World Teachers Day: 60 Quotes About Educators To Inspire You


October 5 is World Teachers Day and as we venerate all the great people impacting lives, influencing the quality of education, let’s savour these inspirational quotes about teachers to appreciate their honourable profession.

Imagine a world without good teachers; Education, Pupils, Schools, Colleges, Universities etc. There’ll be no doctors, Engineers, Bankers, Accountants, Scholars, Judges without good Teachers….As a matter of facts, Nations will collapse without Teachers.

Hence we bring you greatest inspirational quotes to celebrate World Teachers Day.

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Famous Quotes About Teachers, Education on World Teachers Day

1. Teaching creates all other professions.

2. Teachers are heroes, Managers of world’s greatest resources.

3. A good Teacher is a doctor who heals ignorant and an artist who inspire creativity.

4. Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.

5. A Teacher plants the seed of knowledge; sprinkles them with love and patients; nurtures their growth to produce tomorrows dreams.

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6. A good Teacher is like a candle – it burns itself out to light the way for others.

7. A Teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

8. Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning.

9. When a teacher enjoys teaching, kids just know it.

10. A Teacher takes a hand, opens the mind and touches the heart.

11. Don’t judge a teacher until you’ve walked a year in their shoes.

12. It is the supreme art of the Teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

13. We may forget what you said, but we will never forget how you made us feel. – students

14. A Teacher is a compass that activates the magnet of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in the pupils.

15. Good Teachers are the reason ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things.

16. True Teachers use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.

17. A Teacher has to be a prophet who can look into the future and see the world of tomorrow into which the children of today must fit.

18. Educators are the only people who lose sleep over other people’s children.

19. To teach is to touch lives forever.

Other quotes for World Teachers Day

20. To the world, you may just be a teacher, but to your students, you are a star.

21. The best Teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.

22. Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than those who produce them.

23. Teachers help students find important things they’ve lost every day; sometimes it is a paper… other times it is courage, confident or a smile.

24. The influence of a good Teacher never erase.

25. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

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World Teachers Day

26. I can not teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.

27. You never want to get on a plane where a pilot learned to fly from a worksheet.

28. Every child is one caring adult away from being a success story.

29. The mediocre Teacher tells; the good Teacher explains, the superior Teacher demonstrates; the great Teacher inspires.

30. A Teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop a student who can create their own image.

31. Without Teachers life would have no class.

32. Teaching is the act of sharing the knowledge we have been given by others with the hope that someday, in some way, it again will be passed on.

33. It shouldn’t matter how slowly a child learns as long as we are encouraging them not to stop.

34. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.

35. If you’ve taught a child a thousand times and he still doesn’t understand, then it is not the child who is a slow learner.

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36. Teachers change the world one child at a time.

37. Kids don’t care about what you know until they know that you care.

38. The best Teachers are artists who know the science of teaching.

39. Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.

40. A Teacher nourishes the soul of a child forever.

41. A dance Teacher helps their student find the music in their heart; the beat in their feet and a passion for life.

42. Teaching is like cultivating a garden. Those who want nothing to do with thorns must never attempt to gather flowers.

43. Great Teachers engineer learning experiences that put students in the driver’s seats and then get out of the way.

44. Teaching is hard because it matters.

45. The future of students depends on Teachers who give them a reason for hope.

46. Great Teachers empathize with kids, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon.

47. The teacher is the heart of the educational system.

48. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.

49. A Teacher is the one who gets the most out of the lessons, and the true teacher is the learner.

More Quotes for World Teachers Day

50. Teachers make more minute by minute decisions than brain surgeons and that is why you’re going home so exhausted each day.

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World Teachers Day


51. A good educator can change anyone. A good Teacher can change everything.

52. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

53. If you are planning for a year, sow rice. If you are planning for a decade, plant trees. If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.

54. Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.

55. Give me a fish and I eat for a day, teach me how to fish and I eat for a lifetime

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56. Technology has made it easier for students to learn new devices, but nothing can replace the experience of being taught by an inspirational caring teacher.

57. Technology will not replace teachers, but teachers who use technology will replace those who do not.

58. A master can tell you what he expects of you. A Teacher awakens your own expectations.

59. As a general rule, Teachers teach more by what they are than by what they say.

60. If you can read this, thank a Teacher.

To Teachers around the world, Thank You For All…May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are and the difference you make. Happy World Teachers Day!