Who Is Ini Edo’s Sister Ukeme Edo?

Ukeme Edo is an entrepreneur and CEO who has come to public notice for being the sister of the Nollywood actress Ini Edo.

She is the look-alike elder sister of the Nigerian on-screen goddess and many have mistaken her to be her twin sister. Due to their similar facial features, beauty, and body structure, she can easily pass as the twin sister of the actress but in reality, Ukeme is Ini Edo’s older sister. Below is all that you need to know about the elder sister of the Ini Edo.

Ukeme Edo’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Ukeme Edo
  • Nickname: Ukeme
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1978
  • Place of birth: Akwa Ibom State
  • Ukeme Edo’s Age: 46 years old
  • Ethnicity: Ibibio
  • Nationality: Nigerian 
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Education: University of Uyo
  • Occupation: CEO and entrepreneur
  • Ukeme Edo’s Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Edo
  • Siblings: Ini Edo (sister), Ify Joe Mark (sister), and Oti Edo(brother)
  • Famous for: Being the sister of the Nigerian Nollywood actress Ini Edo
  • Ukeme Edo’s Instagram: @kemzylivin g

Ukeme Edo Was Born In 1978

Ukeme Edo was born in Akwa Ibom State in 1978. Though her month and date of birth are unknown, she is known to be currently 46 years old. As a native of Akwa Ibom, in the south-south region of Nigeria, she is of the Ibibio ethnic group of Nigeria. Though much information, like the names of her parents, is unknown, her mother was known to be a teacher and her father a church elder.

She is the first child out of the four children born to her parents. The CEO has other siblings whom she grew up with under the care of her parents. Her immediate younger sister, Ini Edo, is a renowned Nigerian actress who has graced many onscreen roles for over two decades. Ini is still very much active in the field and serves her fans with the best interpretation of roles. Her two other siblings, Ify and Oti, are also thriving well in their various fields, though they are not as famous as Ini.

Ukeme is seen to maintain a good relationship with her siblings. Having grown up in Akwa Ibom, Ukeme Edo had her primary education there. She attended Immaculate Conception Secondary School in Itak Ikono, Akwa Ibom State, graduating in 1995. After she completed her secondary education, she moved on to the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, where she graduated with a degree.

Though Ukeme Edo has not been in the public eye like her sister Ini Edo, she still makes it in her own way. She thrives well in her endeavors as an entrepreneur and the CEO of Kemzeal Food. The company is an online store that deals in fish and is loved across Nigeria, such as dry sea fish, original palm oil, and crayfish. She also takes part in a hunger relief project under Lion’s Club International.

Ukeme and Ini Edo Are Not Twins

Ukeme Edo and Ini Edo share a resemblance that has made many believe that they are twins. But the truth remains that they are not twins, but rather Ukeme is the actress’s elder sister. The two sisters have been seen as being extremely close and serving the best sister goals. They are always spotted together, especially at family events or birthday celebrations.

The two sisters do not miss an opportunity to flaunt each other on their social media handles. Ukeme is active on social media and is always seen flaunting her family members. Ini Edo, on her own part, does not miss whenever it comes to family. She stated that after her love for God, then comes her family, and she has not disappointed when it comes to flaunting them on her social media handles. With over 5000k followers on Instagram and a flourishing business, Ukeme uses her Instagram account @kemzyliving to advertise her goods.

Ukeme Edo And Ini Edo Have Two Siblings

With a total of four children born by their parents, Ukeme and Ini Edo share two younger siblings. Their younger sister, Ify Mark Joe, and younger brother, Oti Edo, are also loved by their two older sisters, as they also take to their social media handles to flaunt their pictures and express their love for them.

Ify Mark Joe (Nee Edo)

Ify Joe Mark is the younger and only sister of Ukeme and Ini Edo. As much as she is not as popular as her sister Ini Edo, she made headlines in 2014 when she tied the knot with her heartthrob. The actress and her older sister took to their social media pages to share her wedding pictures. They made sure that they were present at the marriage ceremony to give their support and share in her joy.

Ify also takes to her social media handles to show how she loves her family and also flaunts their pictures. Much of the information about what Ify does for a living and what she is up to is unknown. She has already welcomed a child with her husband and her siblings did not hesitate to announce and congratulate her on their social media handles.

Oti Edo

Oti Edo is the younger and only brother of the two sisters. He has been able to gain a little popularity, though not as much as Ini Edo, and is active on Instagram as edojnr, with over 26k followers. He is also gaining ground in entertainment and is the CEO of Maximum Disturbance Entertainment. The entertainment firm has a record label that has artists signed to it.

Oti is also into movie production and it is evident on his Instagram as he has pictures of movie locations with Rockstudios. He also runs a grill and cocktail outlet in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State known as the 04 Grills. Just like his siblings, he takes to social media to show his love and support for his family. Other information about him, like his relationship status, is unknown.

The CEO’s Personal Life Has Been Kept Private

Information about Ukeme Edo’s relationship status and whether she has children is not known to the public. Taking a look at her social media handles where she bears the name Ukeme Ekim, one might come to the conclusion that the CEO is married but chooses to keep her family out of the media. However, the fact still remains that her personal life has been kept private.


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