Xenophobia: South Africans Threaten To Kill All Nigerians Who Refuse To Leave Their Country


Warning: Xenophobia is on the rise in South Africa!

Nigerians In South Africa are no more safe as the country’s hate group are threatening to kill every Nigerian if they don’t leave their country at once.

This dislike against people from other countries, especially Nigeria, has made a South African hate group on Facebook to vow to kill as many Nigerians they find in their country.

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The hate group is not yet satisfied with their xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and their businesses in South Africa. They have resorted to burning houses, shops and anything belonging to Nigerians


The S’Africans created a Facebook group called ‘Get Nigerian Drug Dealers out of SA’ and in just a few days, the group has over 5,000 members already.

These South Africans have developed strong Xenophobia for Nigerians with the belief that most of the citizens are drug dealers, scammers, kidnappers, armed robbers and are converting decent South African women into prostitutes.

The group’s Facebook administrator shared their mind, revealing an experience one of them had with a Nigerian, also stating that they are up against and ready to clean off Nigerians from their country.

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The post read:

“The Nigerian drug lords need to be run out-of-town; they are slowly creeping into other suburbs… A friend last night found a group of them selling their ‘wares’ on a pavement opposite her house.

“She took photos of the scene and send it to the SAPS WhatsApp. They claimed that the Ford Focus was broken down and they were waiting for the tow truck. She stated that if that was indeed the case, then, they would not mind her taking photos of activities.

“The men verbally abused her. Despite them trying to mishandle her physically, she captured the photos of the Nigerians drinking from the boots of their cars etc.

“She persisted and stated that she was going to publish the photos…in seconds they ‘escaped’ from the scene; even the Ford Focus that was waiting for a tow truck.

“Nigerians are criminals and they are living on borrowed time.

“Let’s start a campaign – #Nigeriancriminals must FALL.”

The act of Xenophobia, which is the indiscriminate hatred against foreigners is closely related to racism and dates way back.

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An early example of xenophobic sentiment in Western culture is the Ancient Greek denigration of foreigners as “barbarians”, belief that the Greek people and culture were superior to those of others, and the subsequent conclusion that barbarians were naturally meant to be enslaved.

It is just sad that South Africans, who were under the British colonial empire for years and hates racism, are the ones fighting against it with their fellow Africans.

These threats and vandalism have got to stop. Save Nigerians in South Africa! Say No to Xenophobia!