OMG! Woman Slices Husband’s Penis For Cheating With Close Friend

Ann, a Pattaya woman who sells friend chicken, found out her husband was cheating on her so she decided to be extra nice to him by speaking gently and nicely to him, then started stroking him in a place where most men don’t mind to be touched and just when the man was really getting in the mood she whipped out a box cutter and attacked his penis, chopping it off.

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According to Thai News, by the time the Medics arrived, they found the penis was still attached by a thin strand of flesh and the man, Somchai (assumed name), covered in blood and screaming, with an ice compress held to his privates outside their rented room in Soi Nern Plab Wan.

After giving him an emergency first aid, the Bangkok man was rushed to Banglamung Hospital with his wife Ann in tow. At the hospital, the doctors said Somchai had lost a lot of blood and would need close supervision. It was too early to tell whether he would regain full use of his penis as there was severe psychological trauma to contend with as well as the injury itself. They said they would have to wait and see.

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Ann told medics from Sawang Boriboon foundation that she had found out that her husband had been cheating on her with a trusted close friend.

She then lulled him into a false sense of security on Tuesday morning by stroking his genitals before attacking him with the box cutter and that when she saw there was blood all over the bed and her husband was howling, she decided to call the medics.