Who is Frederick Leonard’s Wife in Real Life? Meet Peggy Ovire

Peggy Ovire is Frederick Leonard’s wife, whom he married on 19 November 2022. Born on October 22, 1985, Peggy is currently 38 years old. Peggy is an actress, model, and entrepreneur who has been in the limelight since 2013.

Frederick Leonard and his wife Peggy are two stars in the entertainment industry who have gone a long way to attain great fame for themselves through their various talents. Peggy, like her husband, is a model, but she is best known as an actress. She has appeared alongside her husband in a good number of Nigerian films, including the 2021 movie, “For Better, For Trouble”. For more on Frederick Leonard’s wife and how their love life started, here are facts we have to share with you. 

When Was Frederick Leonard’s Wedding?

Frederick Leonard and Peggy Ovire got married on Saturday, November 19, 2022. The two Nollywood sweethearts exchanged marital vows at their traditional wedding held in Warri, Delta State. It is, however, not clear if the two will be having a white wedding ceremony.

Frederick and Ovire’s announcement of their marriage came as a surprise to many who have faithfully followed their love story for several years. Frederick first gave a hint about their marriage ceremony when he took to his Instagram page to celebrate the birthday of Ms. Ovire. In his birthday message to her, the actor quoted the classic marital vows.

“To Have n To Hold. To Love n To Cherish. In Good Times and in All Times. Through The Years, My Love For You Has Remained Constant. Look How Far We’ve Come, Baby,” he said while wishing her a happy birthday.

Amid the great shock, the traditional wedding ceremony was not below expectations as it was witnessed by tons of Nollywod stars. Among them were Anthony Monjaro, Mary Lazarus, Destiny Etiko, Tana Adelana, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Uju Okoli, and Junior Pope. 

Nollywood actor Frederick Leonard who hails from Anambra state, was dressed in white Urhobo attire, while his bride, Peggy, was heavily adorned in a cream-studded lace dress with elaborated cap sleeves. Her second outfit was a gorgeous baby pink corset drape lace dress with coral-shaped sleeves. The hashtag for the event was #meettheleonards. 

In honor of the couple, the chapel was decked out with stunning floral arrangements and other decorations. The pair exchanged their vows in front of God and the people who were witnessing their new marriage as a live band played in the background.

The happy couple marked the beginning of their journey together by attending a reception full of vibrant colors held at a hotel in the area. A night filled with laughter, delicious food, and live music was provided for the guests.

A demonstration of how powerful love can be, Peggy and Frederick’s wedding served as both a celebration of love and an illustration of its power. The day was filled with happiness for the couple as they pledged their unending commitment to one another. Peggy Ovire, who was in tears, urged young ladies to be patient with their boyfriends before later describing their story as a miracle.

How Old Is Frederick Leonard’s Wife?

Frederick Leonard’s wife, Peggy Ovire Enoho, is currently 38 years old, she was born on 22 October 1985, and she is the sixth and last child of her parents. Peggy hails from Delta State, where she reportedly attended AUD Secondary School after completing her elementary education at Itire Nursery and Primary School in the Surulere area of Lagos. 

She further gained admission at Delta State University in Abraka, but she ultimately finished at Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma. It was from the latter university that Peggy Ovire earned her bachelor’s degree in banking and finance. 

Now a renowned Nollywood actress, model, and CEO of the apparel business Peggy’s World, 38-year-old Peggy Ovire began her journey into the movie industry in 2013, and although she is over a decade younger than her celebrity husband Leonard, she has no doubt built a strong reputation for herself – especially one that is free of scandals.

Age-wise, Frederick Leonard’s wife is much younger than him. Frederick is currently 48 years old, and as a result, many people are curious about how he and Peggy have managed to get along despite the fact that they have an almost 10-year age gap between them. Despite their age difference of nine years, the pair has shown that this does not in any way diminish the love that they have for one another.

They have developed a relationship that other couples with such an age disparity are keen to model after because they have chosen not to allow their age difference to have an effect on their relationship.

How Did Peggy and Frederick Meet?

Frederick Leonard and Peggy Ovire have known each other and have been together for more than ten years. Peggy Ovire, in a post on Instagram, revealed that she and Leonard started as best friends before it blossomed into a romantic relationship. Sources also say that the couple began an official relationship in 2015; however, as one thing led to another, their relationship fell apart on several occasions though they remained close friends. At some point, they lost touch with one another for a while but finally got back together and became engaged.

When they first began dating in 2015, it was not difficult to see that they were head over heels in love with each other. They were constantly talking about each other in real life and on social media. The connection, however, did not last long. It was unclear what caused the relationship to end, but the public only got to know about their breakup when Peggy posted on Snapchat stating that she had run into her ex-boyfriend (Frederick) on one of her trips abroad.

Their breakup wouldn’t last, though; after a couple of months away from each other, they found themselves back together. Since then, the relationship between the couple has been going very well, and they are often seen attending different events together. 

Regarding the decision they made originally to conceal their connection, it’s possible that it was due to the fact that Frederick has always been recognized for his secretive personality. Additionally, Peggy has her own successful profession as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, which is another reason why it is possible that the pair wanted to maintain their different levels of anonymity.

Now that they are happily married, the couple often sends heartwarming messages to one another through various online platforms. It would confirm that Peggy Ovire and Frederick Leonard are very much in love with one another, and the tale of their relationship remains an inspiration to many.

What Happened between Lotachukwu and Frederick Leonard?

The pairing of Lota Chukwu and Frederick was one that a lot of people who are into Nollywood were really hoping would take place. The two had worked together in a number of movies, and in practically every one of those pictures, they played a couple. The duo had starred in a number of movies together. Because of this, followers speculated that the two could really be a couple in real life. 

The rumor about Frederick Leonard and Ugwu Lotachukwu Jacinta Obianuju Amelia being a couple intensified when the promotional pictures for the movie “VOID” surfaced on the internet. The pictures surfaced without context hence different interpretations were given.

However, the hopes of people who believed Lota and Frederick were on the verge of finalizing their engagement were dashed when it became clear that the photographs of a proposal that were circulating online were really promotional shots for a film they were working on together. Frederick now ended up with Peggy while Lota is still single.


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