Wonder Facts You Din’t Know About Animal Intelligence


Animal Intelligence over the years has been either under rated or overlooked, many animals especially the wild ones have shown high degrees of intelligence than the human mind could have possibly imagined. From the tiniest of ants to the biggest of animals, they never cease to amaze us. These animals here will amaze you even more, exhibiting intelligent traits similar to that of humans.

Lemurs Can Steal Food From Your Plate


Duke University researchers made a study on ‘animal intelligence’ by conducting a series of experiments involving humans and lemurs from both small and big group. In the experiment, blind-folded humans were left with food on plates and it was observed that lemurs from large groups could quickly understand the purpose of the blind-fold and end up stealing food off the plate. All lemurs essentially have similar sized brains, proof that living amongst large social gathering helps animal learn and grow significantly.

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Wolves Copy Better Than Dogs Do


Wolves are good at copying, this natural trait is probably due to the fact that wolves live in packs and are dependent on each other therefore they are often used to copying one another. Scientists once made a study of fifteen six months old mongrel dogs and fourteen six months old wolves. Each of the animals was made to observe a trained dog opening a box and getting rewarded for the act. At the end, all the wolves successfully opened the box while only ten dogs could pull-off the act, proof that wolves learn better than dogs.

Rats Have Working Memories Like Humans


Researchers at the International School for Advanced Studies were amazed to find ‘working memories’ in rats. ‘Working memories’ are memories for intermediate results that must be held during thinking. Like humans, rats have memories that store information used in ongoing processes. Researchers found out that the rats used in the experiment respond with their whiskers, to vibrations the same way a human would have done with their fingertips. It was concluded that it was the rat’s working memories that had helped it to see and decide on how to respond to a stimuli.

Dogs Remembers Us When We Are Not There


Dogs tend to remember us when we are not present and possibly, are more attached to the master than other members of its own species. The Behavioral Processes journal published a research that they had done on 12 dogs where smell was used to see how a dog reacts emotionally. The research dogs were presented with the smell of one familiar dog and one familiar human (probably the master) & also the smell of one unknown dog and one unknown human. A scanner was attached to their brain that showed the dogs reacting strongly on the smell of the familiar human even more than the smell of the familiar dog.

Zebra Finche’s Fake Their Behavior 

zebra finche

Zebra finches just like humans change their behavior in accordance to their social circumstance, when sick but faced with a potential mate they’d try to appear robust. The same goes, when they are in front of young one’s (probably attempting to show no weakness) and also when faced with enemy threats. In this way But when not faced with such adverse situation, they rest and therefore any possibility of spreading their diseases gets dim.