Woman Names Her Newborn Twin Boys Donald And Trump


Latifa Huxley from South Carolina made headlines when she gave birth to twin boys at Grand Strand Medical Center and named them Donald and Trump in honour of recently elected US president, Donald Trump. The proud mother said she has no regrets for giving them those names. Hear her:

The proud mother of the twins, Latifa Huxley, who was visibly emotional explained. She told local reporters:

“We weren’t planning on naming them after Donald Trump at first, but it is clearly a divine sign that our next president shows up in our state on the day my little sunshines are born. 

“Donald Trump is a bright and successful man with strong moral values that represents what America is all about.” 

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The family is of the opinion that the timing of the South Carolina GOP primary with the birth of their twins in February was no coincidence. Damian Huxley, father of the boys said:

“It is truly a blessing and a God-given sign.

“After all the division Obama has brought upon this country, it is a great privilege to have my children born on this auspicious day.

“I don’t care if my president is black or white, all I know is that Trump is a man of his word and we believe him when he says that he will make America great again.”

Woman Names Her Newborn Twin Boys Donald And Trump

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Damian also added that the now 8.5 months old twins are doing very well and are very smart boys.

Donald Trump’s campaign supervisors also reportedly had something to say about the news. His words:

“I think Americans are ready for real change.

“Eight years of Obama in the White House has left the American dream in shambles and Americans want a president that will unite the country and make things better as they used to be. These twin babies will one day be very proud to be named after a great man and a great leader that will spare no expense to make America great again.”

I wonder how the parents would have felt if Donald Trump had lost the election…