You Must See These Bizarrely Intimate Photos Of The World’s Weirdest Couple!

Popularly known as Area Fada, Charly Boy is probably the most controversial musician and personality in Nigeria.

Born as Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, the popular Nigerian singer/songwriter, producer, television presenter, and publisher has carved a name for himself as the weirdest being in the music industry.

Area Fada, as he’s popularly called, is not just famous for his music and television roles alone but also within the circle of his friends and Nigeria in general. His undefinable look and other-worldly outfits are two good reasons many believe he’s freakish.

Nicknamed “Nigeria’s Boy George” by entertainment journalists, Charly Boy is known for his relaxed and braided hairstyles, women’s clothes and weird make-up. These preferences of his, have really stirred up controversy among conservative Nigerians.

Towards the late eighties, Charly Boy hit the headlines for flaunting attires from the punk era which included leather jackets and boots, images of himself on power bikes, a mohawk. He was able to achieve this with the help of renowned stylist and fellow singer/songwriter Tyna Onwudiwe who appeared on Nwata Miss, Oputa’s hit song.

Area Fada also holds a record as the pioneer in Nigeria’s short-lived punk movement. His emergence as a member of the movement earned him the unofficial title “His Royal Punkness” and also saw him rename his Lagos residence to “The Punk Palace”.

Charly Boy’s love for dreadlocks and goth image began in the late nineties. He began wearing his hair in dreadlocks and adopted a goth image in the same year and also went on to acquire piercings and tattoos, to the disapproval of many people.

Although the society frowned and considered his modification as Satanic and occultist, the Port Harcourt-born star paid deaf ears to criticisms and condemnations. Area Fada finally made up his mind to shave off his dreadlocks in 2014 as a result of his thinning hairline, which he considered unappealing.

Even though Charly Boy’s fashion sense is quite strange and unusual, especially in a conservative society like Nigeria, his relationship timeline shows he has been in love with several women.

At age 19, his mother encouraged him to get married due to his incessant love affairs. Area Fada later got married. Not long after, he got married to another woman after separating from his first wife.

He had to tie the knot once more after meeting and proposing to Lady Diana, an African-American singer and former fashion designer. Over thirty years and still counting, the couple has been living the best moments of their lives to the fullest.

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Diana shares two children with Charly Boy, who reportedly has about seven other children from his previous relationship. Unlike the star’s previous relationships, his marriage to Diana is unique and spectacular. This is because the two seem to be very comfortable with each other’s lifestyle and conduct.

Yes, “His Royal Punkness” maybe gained public attention for his lifestyle, his wife obviously played one or multiples roles in making him the celebrity he is today. What else do you expect when a man marries someone who likes what he likes? Lady Diana is very comfortable with her husband and has even joined him severally in his photo shoots.

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From the couple’s choice of dressing down to every other area of their lives, the sweethearts often have severally given us reasons to believe they are meant for each other.

It has been rumoured time and again that Charly is homosexual, a cultist, devil incarnate, etc. But the former singer whose weird outfits, crazy public stunts, weird pictures and ludicrous statements helped in skyrocketing him to stardom seems to be very busy to reply his critics.

Recently, he released intimate photos of himself and his wife which I bring for your consumption and judgement – but don’t forget, this is one of Charly Boy’s strangest couple shoot yet.


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Quick Facts about Charly Boy

  • His father, Chukwudifu Oputa, was a former justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
  • He is said to be the cousin of Swedish musician Dr Alban, who was born as Alban Uzoma Nwapa.
  • He hails from Oguta, a village in Imo State, Nigeria.
  • Nigeria’s Area Fada was born into a Catholic household.

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