100 to 500 Level, including 200 level (Direct Entry) students.


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