Woman Electrocuted To Death At Her Fiancé’s House Few Weeks To Her Wedding


Tragedy struck a 35-year old about-to-wed woman, Loretta Ewere, after she was electrocuted at her fiancé’s home in Ajoke Kazeem Street, in the Idimu area of Lagos State last Saturday.

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Ewere and her the fiancé, Segun Tolani, were scheduled to wed in November and preparation was in top gear when tragedy struck. According to the reports, Segun Tolani, was fixing an electrical fault when the incident happened. A neighbour of their’s recounted the incident to newsmen, saying . . .

“The man had wanted to change his old cable TV decoder and antenna. When power was restored, he discovered that he didn’t have electricity in his house.

“He wanted to do it himself, but neighbours advised him to get the service of an electrician. He contacted an electrician who billed him N2,500. But he said the charge was too high. He decided to go and rent a wooden ladder from someone in the area.

“He mounted the ladder on the wall and called the lady from inside the room to assist him in holding the ladder. She held the ladder with one hand and held an iron pole beside the room with the other hand.

“While he was working, the wire fell and touched the pole she was holding and that was how she was electrocuted.”

Tolani called for help and a neighbour, who rushed out to pull out the victim with her bare hands was reportedly flung by the electric current. An electrician was later called to disconnect the power.

Electrocuted  woman

Loretta Ewere

The woman fell down and hit her head against the concrete floor. People tried to resuscitate her by giving her milk but she was already far gone. A nearby hospital where she was rushed to confirmed her dead and her corpse was deposited in a mortuary.

Meanwhile, the family of the deceased are blaming Tolani’s stinginess as responsible for their daughter’s death.

“They did their introduction four years ago and since then, they had been staying together,” Charles a relative of the lady said. “Their marriage was slated for November and the two families have bought clothes and sent invitation to people.

“Around 1pm of the day that she died, she called one of her friends that she would be going to shop for the wedding, not knowing that she would die that day. It was the man’s stinginess that killed her. If he had paid someone to fix the electrical fault, this would not have happened.”

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The deceased hails from Ewuru in Delta State and was preparing for her last two exams slated for October 4th and 6th in the Purchasing and Supply Department of The Polytechnic Ibadan while her fiance is an indigene of Ekiti State and worked with an insurance company.