You Can Now Watch Netflix In Nigeria


Netflix in Nigeria? Big gain! The World’s dominant internet television company, Netflix has announced that it is upgrading its locations by spreading out to about 130 countries around the world including Nigeria as against the 60 countries it operated formerly. The announcement came during the opening keynote at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

Based on the Press Release issued by the company, subscribers to Netflix service in Nigeria will now be able to stream their series and catalogue of licensed TV shows and movies. So Nigerians can now Netflix and relax in Nigeria… I am sure this will excite Movie and TV fans in Nigeria since they can now access their huge and interesting catalogue from here.

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Before now, viewers in Nigeria had to use IP masking sites to access the site since they get blocked once their IP address is recognized as coming from Nigeria but that has been worked out now. No more long processes that makes it almost impossible and discouraging to viewers. You can now sign up with your Nigerian Naira card and get the first month viewing free. But as a result of recent CBN policies, your Naira card will not work once billing begins, therefore you may have to switch to a dollar denominated card. Once done, you will be granted access to a bunch of movies, series and TV shows.

That’s not all, Netflix is available on almost any device that has an Internet connection, including personal computers, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs and game consoles, and is famous for providing one of the  best possible streaming quality depending on available bandwidth.

This will definitely favour Internet service providers in Nigeria as the masses will rely on their services to stream programs, but this could mean wider challenges to Nigerian companies who are into internet movies, series and TV show streaming. This is because Netflix has a wide economics of scale and have also added Nigerian movies to their bouquet.

The Nigerian government might also employ some of their problem solving mechanism as it could suffer the loss of tax revenues and face another set of forex pressures on its external reserve if the subscription is charged in US dollars. Thus, Nigerian Government needs to increase its pace with the intention of expanding its tax base in order not to lose potential revenues to the US.

A few other countries that will soon enjoy Netflix with Nigeria include Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and India. However, countries like China, North Korea, Syria and Crimea still don’t have access to Netflix thanks to a handful of sociopolitical reasons.

Apparently, the service has not been deployed fully for everyone, but time will sort it out soon!