Who Is Zainab Indomie and What Are Her Best Movies?

Zainab Indomie (Real Name: Zainab Abdullahi, born on 17th May 1996; Age: 28 years old) is one of the most talented actresses in the Hausa language movie industry, Kannywood.

Zainab began her acting career in 2008 and has since gained a spot as one of the most influential actresses in the Hausa film industry. Her impressive skills in the interpretation of movie roles have earned her the admiration of many. Know more details about this beautiful actress and how established she is in her career as an actress. Some of her best movies include Wali-Jam, Yar Agadez, Adon Gari, etc.

Zainab Indomie’s Bio

  • AGE: 28 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: 17th May 1996
  • BIRTHPLACE: Abuja, Nigeria
  • BIRTH SIGN: Taurus
  • ETHNICITY: Hausa

Zainab Abdullahi is a Sudanese-Nigerian

She was born Zainab Abdullahi on the 17th day of May 1996 in Pape, FCT Abuja, Nigeria. Regardless, Zainab is originally from Sudan as her father has roots in the country. There are no details about her parents and siblings.

Born and raised in Abuja, Zainab completed her primary and secondary education in the federal capital territory. She then proceeded to a Nigerian higher institution, where she obtained a diploma in Computer Science.

She Started Acting as a Teenager in 2008

Right from childhood, Zainab had a passion for watching movies and was gradually catching the movie bug. She mostly had an interest in Indian and Kannywood films and admired the acting abilities of some of their actors and actresses. With time, she began to grow the urge not only to watch again but to interpret roles. Her passion grew to the extent that she took a bold step into the movie scene, and the rest is history.

Zainab was first noticed by Ali Nuhu, who helped her in honing her acting skills. Her exceptional gifts and talents in interpreting roles gave her a fast rise in the industry. She also received tutor and direction from one of the best in the profession, Adam A. Zango, whom she had severally featured in movies with.

Today, Zainab has been in numerous successful movies and has grown to become one of Kannywood’s most sought-after actresses.

Though the particular movie that launched her into the limelight is not known, the actress quickly rose to fame just after a few years. Her movies are known for being classic and unique. Meanwhile, Zainab suddenly went off the screen sometime in 2018 and resurfaced after five years. Her disappearance from the screen sparked rumors that she had died or had her leg amputated. But the actress has since addressed and debunked all rumors

Speaking about why she left the scene for a while, Zainab stated that it was to pave way for younger and upcoming actresses to grow in the industry. She further added that she did not regret her decision on that because she could see the impact of her absence in the industry.

Some of Zainab Indomie’s Best Movies

  • Ali
  • Raliya
  • Wali-Jam
  • Bana Bakwai
  • Hadizalo
  • Rai Dai
  • Ina Nan
  • Son Mai So
  • Zuri’a
  • Adon Gari
  • Sani Nake So
  • Bilal
  • Fataken Dare
  • Yar Agadez
  • Kundin Tsari
  • Romeo da Jamila
  • Garinmu Da Zafi

Who is Zainab Indomie Dating?

As much as it is known, Zainab Indomie is currently single and has not been married before. However, the rumor mills have it that she is in a relationship which she carefully keeps off social media and the general public.

Meanwhile, there are records that actress Zainab Indomie almost got married sometime in the past, but her then-husband-to-be called off the marriage. This was a result of the actress’s alleged drug addiction. Moreover, rumors had made rounds that she had also been caught in the act of smoking Indian hemp.

These incidents reportedly angered her man, who is said to be a legislator, and he backed out of the relationship. There is, however, no proof to this information as the actress did not accept nor debunk them.


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