Man Reacts To Girlfriend With Two Vaginas


Having two vaginas is as weird as having two heads and can be very scary. A man whose girlfriend was born with two vaginas talks about his experience with her while answering some tricky questions about their sex life.

The man, with nickname, twicethefunn and his girlfriend NurseryRN have become extremely popular after they started ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit, a social media and discussion website. The followers of this couples have been asking the unusual couple questions about their sex, conceiving and carrying a child.

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According to the couple, NurseryRN was born with a complete uterine didelphys, a uterine malformation where a woman has a double uterus, with two cervixes and two vaginas. Explaining their decision to go public twicethefunn said: “I’ve been browsing Reddit for over a year, so I pretty much have caught on to how it functions. I expected a lot of sex questions, a lot of medical questions and a lot of humor. We’re both just trying to have a little fun.”

Two Vaginas - man reacts

Here are a few interesting questions raised by users and sincere answers from the man.

Q: So what were your first thoughts when you found out?

A: Well, before we started dating she mentioned she had two of something most girls don’t. After a couple of minutes of guessing I finally figured it out. It was an interesting conversation.

Q: Does it [sex] feel different?

A: Yes, but then again all vaginas are different. Urine comes out of the urethra, not the vaginal canal. The urethra is near the top of the vagina while the vaginal canal is at the bottom.

When asked about conceiving and carrying a child, the man said that his girlfriend could get pregnant via both vaginas but added: “She knows way more about this than me. Don’t ask me how that works though.

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Similarly, just like NurseryRN with two vaginas, there was a report about a man with an extremely rare condition called diphallia, he has two penises. According to the man, he is not going to reveal his identity and does not want fame and fortune.