Who Is Tchidi Chikere’s First Wife

Tchidi Chikere’s wife, Sophia Williams (born October 31, 1985), is a 38-year-old Nollywood actress, producer, skincare expert, and entrepreneur. She is well known as the ex-wife of Tchidi Chikere, a Nollywood director and producer.

Sophia Willian is a Nigerian actress, producer, skincare expert, and entrepreneur who has contributed much to the Nollywood movie industry. The actress was previously known as Sophia Chikere because of her marriage to the Nollywood director and producer Tchidi Chikere. She married her ex-husband in 2003, and by 2012, they had separated. She is currently engaged to an actor, Desmond Dozie, famously known as Young Mula.

Sophia William’s Bio

  • AGE: 38 years old
  • BIRTHDAY: October 31, 1985
  • BIRTHPLACE: Umuahia, Abia State
  • BIRTH SIGN: Libra
  • SOPHIA WILLIAM’S INSTAGRAM: @divalioussophy1

Tchidi Chikere’s Wife, Sophia Williams, Was Born In 1985 

Tchidi Chikere’s wife, Sophia Williams, is a Nollywood actress and entrepreneur born on October 31, 1985, in Umuahia, Abia State. She is from the southeastern part of Nigeria, which accords to her Igbo ethnicity. Sophia has managed to keep her early life and details of her parents under wraps. It is unknown if she is the only child born to her parents as there is no information about them.

Details of the location and schools she attended for her early, primary, and secondary are unknown. It is also unknown if she obtained a university degree as there are no details of the university she attended.

A Look Into Her Multifaceted Career

Sophia Williams is an actress and has achieved fame in Nollywood, mainly for her role in the movie Soul On Fire. She has appeared in several movies, including Colours of Emotion, Now and Forever, and many more. The actress has starred alongside veteran Nigerian actors and actresses like Olu Jacobs, Patience Ozokwor, and many others.

Sophia Williams widened her career path across the Nollywood movie industry, as she is also a skincare expert who owns a skin clinic. She also ventured into the fashion business and is currently the CEO of a glamour boutique. As industrious as the Nollywood actress will be, she also explored the perfume line of business and is currently the owner of Sophia’Sophia’s Perfume.

Sophia Williams Was Tchidi Chikere’s Wife for Nine Years

Sophia Williams got married to the Nollywood movie director and producer at the age of 18 years. Reports have it that the duo tied the knots in 2003 and was seen to have a good relationship. She welcomed three boys with Tchidi Chikere, her ex-husband. In 2012, the marriage crashed due to infidelity issues, which resulted in taking the option of divorce.

Why did Tchidi Chikere’s Marriage With Sophia Williams Crash?

Sophia Chikere, a Nollywood actress, and Tchidi Chikere, a film director, were said to have experienced a disastrous marriage in 2012. It was reported that Sophia claimed that Nuella was the reason her husband decided to call their union a quit. She swore with her life and that of her kids that the actress was dating her husband before he decided to leave their marriage.

The actress emphasized that her silence over it had been due to her respect for her ex-husband. Sophia, in her claims, went further to confirm that she never called or looked for Nuella for a day after taking her man away from her. She urged Nuella to stop deceiving the public that she wasn’t in the picture before Tchidi left their marriage.

Since then, there have been rumors that Tchidi and Nuella have found new havens in one another’s arms. Even while that was true, no one ever thought the director was genuinely going to wed Nuella because rumors of their relationship were treated lightheartedly.

This also made the public believe that the news about their imminent marriage was another prank. It became a reality when they had their traditional wedding ceremony, which took place on March 28, 2014.

Tchidi ChikereChikere’sWife Is Now Married To Desmond Dozie

The actress stayed for a few years after her rejection by her ex-husband before venturing into a new relationship. It was first reported that she was seeing a man who was of younger age. Four years after her divorce, news of her traditional marriage with Desmond Dozie, popularly known as Young Mula, broke out in 2016.

Young Mula is also a Nigerian Nollywood actor, director, singer, and CEO of DiaFada Entertainment. The actress seems to have found all that she wants in a man, as she has on several occasions taken to her Instagram to share how her man has been spoiling her with gifts.

She once shared photos and a video of a brand new Mercedes Benz car that was bought by Young Mula. He has also gifted her a well-furnished house as a birthday gift. Furthermore, rumors have it that Desmond Dozie adopted Sophia Williams’ children as his own and is constantly lavishing them with gifts.

Who is Tchidi Chikere, Sophia Williams’s Ex-husband?

Tchidi Chikere, born on October 10, 1975, is a 48-year-old Nollywood movie director, producer, actor, scriptwriter, music video director, and singer. He hails from Imo State, Nigeria, and is an English Language graduate from the University of Calabar. Tchidi Chikere had three sons from his marriage with Sophia Williams, his first wife.

The movie director has taken some movie roles as an actor. His first movie role was in the 2003 Throwing Stones, in which he took the role of Rita Dominic. He is the director of the 2018 talk show titled Pink Room, which had his second wife, Nuella Njubigbo, as one of the hosts. Tchidi, in his career as a director, has bagged some awards and nominations to his credit, including the 2008 Africa Magic ViewersViewers’ Award.

A year after Tchidi Chikere divorced Sophia Williams, he married Nuella Njubigbo in 2014. During their wedding, the couple titled their union Love made in heaven. Based on reports, the marriage is said to have crashed due to suspected domestic violence. The director later revealed in one of his Instagram posts that his second wife left their 7-year-old marriage.

The actress also altered her bio from mother and wife to award-winning actress and Chief Executive Officer and unfollowed her husband on all her social media platforms. They welcomed a daughter the same year they got married.

Tchidi Chikere’s Wife Is A Mother To Four Children

Tchidi Chikere’s wife, Sophia Williams, is a mother to four children, whom she welcomed from her two marriages. She had three sons with her ex-husband, who are all grown up. Though there are no details of who her sons are, the eldest was revealed in one of his father’s posts to be off to the university.

Details about what the two younger sons are up to are unknown. The actress welcomed a baby girl on June 1, 2021, with her current husband, Young Mula. The news of her baby left many awestruck because she hid the news of her baby bump from the media.


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