Wicked Stepmother Castrates 2-Year-Old Boy [Photos]


With the way the world is going, I’m very sure the devil will be taking lectures from human wickedness! What crime could a 2-year-old child commit that he should be given a punishment that will leave a life time scar on him? I have seen and read shocking stories where a wicked stepmother ill-treats a child, but seeing this one made my heart miss a beat, my body went cold and my blood boiled hot. Your reaction could be worse!

A woman is presently cooling off in the police net after an incident which I can make bold to describe as the most ruthless and savagely cruel assault on a child. The yet to be identified woman was arrested by the police for attacking a two-year-old toddler who was said to be her stepson, and in the process, cut his tongue, broke both of his arms and legs, blinded him on the right eye and crowned it all by castrating the helpless child, using a sharp blade to slice open his testicle.

A twitter user, YMRigasa, who posted the heinous incident, revealed that the incident took place in Gulu village, in Rimin Gado Local Government Area of Kano State, where the wicked stepmother chose to unleash her anger on the poor boy who has been living with her and his father after he (the father) separated from his biological mother.

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Reports has it that the boy has been admitted at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, while the woman has been arrested by the State Police Command.

YMRigassa post was tagged:

“Horror: His step mother cut his tongue, broke his arms and legs, damaged his right eye and castrated him with blade.”

See pictures below:

http://www.photojoiner.net/image/FD9Z1Idz Wicked StepMother
Wicked Step Mother Assaults Toddler

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http://www.photojoiner.net/image/PWwGnxcH Wicked StepMother

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http://www.photojoiner.net/image/tUaZ3rOC Wicked StepMother