World’s Fattest Boy Weighs 192kg At Age 10 (Photos)


Arya Permana, is 10-year-old and has been named world’s fattest boy, as he weighs 192 kilograms and eats five meals a day.

He is reduced to wearing just a sarong as clothes do not fit him, and has been placed on a crash diet over fears he may die. Arya, from West Java Province in Indonesia, has dropped out of school as he can no longer walk and his mother Rokayah said he is ‘perpetually hungry’.

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Arya,who is the second son of Rokayah, 35, and her husband Ade Somantri, 45, a farmer, was born at home via natural birth and weighed a normal 3.2 kilograms at birth. But by the time he turned two years old, Arya had gained weight at an abnormal rate for his age. Despite this, his parents said they were not worried initially as they were happy to see their son ‘healthy’.

Ade Somantri
His mother says he was born normally and weighed 3.2kg at birth

Only until a few years later when he bloated and his weight went out of control, “we realized he was suffering from a disorder and needed medical attention,” his mother said, adding that Arya has been taken to several doctors in their village in Cipurwasari in West Java, Indonesia, but surprisingly, they did not find anything abnormal about his alarming weight.

He is reduced to wearing just a sarong as clothes do not fit him

Mr, Somantri said:

“They asked us to take him to better hospitals if we think he needs medical attention. I have spent money beyond my capacity on his treatment but I am a poor farmer and making ends meet is a big task for me.

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“I have insufficient money to buy food to fulfil his large appetite. I borrow money so that he can eat. Of course, I cannot keep him starving.
“I am exhausted now and I cannot afford expensive hospitals. But I hope to see my son perfectly normal one day,’ added Ade, who makes £100 a month.”

10-year-old Arya Permana