Who Is Kizz Daniel’s Girlfriend? Meet All the Women the Singer Has Been Linked To

The identity of Kizz Daniel’s girlfriend is yet to be known though it is common knowledge that Kizz Daniel is in a relationship. Before his current girlfriend, the singer had been linked to several women, including Adedamola Williams, Emerald Vicky, and Chidinma Ekile.

In Nigeria, when listing some of the best artists in recent times, Kizz Daniel will definitely fall in that category with ease. While the singer cum comedian keeps drawing attention for his being good in comedy skits, music, releasing hits after hits, and winning numerous awards, his relationship life equally keeps getting attention, as he has been linked to several women in and out of the industry.

Even with his being a veteran in the music industry and his ability to sing different genres with songs that include the themes of love, the singer rarely speaks of his current or past relationships. However, since he’s now a father of twin boys, questions such as “is he married, who is Kiss Daniel’s girlfriend and who is the mother of his sons?” come up every now and then. Here is all there to know about his past and present girlfriends.

Who is Kizz Daniel’s Girlfriend?

Sometime in 2020, Kizz Daniel posted a now-deleted Instagram image of his new haircut. In the caption, he mentioned the woman in his life being the reason for the new look. However, he never mentioned any name. In another post, the singer released a video of a woman singing to his song, and reports quickly traveled that they were dating. But the identity of the woman remains unknown.

Nevertheless, their love affair seems to be sparking, especially because they have children together. The singer has not given an insight if he intends to become married to his current girlfriend. However, he gave an opening about his ideal wife in an interview. He intends to settle with an ambitious woman who, rather than twerking and spending money, would also help in investing.

Meet All The Women Kizz Daniel Has Ever Dated

Since his rise to fame, Kizz Daniel’s love life, especially who he is girlfriend is, has been a thing of interest to his legion of fans. The singer has been linked to several women in the past. While some of these hookups were confirmed, others were just mere rumors. Take a look at those the singer has dated below.

He Allegedly Dated Chidinma Ekile But Why Did They Break Up?

Chidinma has allegedly dated several celebrities such as Flavour, Phyno, Tekno, and Dammy Krane in the entertainment industry. Although there is no proof she ever dated any of these men, she made several headlines as Kizz Daniel’s girlfriend in 2018.

The story started with hush rumors until it spread like wildfire after Kizz shared a video of her on his Instagram story. In the video, she sat on a bed, playing with her phone and laughing while he attached it with a heart emoji. They also reportedly had a matching tattoo. Both celebrities never accepted nor refuted their alleged love story. Nevertheless, in the same year, Chidinma, in a currently deleted post, shared that she would never date a man who would love for her to brush before kissing when they wake in the morning.

She stated that it is not good to check their spouse’s phone, especially when they’re cute. If there was indeed a relationship between the singers, they definitely left it private, and when they allegedly broke up, there were reports of them unfollowing each other on Instagram. Following their reputed dating and splitting, Kizz Daniel’s song Fuck You, according to some reports, was a diss song for Chidinma.

He Allegedly Had An Affair With Davido’s Ex Adedamola Williams 

Kizz Daniel girlfriend
Adedamola (Image Source)

The Afebabalola University graduate has reportedly had a relationship with Davido in the past. Although other reports regard her as Davido’s former side chick, there is no confirmation that there was ever a relationship between the singer and model Adedamola. In the same vein, in 2019, Adedamola was reportedly pregnant for Kizz Daniel.

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It ended up being a rumor when it turned out she wasn’t pregnant after all. What remains uncertain is if Kizz ever dated her at any point. While this remains a mystery, it is not uncommon that the media can make stories about celebrities time and again without proof.

Emerald Vicky is a Cloth Designer That Reportedly Got Pregnant for Kizz Daniel

Emerald Vicky
Emerald Vicky was rumored to be Kizz Daniel’s Girlfriend (Image Source)

Another woman linked to the singer is a cloth designer and fashion stylist Emerald Vicky, also known as Poshmerald. Like in the case of Kizz Daniel and Adedamola, their love story remains a mystery with an allegation of a pregnancy. This was thought true as Poshmerald allegedly deleted her Instagram handle shortly after being purportedly said to be pregnant for the singer in 2019. However, Kizz turned to social media to ask the public how many times he would get women pregnant or if the public ever gets tired of making up such stories.

How Many Are Kizz Daniel’s Children?

On May 1, 2021, Kizz Daniel shared a picture of him holding two little hands of newborns with the caption that suggested that he was a father. On June 15, he shared another post with his two boys Jalil and Jelani. However, the singer earlier had triplets but lost one of the boys, Jamal, four days after their birth. Kizz bought the boys a 2 bedroom luxury penthouse apartment at Ikate, Lekki, Lagos.

A Look at Kizz Daniel’s Relationship With His Female Fans

When it comes to celebrities and fans, there are mostly people who have a crush on them and can go the extra mile to get their attention. Kizz Daniel has different tales of such women. One among the women, according to him in an interview, did what he tagged X-rated. Another made a tattoo of his name on her chest.

On his social media, he interacts with his fans that include women, when they greet him. Still, he makes sure he doesn’t disregard or take advantage of any of them. After he posted the video of his alleged girlfriend singing to one of his songs playing in the background, a female fan and crush identified as Amarachi posted a video of herself crying and watching the video the singer had posted.

In another video, another lady formerly identified as @damselkizz24 on Instagram shared a video of herself crying and professing her love to Kizz. However, she has either deleted or changed her name on the platform. Some sources believe her decision could be due to trolls after the release of the video. There are many other tales over the course of his career, with different women displaying one or more dramas because of the singer. Nevertheless, there is no record that he has had any relationship with any of them as of this writing 


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