YBNL Princess: Fame Is Taking Away My Privacy, Temmie Laments


There is always a price to pay for fame and for newly signed YBNL artist, Temmie, “no privacy” is her price. Temmie Ovwasa is YBNL’s first lady and was discovered by the CEO of the label, Olamide, about two weeks ago. The newbie says her greatest fear is that her private life may be jeopardized by fame. What a trade!

The 19-year old newly signed is still trying to embrace the reality of her new status. In a recent interview with Koko Mansion winner, Bolanle Okhiria, Temmie says she loves to stay alone most of the time, however, with the whole YBNL craze she would lose her privacy in the long run.

“My biggest fear right now is, I won’t have my privacy anymore and I’m the kind of person that likes to lock herself up and just… but basically, I’m just gonna be like ‘oh my face is gonna be everywhere.’ It would be nice because, well I’ve wanted the world to hear my voice… but sometimes you just want to be alone like leave me alone.”


The native of Delta State has carved her style of music to be a mixture of Afro-pop, soft-rock and soul. She writes and sings in both Yoruba and English language, something that most definitely must have attracted Olamide to her music. She also appreciates the fact that her official unveiling has brought her talent for the world to see, something she has always wanted. However, she doesn’t want to lose her privacy.

When Temmie was first introduced to the world by Olamide, her social media page came alive and she was loving it. She went on Instagram and shared her excitement:

“Just got here and I’m like thanks to everyone following me, thanks to YBNL for believing in me. Single out on Wednesday.” 

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Last week, the singer, guitarist, writer and spoken word poet released her first single, ‘Jabole’ under YBNL. The song was produced by Pheelz and is already making waves. Temmie is less than a month old into fame and is already complaining about privacy. Well, she better brace up when the press starts coming all on her face about her music, style and personality. That’s the price!

Listen to Jabole by Temmie