World’s Shortest Couple Gets Guinness World Records Recognition


World shortest couple, Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Lie Hoshino, who got married in September after an eight-year relationship, on Thursday got a wedding gift they’ve wanted for years: Official recognition from Guinness World Records confirming them as world’s shortest married couple.

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Paulo, 31, and Katyucia, 28, have dwarfism. He is 35.54 inches tall; she is 35.88 inches.

With a combined height of 71.42 inches, they beat out previous record holders, fellow Brazilians Douglas Maistre Breger da Silva and Claudia Pereira Rocha, who were 35.4 inches and 36.6 inches respectively, to emerge world shortest couple to be married.

shortest couple

According to Guinness, the 31-year-old Barros did not begin walking until he was 21. Now, he uses a specialized boot that helps him walk without assistance. He also has since learned how to drive.

The couple first talked in 2006 through an online dating site. The two didn’t meet until December 2008. The two then immediately struck up a relationship.

“I found her very beautiful from the first moment I saw her,” he said.

Speaking about their relationship, Katyucia, said: “We may be short but we have big hearts and lots of love for each other as well as everybody in our lives. Our life isn’t without its challenges but we are so happy we can tackle these challenges together.”


Both are able to work normal jobs. Paulo works in government while she is a beauty salon owner.

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The couple said in a statement after the recognition:

“We are so happy to be a part of Guinness World Records Day and to have our unique record celebrated. We hope our new record will encourage the world to look past the physical differences in others and understand all people should be treated equally.”