Wife Abandons Home Because Her Unemployed Husband Has Sex With Her 6 Hours Daily


A woman in Zimbabwe has asked the law courts to dissolve her marriage on the grounds that her unemployed husband was “having too much sex” with her.

The exact words from the 26 year old woman Constance Muungani were:

Six- hour daily sex from a jobless man is too much to handle

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The woman’s husband Fani Mumba ( 31) claims to have asked the court to give him some time to work on his “prolonged erection”. Constance has long fled her matrimonial home because of her husband’s sexual appetite.

Mumba , who thought his wife was unfair to him , took the case to a local court in their country, Zimbabwe . Muungani told the court that her husband did not take her well  being into consideration .

She said:

 I have endured too much sex. He has sex with me every day for about six hours , to an extent that my private part became painful . I fear I will die having sex. 

I am employed , but my husband has no job but to keep having sex with me . I am not going back to him and I also want the custody of the children . 

However , the husband told the court not to dissolve the marriage , saying he still loves his wife .

He said:

 I love my wife . I kindly ask her to give me a chance to solve the prolonged erection . I did that in the belief that I would sexually satisfy her and I didn’ t know that it would wreck my marriage 

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Court Chief , Chireya , who is yet to deliver a verdict on the case said he will favour the couple working on mending the marriage by engaging both parties and encouraging more dialogue and communication.