Injustice! Woman’s Kidney Removed Illegally In Italy [Graphic Photos]


A Nigerian woman, Julie Osamese’s case, who allegedly had her kidney removed illegally by some doctors in Italy has been brought before the House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora Affairs.

Julie, a mother of one, a legal immigrant in Italy, had gone to the Ospedale Maria Vittoria Cibrario Hospital in Turin, Italy sometime in November 2008, to complain about her poor health.

At the time, she had a bit of fever and was given some drugs and asked to come back for revaluation one week later. Julie returned to the hospital one week later and the doctors allegedly gave her drugs which made her dizzy.

It was gathered that as she complained to the doctors who attended to her, she was tied to the bed despite her protest. By the time she woke up, part of her buttocks had allegedly been chopped off, and her kidney tampered with leading to uncontrollable urination, due to loss of bladder control.

After regaining consciousness from an injection the doctors gave her, she saw that the lower part of the buttocks on both sides had been chopped off, to the extent that the bones in her buttocks had cracked and she saw the pieces of the bones.

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kidney removed illegally

Also her bladder was disengaged from the source with urine pouring out uncontrollably. In fact, she woke up on a catheter and a big plaster by the region of her kidney.

Thereafter, she was transferred from one hospital to the other in an ambulance without a medical report. They finally dropped her at the seventh medical centre. The doctors could not give any tangible reason for treating her as such, and they allege Julie is mentally ill and diabetic.

Chairperson of the House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora Affairs, Rita Orji, narrates that on investigation, the doctor’s diagnosis of Julie’s condition were all unfounded.

Julie has been suffering this injustice for the past eight years. She was alas dumped in a mental home that harbours old men and women that are demented.

A test conducted showed that Julie was not diabetic, and her scan results show that her kidney was tampered with. Doctors say she can never walk again.

The committee is demanding that the Italian government investigate Julie Osamese’s case with a view to fishing out the medical personnel whose highly unprofessional conduct led to the loss of one of her kidneys and her permanent confinement to a wheelchair.

The lawmakers are also asking for the highest form of compensation and a complete rehabilitation of Julie, who they said has been the subject of several protests by the Nigerian community in Italy.

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The lawmakers are demanding the minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama to institute a panel of inquiry into the matter with a view of determining the role of the staff of the Nigerian High Commission in Italy, whom they accused of negligence.