Wife Tells Husband to Return Her to Former Shape Before Divorce


The rate of separation and divorce is increasing rapidly due to a lot of economic, social and personal challenges faced everyday. In a court in Lagos, thirty-five year old Basirat Alatise declared that she would only grant her husband divorce if he takes her body shape back to how it was when he first met her. This marriage, like every other one, was meant to last till death separates the couple, but a worse death is about to occur – the death of the marriage while the couple still lives.

Basirat, whose husband, Morufu Alatise, asked for a dissolution of their marriage at the Agboyi/Ketu Cus­tomary Court, caused a mild drama when she disagreed to the divorce. She said the only condition she would accept is if her husband restores her to her original state when he met her. The young lady, who sounded reasonable in her request, would not want a situation where she is left without a husband and not look attractive enough for other men who may find interest in her in the future.

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48 year Morufu stood on his petition to the court to dissolve the three-year-old marriage on the basis that the marriage has lost it’s savour. He also said he was tired of his wife’s constant embarrassment in public, destroying his property, and also being wicked to him. The wife on the other hand insisted that he either restores her youthful beauty or get ready to live with her for the rest of his life.

The two love-birds now cats and dogs, met at a carnival and decided to get married. According to the man, he had a child  with another woman, and had told Basirat about it, but she still agreed to marry him. After the marriage, she starting acting weird and had several fights with the mother of her husband’s child, whenever she came visiting. He added that his wife even got to the point of getting him arrested and locking him up in a police cell several times, among other embarrassments.

divorce decree

On the contrary, Basirat told the court that her husband never mentioned anything about being previously married or having a child. She got to find out when she carried out some investigation.

Her Claims:

“When I met my husband, he never told me he was married. My relatives though, were asking me how a man in his forties would not be married; that it is better we investigate and know why he is not yet married all these years.

“It was then that we discovered that he already has a wife and when I confronted him, he said that the wife he married died. After a while we discovered it was a lie, that the wife is alive and I became friends with her.

“After a while, we then discovered that he now has an­other girlfriend he was secretly seeing and the lady comes to his office which is in our house to come visit him. It was very embarrassing for me and I confronted him and he told the lady to beat me up.

“We fought and the lady tore my clothes and I immediately went to report at the police station and he was ar­rested and put in cell because he refused to produce the lady who fought me but I eventual­ly bailed him.

“I still forgave him but he still brings the new girlfriend to his office which my father gave him. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I usually harass him so that he would know that I am not happy with his attitude and he still continued and had the au­dacity to say he wants divorce.

“I will never accept any divorce except he has the power to take me back to the position he met me before I got pregnant; return all the money I have spent, otherwise, this our marriage is until death do us part.”

Basirat has said it all “Till death do us part,” the ultimate slogan for marriage.

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