Woman Removes Twins From Dead Sister’s Womb [Photos]


Woman Removes Twins From Dead Sister’s Womb! How would you describe this, bravery or what?

It is not common to hear that any one who is not a medical practitioner performed an operation on someone let alone on a blood relation. But desperate situations they say require desperate measures. This was the situation that played out on Saturday in Cameroon as the sister of a pregnant woman, Koumate Monique, 31 who was brought to the hospital but died shortly afterwards, was left with no choice than to take matters into her own hands in a bid to save the lives of the twins in her dead sister’s womb.

According to reports, the family rushed her to Laquantini Hospital in Douala Cameroon and on their way to the hospital, Monique experienced severe contractions and after about one hour of receiving no attention because they had no money, she kicked the bucket at the entrance of the hospital. The doctors still bluntly refused to touch her even amidst pleas from her family to extract the babies who were already kicking and struggling for air. Instead, they were asked to deposit the body in the mortuary.

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Frustrated, the sister of the deceased, did the unexpected as she decided to operate on her dead sister with a blade which she purchased at a nearby store. The first baby she brought out was dead but though the second one came out alive, it also died shortly. See the very graphic photos and video below:

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Watch Video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GvB3tNesQ8]

Sometimes I wonder if some medical doctors are called to kill or to save lives. Once in the practice, they tend to forget the oath they swore to on the day of their induction. They get so blinded by the monetary gain attached to the profession that they care less about human life. To them, an additional patient means more money and when they discover that you don’t have the money they want, they let you die unattended. Are their consciences dead? Don’t they feel guilty of the lives they waste through sheer wickedness?

Though I understand that every hospital like all other establishments have a due process that must be followed before a patient can be treated, I also believe there should be some exceptions especially when it is a case of emergency just like this. Doctors, God is watching you o! All of you!

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