Who Is Kemi Ayorinde and Is She Lyta’s Wife or Baby Mama?

Kemi Ayorinde is the baby mama of Lyta, the fast-rising Nigerian singer whose real name is Opeyemi Babatunde. Kemi was born on 11th July 1999 and is currently a 24-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur and brand influencer. 

Ayorinde has kept her personal life away from social media, except for her relationship with Lyta. She became known for being a girlfriend and baby mama to Lyta. Their relationship had many issues when they were together, and most of these quarrels were brought to the media space. In this piece, we will explore Kemi’s relationship with Lyta to find out when they started dating, why they broke up, and the child they have together.

Kemi Ayorinde’s Bio

  • AGE: 24 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: 11th July 1999
  • BIRTHPLACE: Lagos, Nigeria
  • BIRTH SIGN: Cancer
  • ETHNICITY: Yoruba

Kemi Was Born in Lagos State, Nigeria

Lyta’s baby mama, Kemi Ayorinde, is 24 years old. The celebrity was born on 11th July 1999 in Lagos State, Nigeria. She grew up in Lagos and had her education there. There is little information available on the kind of childhood she had and her private life. She is a businesswoman and became a brand influencer from her relationship with Lyta.

In July 2021, Kemi Ayorinde bagged her Bachelor of Science degree from a university in Manchester, United Kingdom.

She is Lyta’s Baby Mama

Kemi Ayorinde is a baby mama to the fast-rising singer Lyta. They both welcomed their child, Aari Lawal, in July 2020. Lyta is a Nigerian singer who started his career in 2018 under the YBNL record Label. He is famous for his song “Monalisa” which was released in 2018. Lyta has many other songs and albums to his name and is still attaining more heights by the day.

Lyta is so dedicated to his song and music career that he neglects his baby mama and son. His busy schedule keeps him away from them, and Lawal is reportedly growing up without the love and care of his father. It was Kemi’s outburst over this issue that made her popular in the social media space.

Kemi and Lyta Welcomed their Son in 2020

In July 2020, Kemi Ayorinde welcomed a child with her boyfriend, Lyta. They named him Aari Lawal, and the news was all over the internet. Details about how they met and the pregnancy was hidden from the public. However, in 2021, when Kemi called Lyta out to take up his responsibility as a father, it was rumored that Kemi forced Lyta to have a child with her.

Of course, Ayorinde debunked the claims and continued to call out the singer to do the needful as a father. Aari lacked the love and affection of his father, and that was why Kemi brought the case out in the open. In June 2021, Ayorinde revealed that she officially changed their son’s last name to hers.

They Broke Up the Next Year Amid Major Drama

In 2021, Kemi Ayorinde spoke up about her relationship with Lyta. In a post, she lamented about being neglected by her baby’s father. She alleged that he never brought money for upkeep nor bonded with his son. In another post, Kemi described her relationship with Lyta as an abusive one

Continuing, Kemi also disclosed that she reported the case to Lyta’s family members, and they advised her to stay put in the relationship. They, however, did nothing to prevent their son from abusing her but rather asked her not to speak up so as to protect Lyta’s image and reputation. They also made excuses for the singer’s behavior, stating that he was only busy with his career so as to make money for their son.

In another post, Kemi accused Lyta of infecting her and their son with STDs while she was five months pregnant. She disclosed that they had to undergo treatments and were free of the disease. After the feud, Kemi and Lyta patched things up and came together again for a while. After a few months of being together after the reconciliation, Kemi Ayorinde woke up one morning and left Lyta.

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Has Kemi Moved On After the Break-Up?

Kemi Ayorinde broke up with Lyta in the early months of 2022, and she has moved on with her life. She has shared a post on Instagram about her new boyfriend, praising him for caring for her son and giving her quality time and attention.  Ayorinde has also revealed that her new man buys amazing gifts for her son as well.

It is obvious that one of the reasons why Kemi accepted her boyfriend is because he is very caring towards her son. Meanwhile. there’s no recent information on whether they are still together or not. Until then, we assume that the new lovers are still together. One thing that is for sure is that Kemi Ayorinde is not married to Lyta as they have broken up permanently.


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