Xenophobia: Watch This South African Pastor Incite His Congregation Against Nigerians


In what seems to be an outright xenophobia propagation, a shocking video of a South African pastor inciting his congregation against Nigerians has emerged and it is buzzing the net.

In the video, the pastor can be heard ranting about how Nigerians only advertise joystick enlargement products to South Africans.This he believes is an insult to South Africans.

The yet to be identified pastor queried why foreigners like Nigerians could tell South Africans that they need joystick enlargement and seemed angered that the South African government could tolerate foreigners trading in joystick enlargement and abortion.

In a demonstrated outburst, the pastor stressed that if anyone with joystick enlargement products comes to him in his “three-piece-suit” to advertise such, he will kick the person’s teeth out with his ‘sharp nose shoes.’

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On realizing that he may have crossed the line with his statements, the South African pastor seemed to trace his way back to his originally intended sermon saying a woman’s womb is God’s workshop. Thus, committing abortion means destroying the work that God is doing on the woman.

He also said if anyone like that has visited his church, he/she should stand up and leave. Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, in related developments, there are allegations that South Africa’s political elite are the ones fuelling xenophobic attacks against other nationals in the country.

Former Nigerian Ambassador to the United States and Charge d’Affaires, Nigerian Embassy, The Netherlands,  Ambassador Joe Keshi said this in an interview with Arise News in Abuja, stating that, the situation is also part of the gang war across South Africa. Hear him:

“The main reason for this is that; I try to explain it to people that during apartheid, South Africans were in control of the territory, now, foreigners have taken over the territory. For South Africans, it is a loss.

“You also have the political elite fuelling the situation, with their comments; so-called the rise of nationalism all over the world today, also helps to fuel the situation.

“There is also the issue of unemployment, to them, some foreigners have taken their jobs. There is a bit of gang war.

“It’s a combination of both criminality and anger; there are criminals on the streets trying to take control, when you have this kind situation, certainly, people will capitalise on it to do what they want to do.”

Stating that both countries need to find a solution to the problem, Keshi outlined that there was the need for Nigerians resident in South Africa to set up a response mechanism to the crisis.

Similarly, the Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE) has condemned the continuous xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa.

NGE made this known at the weekend in Oshogbo, Osun State at the end of its standing committee meeting where issues concerning the guild and the country were deliberated.

The guild said it particularly condemned the continuous xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other African nationals in South Africa and resolved that the Nigerian government should be more responsive in protecting her citizens in foreign countries.

In a statement signed by NGE President, Funke Egbomode and General Secretary, Victoria Ibanga respectively, the guild said:

“The government, should as a matter of national interest apply the country’s foreign policy of reciprocity that affects mutual relations between Nigeria and other countries.

“The Editors are dismayed at the conspiratorial silence of senior South African nationalists, who know the enormous contributions of Nigeria to the emergence of the Independent South Africa. The South African Institute of International Affairs records that Nigeria spent a whopping $61 billion between 1960 and 1995 in the fight against apartheid.”

It said it was not unmindful of the fact that South Africans are in Nigeria running successful businesses and, therefore, the violent actions of South Africans could push Nigerians into retaliation; “just as Nigerians are passionate about protecting their South African friends, they can also be passionate in protecting their own nationals.”

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The guild, however, enjoined Nigerians resident in South Africa to remain calm, law-abiding and continue to go about their legitimate businesses even in the face of provocation.