Who Is Portable’s Girlfriend or Does He Have A Wife?

Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter Habeeb Okikiola popularly known as Portable is married to his wife Omobewaji Oluwaferanmi Ewatomi; however, he is notorious for publicly displaying his girlfriends despite being married.

Portable made the news in December 2022 after he welcomed a baby boy with his girlfriend despite being married. The name of Portable’s girlfriend is Honey Berry and reports have it that she has been welcomed into the family by the singer’s wife. With hit songs making waves in the music industry, Portable indeed has become one of the most sort-after men in the music industry. Let’s take a deeper dive into his personal life.

Who Is Portable’s Wife?

Portable is married to Omobewaji Oluwaferanmi Ewatomi, a young lady from Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. Before he got married to her sometime in the beginning of 2022, they had already been seeing each other for a long while, even before the singer hit fame and fortune. Their years of dating produced two sons.

Despite Being Married He Is Publicly Involved With Other Women

Right from his early days, portable has never been a man of one woman. This can be buttressed with several posts on social media by the singer where he audaciously states that one man can be with many women but a woman is for one man. In several interviews, he has also boldly said he has many girlfriends and they all profess love to him.

When he was still an upcoming artist, he was heavily involved with a young lady whose name has been lost in time. Portable claimed that he broke things off with her because of her infidelity. He then stuck to his wife Bewaji, apparently, she was able to ‘tame’ him and equally succeeded in tying the knot with him.

How Portable’s Girlfriend, Honey Berry, Was Publicly Celebrated 

In the later part of 2022, word broke that the controversial singer was set to marry another woman. The woman named Honey Berry was reportedly pregnant for him and they were said to be planning on tying the knot. On December 10, 2022, Portable welcomed a baby boy with the lady and took to his Instagram handle to post the good news as well as photos of his baby mama.

As expected, the news of Portable’s girlfriend-turned-baby mama did not go down well with his wife Bewaji. Consequently, when Portable decided to bring her into the family, his wife vehemently refused to accept her.

However, after intervention from family members, she later welcomed Honey Berry into the family. To everyone’s surprise, she went as far as taking to Honey Berry’s page to congratulate her on being a mother. Bewaji has graciously accepted the situation and is very welcoming to her soon-to-be co-wife.

Reports have it that Portable had been seeing the lady even before he got married in 2022. Little sightings of the two were occasionally made at eateries and clubs around Lagos but there was no name attached to what they had. It was until late in 2022 when she finally got pregnant for him that people knew things were very serious.

How Many Children Does Portable Have?

In an interview with Jahbless in 2022, Portable revealed that he had two sons from different women. However, he did not disclose the names or whereabouts of the women. It can also be recalled that after his wife Bewaji who reportedly has two kids for him, he had talked about marrying his then-pregnant girlfriend named Keji.

After celebrating the birth of his son with Honey Berry, it can be said that Portable has four children so far. However, this is not a fact as the singer may have other children he has not revealed to the public yet.


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