Yeni Kuti Speaks On How She Stopped Smoking


While for some other, quitting the habit of smoking seems almost impossible, Yeni Kuti decided to put an end to the act.

According to the first daughter of the legendary singer, Fela Kuti, the thought of losing her life before her daughter graduated from the university encouraged her to quit being a smoker.

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Coming from an offspring of a marijuana farmer and staunch smoker, it is not surprising to hear that Yeni was once a smoker. She was addicted to the habit and feared for her life when she started having chest pain, courtesy of long-term smoking.

In an interview with The Sun, the media personality, and former dancer said that the thought of not being alive to see her daughter, Rolari, graduate from the university motivated her to stop the ill habit.

“Before my daughter went into the university, I used to smoke and suffer chest pains. I was like ‘if I continue smoking I may die before my daughter graduates,” she said.

“That was the inspiration I needed to stop smoking because for years, I had been telling myself that I would stop smoking on the first day of January, but by January 4 I was still smoking. 

“But this time, I didn’t wait for January 3 or 4. I simply told myself that if I continued smoking, I would die and never see my daughter graduate. And that was just too important for me, so I just stopped.

“I have stopped smoking for three years. The fear of not being able to educate my child gave me that inspira­tion. I was like, who will educate this girl if I die?” 

Meanwhile, the single mother of one and widow got engaged on her 55th birthday in May this year. In another interview, Yeni Kuti disclosed her wedding date. Weird though, she said she and her fiance would be walking down the aisle Saturday, May 24, 2036, 20 years from now.