Comedy Video: This Is What Happens When A Woman Asks For An African Man’s Hand In Marriage


The African tradition requires that the African man seeks the woman’s hand in marriage, yet the pace at which the world is changing, We African Nations decided to take a twist to the norm to see people’s reactions.

Contrary to marriage introduction scenario in an African country like Nigeria, the role (in the video) was switched and the woman goes with her father to seek the man’s hand in marriage.

In the hilarious film, the man’s reaction is tested and it told a telltale trend of what most men seek in a woman – fair skin, but it doesn’t end there. The dowry demanded by the groom shows how everybody keeps digging gold nowadays.

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But don’t get it twisted as we bring you the ‘real’ basic guides to Traditional Marriage rights as it is done in Nigeria between an African man, seeking to marry the African woman of his dream.

1. Groom’s Introduction to the Bride’s Family

This is very first step by the African man to let his intentions know to the girls family. The two families become acquainted through an intimate formal ceremony known as the introduction – just between the intended couple’s kinsmen, the intending couple may or may not be present on this day.

However, in consideration to diversity of the Nigerian culture and tribes, the introduction ceremony may vary.

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2. The Engagement Ceremony

Following the first introduction, the groom returns with his entire family; kinsmen and friends, with all that is requested of him from the bride’s family. Some of these food items may include Yams, Alcoholic and non-Alcoholic Drinks, livestock, Clothes, Shoes, Jewelries, Kola nuts, Palm oil and other things based on each tribe’s traditions and what both families agreement.

In the Igbo tradition, It is in this ceremony that the bride takes a cup of palmwine from her father and gives to her husband to be. Traditionally, it is expected that the bride’s family caters for the food, even if the groom has hand in the provision of food, it’s usually not to be mentioned and while the ceremony is going on, the groom’s family presents the gifts for the bride and her people.

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3. The Traditional Wedding Ceremony 

During this day, every other important celebration culminate. Though customs varies as to how this is carried out or performed. Some take the celebration to the Church and come back, others make do with the compound in which the celebrations started in with prayers and all sorts of music and traditional dances, refreshments, exchange of gifts and souvenirs.

The couple is given the special position at the ceremony while family, friends and well-wishers shower them with lots of attention, best wishes, blessings and prayers.

Note: Traditional marriage patterns in Nigeria vary from one tribe to the other.