XPLICIT CONTENT: 20 Nigerian Music Videos That Are Sending The Wrong Message


There was a time when Nigerian music videos had a message and brilliant concepts. There was a time when music and music videos were about how creative you were with the message in the music, but it seems those days are long gone.

Then, music videos was a medium for artistes to showcase their looks, dance steps and tell a story of their songs. But these days, caution has been thrown into the wind and their new form of entertainment is display of gangsterism, sex and violence.

Boobs, butt or bust cleavage, naked laps and other subtle erotic parts of the body are displayed in music videos these days with reckless abandon. Our music videos have become bad deal for the younger generation who tend to copy most of what they see on TV and the internet.

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Studies have shown a connection between music videos and the violent behavior of adolescents. The study also shows a relationship between the imagery displayed in videos and inappropriate sexual behaviors. In no particular order, we have listed 20 Nigerian music videos that will send shock waves down your spine.

Maheeda – Naija Bad Girl (2014)

Is it Caroline Sam? Yeah you guessed right. No one else deserves this spot. Unless of course, Afrocandy releases a music video in the next couple of hours. Self-styled ‘Naija Bad girl’, this video created so much noise. Everything is laid out to the bare…nudity, weed, dirty lyrics…you have a good mix. This video was directed by Frizzle and Bizzle Films.

Reminisce – Skilashi (2015)

Just like his previous sensual video, Tesojue, Reminisce continues to push the limits as far as  releasing shocking videos is concerned. The Alaga Ibile crooner displayed the most of vulgar lyrics and obscene images in this video. The visuals are filled with different scenes where the video vixens can be seen dancing provocatively and occasionally revealing their bums. The video was directed by Frizzle and Bizzle Films.

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Jesse Jagz – Redemption (2013)

I wonder why some things that are termed “illegal” in Nigeria becomes legal just because they appear in music videos. Jesse Jagz and his vixen where busy ‘wrapping and puffing’ the banned marijuana, a.k.a igbo, and it seemed okay. What are we telling the society? Thanks to this video, it is now cool for other upcoming talents to smoke weed in copious amounts in their music videos. The video was directed by Mex.

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Olamide – Falila Ketan (2015)

What message can be passed in a music video where bums are being shaken in the most obscene manner? This is the question that comes to mind when you watch Olamide’s “Falila Ketan.” All you can see in the video are skimpily dressed ladies twerking their God-given bums. It’s not the kind of video you want to watch in the presence of your children if you don’t want to answer inquisitive questions. The video was directed by Unlimited L.A.

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Skuki – Silifa (2014)

This video is reminiscent of Timaya’s “Shake up your bum bum” where ‘White’ video vixens were shaking their assets. Shot sometime last year, the song’s lyrics is empty and the video has no storyline. The only shocking aspect of the visuals is the brazen manner the video vixens were shaking their buttocks. Little wonder it was tagged “NSFW” (Not suitable for work).

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